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2012-09-19 10:04:37 AM  
My main issue with MERP was that sometime after level 3 your character was a disfigured maniac due to the critical damage tables.
2012-09-19 12:18:36 PM  

rogue49: Still have all my first edition material and everything inbetween...been going for 30+ years.

Playing a 4e campaign now.
You're right about the length of time to level up...and battles are just huge time killers.

We've reduced it a bit by only rolling "to hit" for each...but dmg for is the same for all hit...just is easier/quicker.
And We'll go through a few good battles to prove our worth...ask the DM to level up...time to move on.

Although I do like it for the lower levels ability to stay alive for spell casters.
and the character generation app and compendium are useful...a bit of dollars per month is actually cheaper
than trying to chase and buy all the books and mags...and a place to store it.

And we've gotten past the "make it your own" situation and being stuck by a house rule.
We allow power changes during rests...as if you were a wizard in previous editions.
This allows players to adjust for the environ, mix it up and work with what works...
And it doesn't unbalance the game...still same daily, encounter, utility limits...so you're still thinking how to conserve "sweat"

Oh yeah, Feats can be fully revamped for each level.
This also allow players to start focusing on the flavor of the char...not the powers.
Again, what works...not being stuck.

We're focused on having fun for that little time we have,
after getting multiple adults with full lives together.

Experimentation with balance is the key.
We've got some good characters with very complex backgrounds...powers re-inforce the background and vice versa.
The bad chars get written out...a different trial gets written in...see what works.

As we've gone on...we've incorporated more role-playing...even the battles and decisions within are based on chars personalities.

Rules are meant to be broken...with agreement between DM and all players...for what works.

Being an oldhat D&Der, did it always take forever to level up? I think in my next campaign I'm going to have everyone start at level 10 in 4e just so I can experience those levels.

Maybe in the new version there should be a way to get to level 10 relatively quickly
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