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(Mother Jones)   What five Occupy Wall Street protesters are doing now - one year later after the occupation   ( divider line
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2012-09-19 03:13:41 AM  

drivingsouth: I know what these assholes aren't doing.........they're not replanting the grass they killed where they had their "encampment" in Pittsburgh. I was surprised. I really thought the occu-tards would replant the grass that was killed where they had their tents just like they promised they would.

Fark grass, the most useless plant ever.

But yeah, far more consideration should have been paid to public spaces in NY.
2012-09-19 03:41:15 AM  

ronaprhys: Franco: I was at Zucotti last year. I ran into some of the people from that article. Bobby Copper was probably the most key figure in that movement by virtue of the fact that the sanitation did a miraculous job. Zucotti is a park probably that has less acreage then a lot of people's backyards. You had about thousand people crammed into that space with very little mess considering there was no toilets, no running water, no permanent shelters. The city would have kicked the occupiers months sooner if it wasn't for his efforts and ability to coordinate.

However Occupy Wall Street was a success. It brought back a conversation on labor, politics, the effects of capital on democracy. That's something we haven't talk about as nation in decades. Yeah the reforms are slow. Yes, shiat like the dismantling of the Glass-Stegall act and the Citizen United ruling (the biggest decisions from supreme court since Roe v. Wade) has failed to be appealed. Whether or not we can save ourselves has yet to be seen. I think we can change the course and ourselves in time. Though things may have to get a lot worse for people to understand fully.

So, nothing actually accomplished then? Conversations != accomplishment. Actual laws changed, financial reform, better living for the poor, etc would all qualify.

Romney's failed to energize the Right (even if he's a pretty lame candidate) despite having a billion dollar support apparatus supporting him...
2012-09-19 06:40:18 AM  

RanDomino: Funny how all these farkers you never see in the Politics tab are always showing up suddenly just to bash OWS.

It's hard to resist the temptation not to, what with the countless f**kups #OWS committed. It's damned frustrating to drive home after a hard day at work and having to make a 45-minute detour because a main thoroughfare is being blocked by demonstrators who claim they are acting in *your* interest.
2012-09-19 07:15:25 AM  
Should be: "It's hard to resist the temptation to do so,...." %@#&!!
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