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4879 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 29 Sep 2012 at 5:53 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-09-29 07:14:43 AM  
3 votes:
Gary's Olde Towne Tavern is better and you all know it.
2012-09-28 09:39:24 PM  
3 votes:

Mentat: Best Norm Ever

See. And call.
2012-09-28 09:20:08 PM  
3 votes:
2012-09-28 08:06:33 PM  
3 votes:
It's a little known fact that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city.
2012-09-29 04:02:46 PM  
2 votes:

lollipophead: Not even in my top 25. Boring and dumbed down for the masses with Ted Danson's acting being cringe-worthy. And the Diane chick too. Ugh

\pats on head
2012-09-29 09:09:11 AM  
2 votes:
You spelled Cop Rock wrong, subby....
2012-09-28 10:07:58 PM  
2 votes:
Norm: Yeah, Cliffy had himself the "Ton O' T-Bone". For less than four bucks you get 24 ounces of USDA Choice "bef".
Cliff: Bef? No, you mean beef.
Norm: Beef? Don't be ridiculous, Cliffy. That stuff is "bef". You see it's a Hungry Heifer trademark for a processed, synthetic - what - meat-like substance.
Cliff: Ah, no.
Norm: What do you expect for four bucks? You see me complainin' about the "loobster"?
2012-09-28 09:55:46 PM  
2 votes:

SilentStrider: violentsalvation: Cheers M*A*S*H : Best. TV show. Evar

Until it got preachy. After that, it was good, but not great.

BJ's mustache is the key.

If BJ has a mustache, Alan Alda has taken over behind the camera, and you can expect to be preached at.

It's like a reverse Riker.
2012-09-28 09:48:14 PM  
2 votes:
Note to self: read the thread first.
2012-09-28 09:08:04 PM  
2 votes:
Better than "Whitney"??
2012-09-30 08:56:37 AM  
1 vote:

sidcart42: I find that art forms always seem to peak with whatever show I happened to watch during the time in my life when I was mature enough to "get" things and still young enough to have an original thought.

Wow, you must have thought up this brilliant comment about 30 years ago, dumbass.
2012-09-29 04:18:28 PM  
1 vote:

PacManDreaming: Speaker2Animals: WTF? Were you posted to Outer Mongolia for 11 years? The number one show, multiple Emmy winner and you never watched it? OK.

It happens. I've never seen an entire episode of Seinfeld. As in never. Just didn't appeal to me.

So, "Soup Nazi," "Not that there's anything wrong with that," "close talker," "low talker" and all these other pop culture references have you going WTF? And if offered a juicy filet and a glass of 20-year-old Scotch, you'd say, "No thanks, I've got a bowl of creamed spinach and a glass of warm skim milk, " because you just love being different, eh?
2012-09-29 03:08:57 PM  
1 vote:
"Cheers" is a funny way to spell "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
2012-09-29 02:45:27 PM  
1 vote:

lollipophead: Boring and dumbed down for the masses

You're not cooler than anyone else, you know. Ha, maybe you don't.
2012-09-29 01:13:54 PM  
1 vote:

RyansPrivates: SpikeStrip: and woody would be the only one to go on to have a substantive career. go figure.

Watch any good Pixar movies lately?

It's a little known fact that smartest animal is a pig. Scientists say if pigs had thumbs and a language, they could be trained to do simple manual labor. They give you 20-30 years of loyal service and then at their retirement dinner you can eat them.
2012-09-29 10:55:54 AM  
1 vote:

GAT_00: I'm sorry, the only correct answer is The West Wing.

i486.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-09-29 09:14:44 AM  
1 vote:
"Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?"
2012-09-29 07:52:51 AM  
1 vote:

Krymson Tyde: JerseyTim: Gary's Olde Towne Tavern is better and you all know it.

What are your thoughts on WPIG?

