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Fark Party
Host: davidphogan
Description: Fark Party in Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, OR. Oct 6. Who is in? LGT first thread about this
Date/Time: October 6, 2012 - 07:00 PM (local time)
Party Info: Fark Party, Sellwood (SE) part of Portland. Sellwood Public House at 8132 SE 13th Ave (Portland). davidphogan will host, do we have any more attendees?
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2012-09-13 01:08:42 AM  
2012-09-13 01:45:38 AM  
Going to the Beavers game on 10/06. :-( I'll drink a beer or two at halftime for y'all, though!
2012-09-13 02:04:47 AM  
This girl!!!
2012-09-13 02:07:19 AM  
In Corvallis, don't know if I can make it though I would love to.
2012-09-13 02:10:31 AM  
Sellwood? Hell, I can't even give it away!
2012-09-13 02:13:01 AM  
I'm down. In Springfield but it's an excuse to come to the city.
2012-09-13 02:27:13 AM  
Where, exactly, will you be? Love to join you after work, perfect start to the weekend!
2012-09-13 02:33:04 AM  
Should be in Portland then, Count me in.
2012-09-13 02:57:22 AM  
I'm down. Any ideas on locations?
2012-09-13 03:17:19 AM  
Woot! A party while I'm actually living nearby! If I'm not having to work I'll go.
Also, if you're riding a bike around SE tonight, be careful. Some maniac in a red four door Honda or Toyota type sedan with CA plates just ran me down on my bike @ 16th and Ankeny on the bike route while I was riding home from work. I'm fine, but he trashed my bike and sped off.
Be careful out there PDXers.
2012-09-13 03:31:51 AM  
Not that I even live there but this would probably work better with details.
2012-09-13 03:39:30 AM  
Yikes, can I create an alt and use that on my nametag? If so I'm in. Also that's walking distance from my place by PSU. I'll hit Bushwacker on my way down and get some delicious ciders.
2012-09-13 03:42:46 AM  
I might be. I would be a few hours late coming from work, but I'm a recent transplant, and it would be nice to meet some local farkers.
2012-09-13 03:56:04 AM  
I'm down for it.
2012-09-13 04:26:15 AM  
I can make it. Went to my first Fark gathering 7 years ago when I first moved here. About time for a second, I should think.
2012-09-13 04:36:19 AM  
I'll be there
2012-09-13 04:51:29 AM  
Is Sellwood Bob going to be there? I love that guy!

/Sadly, I'm 1,750 miles away :(
//But seriously, Sellwood Bob has done some amazing stuff...
2012-09-13 05:17:49 AM  
Very likely.
If I don't forget.
2012-09-13 08:18:14 AM  
Lessee... ride west on Ankeny (Achy Knee?) to the Esplanade, then to Spring Water Trail next to Oaks Bottom and up the steep hill by the Sellwood Bridge. I guess I can bike that. Details?
2012-09-13 08:27:18 AM  

illannoyin: Sellwood? Hell, I can't even give it away!


Is this at a strip club? Video Poker? Where subby?
2012-09-13 08:29:58 AM  
private residence to deter crazies from attending?
2012-09-13 08:44:58 AM  

knowless: private residence to deter crazies from attending?

there goes my invite
2012-09-13 10:03:47 AM  
and half of all attendees depending on the political leanings of op. I don't know why sellwood, but there's plenty of bars...
2012-09-13 10:24:02 AM  
Nope, got my own party that day. Don't drink any fizzy yellow beer (except PBR, of course).
2012-09-13 10:39:54 AM  
Could be interesting.
2012-09-13 11:25:57 AM  
Oh, oh pick me! Pick me!!
2012-09-13 12:26:48 PM  
OK, But Whar?
2012-09-13 01:29:14 PM  
If I don't have a business meeting - count me in. Do I bring a side dish?
2012-09-13 04:03:45 PM  
Count me in for 2
2012-09-13 04:44:08 PM  
Woo-hoo! I have the night off. I'm in.
2012-09-13 05:28:56 PM  
You know - we could always hijack Gigantic brewing next to Reed so it's right near Sellwood.. They're never that busy and that would save someone from hosting.
2012-09-13 05:53:47 PM  
I can probably come, but I'm running the marathon the next day.
2012-09-13 06:30:00 PM  
You mean 4tehsnowflakes would be interacting with actual humans? Sounds difficult
2012-09-13 07:12:40 PM  
Where? A home? A bar? A bar in a home? A home in a bar? I'm just asking questions here people.

/will probably attend.
//be gentle, it's my first Fark Party.
2012-09-14 03:08:01 AM  
Indeed, if the eve finds me off my work, this might bring me out to interact with humans. Besides the normal interacting I do. Does this be hopeful-y good. ?
2012-09-17 03:41:27 PM  
Mobile Fark doesn't allow me to get to the original link about this - and others wanna know-
WHERE and TIME? Thx!
2012-09-19 12:39:44 AM  

Flinga: Mobile Fark doesn't allow me to get to the original link about this - and others wanna know-
WHERE and TIME? Thx!

Oct 6, Sellwood Public House (SE 13th and Tacoma.)
2012-09-19 12:40:56 AM  

Flinga: Mobile Fark doesn't allow me to get to the original link about this - and others wanna know-
WHERE and TIME? Thx!

Oh, and happy hour is 3-6. Do we want to start early?
2012-09-22 08:04:12 PM  
I think that's where my aunt works. Be nice to her and tip well, you bastards.
2012-09-22 08:04:16 PM  
A non Tfer throwing a party, thats unheard of. Fixed that for you in a few. Have fun
2012-09-22 08:20:05 PM  
I'm interested!
2012-09-22 08:47:13 PM  
Okay, I can probably swing the 6th.

As I said in the other Sellwood Fark Party thread, it would be rude of me not to come since I live in the neighborhood.
2012-09-22 08:50:34 PM  
Very possibly.
2012-09-22 09:00:51 PM  
Who is on first....
2012-09-22 09:07:45 PM  
I'll be there
2012-09-22 09:14:47 PM  
Count me in. Seems like it's been a decade since the last one.
2012-09-22 09:22:32 PM  
2012-09-22 09:37:03 PM  
Jesus, Fark party galore.
2012-09-22 09:52:49 PM  

Ingaba: Jesus, Fark party galore.

I'd been thinking about it for a bit, and finally thought of doing it when I saw how many Portland Farkers there were in a Portland thread, and that other cities were having them, so I figured ask the bar with a big balled squirrel as their Trivia trophy if we could do it there.
2012-09-22 10:08:51 PM  
Sellwood? I'm in.

/Coming from the 'Couve.
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