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(Some Guy)   Someone has made an action figure of Matt from X-E   ( divider line
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5298 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Nov 2001 at 3:41 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-19 03:43:59 PM  
2001-11-19 03:44:44 PM  
uh, ok
2001-11-19 03:47:40 PM  
Matt looks like he stepped off the set of the latest Duke Nukem game!
2001-11-19 03:50:50 PM  
HA! Take that CK
2001-11-19 03:54:30 PM  
If he doesn't have Kung-Fu Action Grip™ then I'm not interested.
2001-11-19 03:55:13 PM  
When does Drew get an action figure?
2001-11-19 03:56:16 PM  
That action figure looks like it accidently got dropped in the Blendo2000 for a couple seconds.
2001-11-19 03:58:56 PM  
WTF happened to the real Matt?
2001-11-19 04:00:37 PM  
I bought a Matt Action figure last night. It was just an empty blister card with a note saying they'll be an action figure in there soon. :) (sorry, Matt...couldn't resist)
2001-11-19 04:03:04 PM  
Can't be authentic... I didn't see a crack pipe or a Darth Vader-shaped bong
2001-11-19 04:05:58 PM  
Robert- ouch, below the belt :)
2001-11-19 04:06:50 PM  
But then again, X-E does still have the halloween stuff up.
2001-11-19 04:12:07 PM  
Hmm... looks like Matt has been working out.
2001-11-19 04:16:43 PM  
actually, if you take off the head, that's where you pack the smoke it through the right leg.. notice the hole in the sole of the right boot.....
2001-11-19 04:20:05 PM  
But what about a figure with Robert Berry? Or Dr. Rocket? I think I'm gonna cry...
2001-11-19 04:27:37 PM  
I wonder if the action figure has the ability to update X-E? It needs a update bad.
2001-11-19 04:34:30 PM  
I hope they put up my link to the virtual tour of Dr. Rockets apartment. I'm just trying to help out all you x-e fiends that need a fix since Matt is allergic to updates apparently.
2001-11-19 04:41:28 PM  
With a couple of hundred dollars anyone can get theirown action figure.
2001-11-19 04:42:03 PM  

Playing with dolls at your age??? Pretty fruity if you ask me.
2001-11-19 04:56:56 PM  
Wow, Matt, you're pretty buff. Does Matt even read fark? I know Robert did.
2001-11-19 04:59:22 PM  
Uh, I suspect you can't call it an "Action" figure when it can't even update XE once a month.
2001-11-19 05:00:58 PM  
Wonder when some other moron is going to make a Lowtax figure?
2001-11-19 05:05:44 PM  
Wonder if it has the little Saturn tattoo?
2001-11-19 05:09:21 PM  
I'd like to see a action figures of Cliche Kitty, flying Chinaman, Chris Walken in Fatboy Slim's video, and I hear Jelloboy would like one of that guy spreading his ass.
2001-11-19 05:59:13 PM  
one word


and it seems like everyone is allergic to updates lately
brunching is back to no updates
misinformer isn't gonna be updated for a while
all whatever-dude had was all the mask crap
plus ones updating!
2001-11-19 06:36:35 PM
2001-11-19 06:37:14 PM  
d'oh. It'd help to...yeah...crap.

Y'know what? Nevermind.
2001-11-19 06:42:45 PM  
Is there a reason X-E still exists? Do they plan on doing something with it?
2001-11-19 07:17:36 PM  
Listen for Dr. Rocket to make an announcement soon. Oooohhh, Funky's got inside info.

2001-11-19 09:07:08 PM  
I'll give the guy credit. You know he may have other things to do aside from updating his website.
2001-11-19 09:07:51 PM  

2001-11-19 11:15:57 PM  
Isn't that a little scary for someone to make a doll in the likeness of a webmaster? That is very stalker-like.
2001-11-19 11:40:33 PM  
Related only in the fact that it is someone making they're own action figures...this person went all out.
2001-11-20 06:24:57 AM  
If X-E dosen't update, then the terrorists have already won.
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