They're a bunch of swine.
2012-09-29 06:54:32 AM  
1 vote:
I got shut off and thrown out of the real Cheers.
2012-09-29 06:29:49 AM  
1 vote:
I've never seen a single full episode of any TV show, but I feel compelled to post in threads about TV shows anyway.
2012-09-28 11:44:06 PM  
1 vote:

FloydA: FirstNationalBastard: FloydA: violentsalvation: Cheers M*A*S*H : Best. TV show. Evar

Good point; I should have added a "medical drama" category. Without the demonstrated success of M*A*S*H, there would probably not be "House" or "Quincy M.E." or "St. Elsewhere," "ER," "China Beach,""Chicago Hope," "Grey's Anatomy," and even "Doogie Howser, M.D."

Best ever? No. Best (most influential) medical drama? Definitely.

Except Marcus Welby and Medical Center both debuted three years before MASH, and were both on the air until 1976. And Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey both ran from 1961 to 1966.

MASH was good and all, but let's not say that there were no medical dramas before it.

Tough call, Were Marcus Welby and Medical Center "medical dramas" or character-based serials? (yeah, you can ask the same question about House and Doogie Howser," fair point.)

In any case, M*A*S*H was not the first medical drama, I agree. "City Hospital" and ITV's "Emergency Ward 10" were a decade, and half a decade (respectively) before Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey.

The point I was making was not "who was first?" (which is a clear, empirical question and you're absolutely right, Ben Casey and Kildare, and for that matter, even "Emergency!" were earlier), but rather "which show was most influential?"

"First ever" does not necessarily equal "best ever." I think that even the most ardent Ben Casey fan will agree that M*A*S*H had more influence on the form and format of subsequent medical dramas than any of the 1950s-1960s era medical dramas had, don't you agree?

I mean whatever you or I might think about the main players, M*A*S*H was one of the first shows to make the transition from a "comedy with some drama" to a "drama with some comedy," and IMO that paved the way for other shows like House, Twin Peaks (and its kid sister "Northern Exposure"), and numerous other shows in which the story was given priority over the laugh track,

(IDK, I'm really drunk, maybe I'm completely full of baloney and getting unnecessarily nostalgic about the television of my youth. Please feel free to tell me to shut up and stop yelling at clouds.)

How's your onion holding up?
2012-09-28 10:21:23 PM  
1 vote:
Women: Can't live with 'em...pass the beer nuts.
2012-09-28 10:00:47 PM  
1 vote:

violentsalvation: Cheers After M*A*S*H : Best. TV show. Evar

/Just kidding!
//Put away the pitchforks!
2012-09-28 09:50:38 PM  
1 vote:
Cheers M*A*S*H : Best. TV show. Evar
2012-09-28 09:17:59 PM  
1 vote:

Darth_Lukecash: Nadie_AZ: It did well in spite of her. The corporate takeover thing and the Frasier/crazy girl marriage thing was very not-cheers.

Are you talking about Frasier/Lilith? That was actually the best part of the show for the longest while.


Favorite line (from when she meets Frasier's first wife, Nanny G.):

Lilith: (singing) I want to shake your hand, snatch you bald, I want to scratch your eyes out, I want to drain your blood and replace it with a mercuric chloride formaldehyde and alcohol solution! (Laughs evilly)
2012-09-28 08:56:44 PM  
1 vote:

robmilmel: Darth_Lukecash: But Cheers wasn't the best. The last few years it was really, really horrible.

The dreaded "Rebecca" years.


Without a change, the show would have been dead by season 7.

No way it lasted longer than that if Shelly Long stays and it becomes the Sam and Diane show.

And the "dreaded" Rebecca years includes one of the most well known episodes ever, you person who has never been in my kitchen.
2012-09-28 08:42:58 PM  
1 vote:
What's shakin' Norm?
4 cheeks and 3 chins.
2012-09-28 08:39:34 PM  
1 vote:
How's it going Norm?
It's a dog eat dog world Sammy and I'm wearing milk bone underwear
2012-09-28 08:08:18 PM  
1 vote:
I'm sorry, the only correct answer is The West Wing.
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