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(Seattle Times)   Right now three states are trying to legalize marijuana, and what happens the morning after Election Day is anybody's guess   ( divider line
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2012-09-24 12:28:00 AM  

Great Porn Dragon: WeenerGord: Great Porn Dragon: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright, Probate Attorney

And now I am going to be spending the rest of the night going through Phoenix Wrong videos, LOL :D

/yup, actually got into the games proper via seeing the Phoenix Wrong parodies :D
//and more interesting if you realise the games are a parody of the Japanese court system :D

Thanks for all the information, you sound like you really know your stuff! :D
2012-09-24 08:34:10 AM  
It's anyone's game before the election considering Obama's changed his mind about legalization several times.
2012-09-24 12:43:18 PM  

Madduck: Real Women Drink Akvavit: so the biggie would be what to make first once I got the butter part nailed. Hmmm....

Making butter is fairly easy, after straining through cheesecloth, I would put the melted butter/water into the freezer. Once frozen, it is a you break off the butter from the ice, and it is nicely seperated and most of the particulate matter that the cheesecloth didnt catch, is caught with this method.

I have also made infused olive oil for cooking. Same principle as making butter.

Also, leave the buds whole in the cheesecloth, do not grind/blend them up. All you are going to do is get more nasty plant taste into your butter. The THC is fat soluble, so it will be drawn into the fat cells of the butter regardless of how much it is grinded up.
2012-09-24 02:25:56 PM  
Considering how difficult it is to get government agencies to even perform research on cannibinoids, which is required in abundance before legalization would occur, I highly doubt any of these will pass.

flashfearless: Weed is a serious waste of time and demotivator. If you use, you're a tool.

Well, at least you can feel superior over someone today. Thanks for sharing.
2012-09-24 05:13:51 PM  

Great Porn Dragon: Jon iz teh kewl: Jesus saw demons. prove me wrong

First, there's a few bits to sort out:

a) Prove the historical existence of a person by the name of Jesus the Christ, even under the alternate names Yeshua bin Yosef, Yeshua the Nazarene, or even "Rabbi Joshua" in such a way that the person described is unmistakably the same figure described in the Bible.

Difficulties: Firstly, it is not even historically agreed that the person known as Jesus as described in the Bible existed--there are theories that a lot of the more "mythic" aspects of the story of Jesus are in fact glosses from other non-Abrahamic religions that the early Christian church may have been influenced by including Mithraism and Zoroastrianism.

Secondly, as will be noted, even the four books of the Bible with the closest thing to a "historical" account of Jesus have undergone heavy editing between initial writing and revision, with some books having upwards of six authors and various additions before canonisation.

Thirdly, the existence of Jesus (even as a rather eccentric rabbi of the time) is poorly attested outside of Christian sources of the period--especially unusual considering that the supposed formative act of the Christian faith is the execution-as-a-supposed-revolutionary-and-resurrection of Jesus is not recorded outside of Christian sources, and even the execution of someone around the time considered a claimant to the throne of Judah (which would have been a big deal, especially considering that the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem over an attempted uprising in 70 CE and formally incorporated Judaea as a province of the Roman Empire rather than as a protectorate--yes, at the time of Jesus, Judah or Judaea was basically to the Romans as American Samoa or Guam are to the US). About the only reliable account we have of Jesus from a non-Christian source is from Judaeo-Roman historian Josephus, and even his records are "after the fact" and more a record of post-Second-Temple/early Great Dia ...

I happened to like the history lesson. Also your Eastern Kentucky knowledge is interesting as well.

/went to EKU
//Miguel's Pizza is still the best pizza I've ever had.
2012-09-24 07:31:35 PM  

Sgygus: what happens the morning after ...

The respective state legislatures pass laws to delay, obstruct, and if possible repeal, the will of the people.

Well, they will but not for two years because the legislature can't touch an initiative for a biennium. (They just may not fund it like they did with the class size initiative)
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