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2012-09-28 11:16:56 AM  
1 vote:
I love it when Fandroids fly off the handle and attack iPhone users for the Android's shortcomings. Face it, both phones have good and bad points, and biatching about your own phone's drawback vis-a-vis the competing phone is both bizarre, and the most soul-rendingly sad form of dickwaving this side of truck nuts.

Also, Fandroids need to stop with the headache inducing proselytizing. Some people just like iPhones better.
2012-09-28 10:39:51 AM  
1 vote:
Isn't the simple truth here that Google has spent hundreds of millions curating top quality satellite photography (including renting the satellites themselves to make personal passes for them), done tens of thousands of additional high-level plane reconnaissance photography trips over the major urban areas of the world, put in millions of man-hours doing street level views, and hired the very best cartographers in the world the finesse their software...all over the course of 10 years?

Apple just bought a load of old cloudy satellite data and jammed it together with some sub-Tomtom feed.

This isn't something that can just be "fixed", it needs hundreds of millions in investment and one hell of a lot of time.
2012-09-28 10:24:08 AM  
1 vote:
Is this Maps thing really that big a deal anyway? At this point if your head is so firmly lodged up your ass that you staunchly refuse to buy one phone or another based solely on who made it something as inconsequential as being routed to the local fishmonger instead of a nearby Starbucks probably isn't going to change anything.

People don't buy Apple products because they're quality products. People buy Apple products because they're fashion accessories. Functionally, there is little significant difference between any given high-end Android phone and the latest iPhone release. There are apps that suck on the iPhone and apps that suck on Android. You're going to get largely the same experience on either though, on the average.

I do enjoy watching the True Believers flip the fark out and start screaming their fool heads off every time anything goes wrong with one or the other though. It's always amusing to watch people argue so vociferously over which little plastic box with fart apps is the "best" little plastic box with fart apps on this particular day....

/ I will probably never buy an iPhone
// because I only replace my phone when I absolutely have to, and that usually doesn't happen to coincide with the latest iPhone release meaning the latest iPhone, with it's much slower release schedule, is usually technically inferior to whatever top tier Android phone happens to be launching at the particular hour I'm in the Verizon store
2012-09-28 10:11:56 AM  
1 vote:
Gizmodo mocking the Apple distorition field.


2012-09-28 10:07:24 AM  
1 vote:
Wow, you know when you have Gizmodo (some of the biggest Apple shills out there) calling out Apple's PR for blatantly distorting reality and calling out specific journalists for being full of sparkly Apple lies, the end must be nigh.

/updated my iPad 2 to IOS6.
//maps no longer displays any traffic in the Seattle area.
///it also farked up my mom's iPhone 4 something major (missing icons, slower performance, etc)
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