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(Great Falls Tribune)   It took vandals less than 24 hours to completely paint over brand-new skate park mural that artist spent two years getting permission to create   ( divider line
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2012-09-22 10:11:01 AM  
Ah, spray paint thread. Wonder if we'll get our usual tagger defender trolls.
2012-09-22 10:11:51 AM  

wildcardjack: Ah, someone painted over the eyesore with gray paint.

If it's a skate park you don't want patterns and perspective distorting painting to screw up your perception.

Exactly. Keep it gray.
2012-09-22 10:13:02 AM  
Do you know who else was a talentless hack but still had opinions about other people's painting?
2012-09-22 10:13:38 AM  
Ok reiterating here, but it's a skate park. Perhaps less than 24 hours is mildly surprising, but exactly how long did she expect this to remain intact? Also, it looks like something I could do and that's not bragging. In conclusion, skaters aren't generally that big a fan of Lisa Frank inspired imagery.
2012-09-22 10:13:50 AM  
Well, it was a butt ugly mural. Someone may have just looked at it and went all "ah hell no!"
2012-09-22 10:17:05 AM  
2012-09-22 10:19:01 AM  

emersonbiggins: [ image 500x525]

I was thinking that who ever vandalized that mural was the biggest asshole in the world. Until I saw what someone did to that Bubbletape.
2012-09-22 10:19:59 AM  
Considering her work, I would bet good money she did the same thing to a lot of other peoples property.
2012-09-22 10:20:16 AM  
shiat was fuggly as uck! I would have trashed it too if that was where I skated (20 some years ago). Wonder if they asked the skaters what they thought.

Depth perception > pretty pictures.

2012-09-22 10:22:28 AM  

Bschott007: No pictures of our favorite paint hugging dude in a thread about spray paint?

Fark is slipping

What a paint hugging guy may look like.

/no paint was harmed in the production of this dramatization
2012-09-22 10:24:30 AM  
Sorry, accidentally showed what a broken link may look like.

THIS is what a paint hugging guy may look like:

img.izifunny.comView Full Size
2012-09-22 10:24:52 AM  
I'm going to have to agree with the several posters that stated the obvious:

It's a skatepark. The mural was all bright and flowery and girly. I expected to see a pony popping out of it somewhere. Skaters aren't typically into pink and pastels. I'm sure they hated it. It was the wrong place for it. The skaters probably banded together to eliminate it.
2012-09-22 10:24:54 AM  

Krieghund: Do you know who else was a talentless hack but still had opinions about other people's painting?

Let's leave your mom out of this.
2012-09-22 10:25:43 AM  
Times like these we should all remember "Chaka" the most prolific west-coast tagger of the 80's. He had the chutzpa to hit up the elevator door of the courthouse on his way to sentencing. Epic.
2012-09-22 10:26:16 AM  
Well, dont really care for the mural as it was myself, but kudos to her for trying to bring some art to the public. She really should have expected it in a skate park though.

She does say ITFA that she was trying to get the city to allow other graffiti in the park, which I've seen some other locales do and is usually a pretty cool thing.

Mob mentality usually has a Darwinian effect on the art when that happens - really interesting and talented stuff survives since even really dickish taggers will usually leave it alone, if for no other reason that they dont want their scrawny butts beaten black and blue by the rest of the skaters who like the art and will probably have a good idea of who messed it up.
2012-09-22 10:28:56 AM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Hey, if can't really create anything, just wipe your ass with anything handy and say it's edgy.
2012-09-22 10:29:15 AM  
Seems like that would take a lot of spray paint and time. Seems like whoever did it had a motive other than simple vandalism.
2012-09-22 10:31:43 AM  
Buff is a toy.
2012-09-22 10:32:24 AM  
Sounds a lot like a white girl problem. Except the biatch is much older now.
2012-09-22 10:33:44 AM  
"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."
Pablo Picasso

/Is it opposites day?
2012-09-22 10:34:17 AM  
"They are just weak minded," she said. "If they wanted to challenge me, then they should have put up their own piece if they thought they could do better instead of painting over mine."

