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(news observer)   Plane crashes on golf course. Golfers told to play around wreckage.   ( newsobserver.com) divider line
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2001-11-19 08:28:19 AM  
How would you score this?
2001-11-19 08:30:25 AM  
More importantly, do they sell lottery tickets at the pro shop?
2001-11-19 08:42:28 AM  
Sad part is the plane could be burning and most golfers would keep playing.
2001-11-19 08:45:12 AM  
That's how it's supposed to work though. Look at
the real life example of how Happy Gilmore had to
make that last shot to beat Shooter McGavin for the
2001-11-19 08:45:38 AM  
Either a birdie or an eagle, not sure about that, but way under par anyway.
2001-11-19 08:49:50 AM  
Those pesky PGA rules.
2001-11-19 08:56:11 AM  
If we allow planes to crash into golf courses, then the terrorists have already won.

On the other hand, they make a dandy hazard!
2001-11-19 09:22:33 AM  
**NEWS FLASH**- Golf ball hit by Happy Gilmore causes plane crash!
2001-11-19 09:25:49 AM  
"the real life example of how Happy Gilmore had to
make that last shot"

Real life?
2001-11-19 09:27:29 AM  
Did the pilot yell "FOOOOOOOORE!!!!!"
2001-11-19 09:29:23 AM  
man made obstacle=free lift
2001-11-19 09:38:14 AM  
no pics, I am sad.
2001-11-19 09:49:24 AM  
It would be a shame to have to die wearing that silly
golf outfit with those goofy pants and that stupid hat!
2001-11-19 09:53:41 AM  
Hole in one.
2001-11-19 09:58:59 AM  
Golfer #1: Fore!!!
Golfer#2: holy shiat you sliced that one
Golfer #1: hehe, yehit is heading right for that....RUN!

2001-11-19 10:10:35 AM  
Penalty Shot
2001-11-19 10:48:41 AM  
damn there going to need alot of that sand to fill that divit.....or they could just make it into a snack-bar...that would be cool....
2001-11-19 10:49:00 AM  
You get an automatic extra swing if you can hit the pilot on the head before he can escape the burning wreckage.
2001-11-19 10:49:34 AM  
Well, at least now there is a challange to the game. Maybe someone should build a golf course on a militay bombing range or something. Hey, Afghanistan would make a nice setting. Lots of sand traps.
2001-11-19 10:53:25 AM  
why do they put an obvious tag on this? does this happen often?
2001-11-19 10:56:28 AM  
Hmm, looks like those pesky folks at the PGA are trying to come up with some new hazards to slow Tiger down a bit.
2001-11-19 11:48:21 AM  
fark golfers. they deserved it.

Anything you can get fat doing should not be called a sport.
Think of the children.
2001-11-19 12:08:15 PM  
Whoa! I live in this town, and believe me, these farkheads are big idiots.
2001-11-19 12:19:00 PM  
another example of "Man eats breakfast early. Bus crashes into his house" style use of the obvious tag.
2001-11-19 12:47:43 PM  
Sounds like a scene from Casino.

"100 bucks for the first guy that hits the plane"
2001-11-19 02:48:28 PM  
Obvious tag used for the fact that golfers are strange. And idiots. Anything that's golf + stupid = obvious.
2001-11-19 03:01:52 PM  
Golf sucks.
2001-11-19 03:08:19 PM  
I've actually golfed on a course that had a sign on the 9th tee that said "Before teeing off, check for low flying aircraft." It was neat....
2001-11-19 03:18:37 PM  
"Dammit! I got my Titliest stuck in the dead pilot's eye socket again! Where the hell is the farking greenskeeper?!?!"
2001-11-19 03:19:28 PM  
Oops... Titleist.. TIT LEE IST
2001-11-19 03:20:08 PM  
Beavis, your balls are filthy. Go to the ball washer! Now!
2001-11-19 03:52:33 PM  
If we cannot play properly on a golf course, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-19 03:52:59 PM  
PGA said I couldn't use a cart... they didn't say I couldn't use an airplane
2001-11-19 05:12:16 PM  
"Local Rules" override PGA.... "You are allowed to move your ball 2 club lengths from the wreckage but not closer to the hole." and, "You are allowed to move your ball 20 club lengths from any charred remains and nobody will look to see if you moved it closer to the hole."
2001-11-19 05:17:56 PM  
USGA - Check out rules. I don't think it's a free lift. I think it falls under the "rub of the green" and you gotta play it as it lies.
2001-11-19 05:18:09 PM  
this happened to me once when I was playing in Tahoe, except the pilot died
there was atv carnage that day too.
2001-11-19 07:15:32 PM  
Yes. Many people are not aware that "Happy Gilmore"
is a documentary.
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