I'm guessing that the skaters just didn't want their park to look like an 8 year old girl's bedroom.
2012-09-22 10:37:54 AM  

abhorrent1: And no after pic in TFA. WTF is wrong with these "reporters" these days.

Here you go:

img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-09-22 10:38:03 AM  
Somewhere in that town, she covered someone else's tag to paint her own schtick. This is the follow-up."Buff", if that's your REAL name, had better lay off the tags for a bit. In fact, all ya'll better back up. With the mayor siding with the 'artist', the cops are gonna hit up anyone with so much as a Sharpie.
2012-09-22 10:40:42 AM  

Louisiana_Sitar_Club: I'm guessing that the skaters just didn't want their park to look like an 8 year old girl's bedroom.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.
2012-09-22 10:43:25 AM  
i309.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-09-22 10:45:22 AM  

ms_lara_croft: Fark Me To Tears: ms_lara_croft: 1) Paint mural
2) Vandals destroy mural by painting over it
3) Paint another mural?

4) Hidden security cameras watch mural
5) Vandals start to destroy mural by painting over it
6) Six cop cars pull up, along with two local TV news vans
7) Vandals are arrested and handcuffed while standing in front of glaring lights, being interviewed by a TV news reporter and the artist who painted the mural
8) Squirrel jail
9) Justice!

10) Artist and police interviewed on local news
11) Artist writes book
12) Artist appears on "The View" and "Good Morning America"
13) Profit!

14) Artist quietly hands over their cut of the money to the vandals.
2012-09-22 10:46:33 AM  

BalugaJoe: Romney did it.

There always must be at least one per thread!
2012-09-22 10:50:19 AM  

abhorrent1: And no after pic in TFA. WTF is wrong with these "reporters" these days.

It's grey. You can use MS Paint to help visualize the end result if it helps.

That said, fark art.
2012-09-22 10:57:43 AM  
She should join the vandals, then she wouldn't have had to wait 2 years to paint her wall.
2012-09-22 11:02:12 AM  
What vandals use only grey paint to cover graffiti?

City workers.
2012-09-22 11:06:21 AM  
Help out here fellow Farkers:

A) Vandalism is OK if I don't like it.
B) Vandalism is OK if me and my friends don't like it
C) Vandalism is OK if it's on public property
D) Both B and C
E) All of the above 
F) I was not raised in a barn and don't think living in society means watching the world burn
2012-09-22 11:07:03 AM  

a21ozcoldcup: I wouldn't be caught in that skatepark. That is a mural? It looks like she popped some acid and ran back and forth with rainbow spraypaint and tada .. we have art.

Wait, you mean that's not how art is supposed to work?

When I was in undergrad, I wrote for the campus paper. I published a column shiatting all over the craptacular offerings of the Fine Arts students, including one display of clay blobs leading up to a collection of broken picture frames stuffed in a clay base. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular over that side of campus (not that anybody knew who I was). About a year after that I briefly dated a Fine Arts student who told me that people put up copies of my column and told everyone else to make a point of not liking me, but that she agreed with what I'd written. The problem with legitimising crap is that it makes it harder to the real artists (the ones who can draw a face looks like an actual face) to be taken seriously.
2012-09-22 11:07:27 AM  

Pockafrusta: "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."
Pablo Picasso

prometheus-movie.comView Full Size

2012-09-22 11:09:10 AM  

bunner: [ image 850x806]

Hey, if can't really create anything, just wipe your ass with anything handy and say it's edgy.

Just had a fence put up exactly like that one, if I caught someone tagging it someone would pay hell.
This is why we can't have nice things
2012-09-22 11:10:15 AM  
Legal graffiti, happens over a 4 day period every year.

lh4.ggpht.comView Full Size

img229.imageshack.usView Full Size

roo.theclaysmith.comView Full Size

sphotos.ak.fbcdn.netView Full Size

sphotos.ak.fbcdn.netView Full Size

img682.imageshack.usView Full Size

img339.imageshack.usView Full Size

lh5.ggpht.comView Full Size

i201.photobucket.comView Full Size

i201.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-09-22 11:12:30 AM  
Justice for every wall that some so called graffitti artist felt the need to desecrate. I used to live on the second floor of a townhouse that was the end of the block and hood rats would spray paint the lower wall. One time of dumping ice cold water on their heads and they never came back, As they were running, I said :And next time, it'll be boiling water..."

Taggers are criminals. Not Artists. Banksy should be in jail for inspiring shiatty drawings all over public walls
2012-09-22 11:15:00 AM  

Arthur Jumbles: Vandals are dicks. However, in the future it's possible to cover murals with a protective coating to minamize this dickish behavior in the future.

Turk 182!
2012-09-22 11:18:06 AM  
Article has 1 photo, not two. Who links this shiat?
2012-09-22 11:23:18 AM  

Billy Bathsalt: I figured they painted over it with grafitti, which would likely be an enhancement, but gray paint? That's just being rotten.

I'm guessing either a grumpy old local or someone who has a direct vendetta with the artist. Taggers are assholes, but painting the entire thing grey is way too much work for the average vandal jackass.

/or the artist decided they needed some free publicity for a meh mural
2012-09-22 11:26:32 AM  
The mural sucks.
The artist sucks.

I doubt she consulted skate park regulars on what they wanted to see. They want to see graffiti art, not some lame ass, middle school Barney the purple dinosaur shiat.

I hope she does another one, and it gets "fixed" as well. I'm too lazy to follow this story to see what else happens, but maybe it will pop up on here one of these days.
2012-09-22 11:28:16 AM  

PallMall: Lukeonia1: Here's a local news clip showing the vandalized mural.

Someone probably thought they were being hilarious:

Gray wall → spray paint → colorful wall.
Colorful wall → spray paint → gray wall! HA!!

Which could be an entirely different artistic interpretation. Ashes -> Ashes, or some other really deep meaning that the "vandals" wanted to convey. The fragility of life. We're here one minute and gone the next.

We are all just dust in the wind, dude.
2012-09-22 11:29:39 AM  
It's high time the legatus did something about the Vandal problem, just like the Goths.

Girion47: Legal graffiti, happens over a 4 day period every year.

[ image 384x512]
[ image 640x480]
[ image 500x375]
[ image 640x358]
[ image 720x540]
[ image 640x358]
[ image 640x358]
[ image 800x500]
[ image 850x637]
[ image 850x637]

Nice. A neighbor had a bit of a problem with his wall (a rather large wall he kept painting it white) to be tagged over and over again. He got so tired that he painted it again, only this time he stenciled in black bold letters "NO GRAFFITI PLEASE". Next morning, there was a tag below saying "Sorry :C".
2012-09-22 11:30:21 AM  
Artist's Website LINK

Better work on her site than on a friggin skate park wall.
2012-09-22 11:30:27 AM  

Spray paint my shiatty wall last time!
2012-09-22 11:32:20 AM  

PallMall: Artist's Website LINK

Better work on her site than on a friggin skate park wall.

That does not mean that the work on her site is "good." It's just better than the mural at the skate park.
2012-09-22 11:34:40 AM  
I'll have to dig up the picture I took of a graffiti wall out this way, it changes all the time, the time I took a picture it had an emo vampire panda. I also got a pic of the Alberta Wild Rose Party's leader, bus tits.

i.imgur.comView Full Size
The panda one is too big for Fark, so here
Get a panda
2012-09-22 11:35:53 AM  

BalugaJoe: Romney did it.

Then he just got my vote.
2012-09-22 11:36:46 AM  
spacebison.comView Full Size
2012-09-22 11:37:35 AM  
A little off topic, but still pertains to "Art.":

If you live in or around the Houston, TX area and enjoy art, head over the Contemporary Art Museum ASAP. On display is Jane Alexander's Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope). Powerful stuff, man. You'll feel it when you walk in there.
2012-09-22 11:42:04 AM  

That's awesome.
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