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(Some Bookworm)   Farkette is bored with her home library and needs a good laugh. What's the funniest book you've read? (Link goes to Harvard Bookstore)   ( divider line
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2919 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Nov 2003 at 12:15 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-11-24 12:57:09 AM  
The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is a good set. All the titles have a number in them (i.e. Two for the Dough, Hot Six, etc etc).
2003-11-24 1:07:43 AM  
Non-fiction, but:

Dave Barry: Dave Barry Talks Back.
James Lileks: Notes of a nervous man
2003-11-24 1:22:02 AM  
Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin. Very quick read.
2003-11-24 1:38:14 AM  
good omens, it is a story about a twelve year old antichrist from suburbia.
2003-11-24 1:48:18 AM  
I second Janet Evanovich - 'Hard Eight' had me laughing so hard I fell out of my chair!
2003-11-24 1:48:35 AM  
The Way Things Ought To Be - Rush Limbaugh.

Comic gold.

(*I didn't want your vote anyway*)
2003-11-24 2:02:51 AM  
Logweasel - GOOD CALL. I completely forgot about cruel shoes. Pure Drivel is very funny too.
2003-11-24 2:10:47 AM  
if you like the show "strangers with candy", amy sedaris, paul dinello and stephen colbert wrote a book called wigfield. it helps if you are familiar with their style of humor and can read it how they'd deliver it.
2003-11-24 2:16:03 AM  
Nice call on the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum books, people!
Another vote here.
Read them in order for best results.

I also recommend the trilogy by Louis De Bernieres that's made up of 'The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts', 'Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord' and 'The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman'.
Black humor, intelligently written and deeply moving.
I also think he's one of the best writers alive today.
2003-11-24 2:34:38 AM  
Algore's book.

/flame war?
2003-11-24 2:57:48 AM  
McCarthy's Bar is a very humorous book if you enjoy the whole Englishman-wandering-about-Ireland genre. I know I do!
2003-11-24 3:00:43 AM  
The Cheese Monkey by Chip Kidd. It's a really quick read and is funny as hell.
2003-11-24 3:09:23 AM  
Does anyone know if there is a 10th Stephanie Plum book coming out anytime soon? I bought the 9th book for my mom and she's going to lend it to me when I go visit for Thanksgiving. Good times.
2003-11-24 3:19:20 AM  
I don't think so.. As far as I know, the ninth isn't even out in softback yet.
Her other books that are out now sucked donkey dong IMO.

I also liked 'Motherless Brooklyn' by Jonathan Lethem.
Funny, but not laugh-out-loud funny.

Elmore Leonard's work is great too, but once again, probably not laugh-out-loud funny.
2003-11-24 3:21:50 AM  

I haven't read any of her other stuff, and I'm not sure if I will. I know that the 9th one hasn't become a paperback yet, I was just curious if it had been announced or something. I have plenty of other books to read to tide me over though.
2003-11-24 3:34:14 AM  
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2003-11-24 3:36:34 AM  
What else are you reading KingSpike?
2003-11-24 3:42:16 AM  
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Horse is Dead


anything by Steve Martin or Woody Allen

Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs
2003-11-24 3:53:47 AM  

Well, right now I'm finishing up some college stuff before I head out for Thanksgiving, but I'm also going to be given the DaVinci Code to read. My brother also gave me Atlas Shrugged to read. It's not the highest on my list of books to read. Are there any others that you would recommend?
2003-11-24 3:57:56 AM  
Good God, that all sounded terrible. It's getting way too late.
2003-11-24 4:11:02 AM  
Not strictly 'funny' but as I said earlier anything by Louis De Bernieres or Elmore Leonard.

Here are some that you will either love or hate:
1. Don DeLillo - Underworld
2. Anything by Paul Auster (While I loved 'Up in Smoke', I hate his novels. I've read almost all of them and it's like he's really close to writting a really good book, but can't quite find his voice, so is satisfied just to irritate his readers.)
3. If you liked DeLillo and Auster, Haruki Murakami.
4. Richard Powers - Gold Bug Variations
5. If you like female authors, anything by Rita Mae Brown.
The Miss Murphy series is a fun light and fluffy read.
6. Junot Diaz - a short story collection called 'Drown'
(I give this work five stars.)
7. Dashiell Hammett.
2003-11-24 4:31:03 AM  
Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu (in the original French, of course)
2003-11-24 4:38:26 AM  
Mort by Terry Pratchett's mad me laugh. A lot. If you want a non-comedy (in this case - piss take of Die Hard type action movies) book that's also laugh-out-loud funny, you might try One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre.
2003-11-24 4:40:03 AM  
You can tell how literary I am by the first sentence there.
2003-11-24 4:41:30 AM  
The World According to Garp- classic
2003-11-24 4:58:24 AM  
Thanks for reminding me lindseyp
Candide by Voltaire is wonderful!
2003-11-24 5:52:17 AM  
don't forget about Wyrd Sisters, same author...great read...
named my cat Greebo
2003-11-24 7:39:58 AM  
There's a Florida novelist named Tim Dorsey that is hilarious.
2003-11-24 7:52:27 AM  
"Fead and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson

"Bored of the Rings" by the Harvard Lampoon... a hilarious if somewhat dated parody of Tolkien.
2003-11-24 8:15:45 AM  
Another vote for Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

However, Thompson's latest, "Kingdom of Fear : Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century" is pretty good too.
2003-11-24 8:20:47 AM  
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking-Glass" by Lewis Carroll are my favorite books.. and they crack me consistently up.

I don't know if I'd recommend them as "funny books" to anyone though since it depends entirely on what type of humor you have, obviously..
2003-11-24 8:29:24 AM  
A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy O'Toole

Catch-22 Joseph Heller

Cats Cradle Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
2003-11-24 8:29:58 AM  
Good Omens by Neil Gaimen & Terry Pratchett(or any of his other novels
2003-11-24 8:34:03 AM  
Jasper Fforde is pretty funny if you know and like your classics. The Eyre affair to begin with.

And Stefan Themerson.
2003-11-24 8:38:16 AM  
Most of Dave Barry's stuff

Hitchhiker's Guide, if your sense of humour permits

Napalm and Silly Putty, George Carlin
2003-11-24 8:55:47 AM  
A Woman's Guide to Anal Sex.
2003-11-24 9:00:45 AM  
13 clocks. James Thurber.
2003-11-24 9:09:10 AM  
2003-11-24 9:26:57 AM  
The Adrian Mole diaries by Sue Townsend

Especially the first two (AM aged 13 3/4, and the growing pains of AM) are hilarious.
2003-11-24 9:33:16 AM  
David Sedaris - Me Talk Pretty One Day
2003-11-24 9:39:33 AM  
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

It uncovers the true meaning behind the * character...
2003-11-24 9:39:36 AM  
Yes Zeno_!!
I vote for Adrian Mole!
2003-11-24 9:49:37 AM  
Another recommendation for Good Omens.

Also, Christopher Moore writes some funny stuff, especially Lamb.

Tim Dorsey writes some good Florida based stuff.
2003-11-24 9:52:42 AM  
Not very highbrow but Puckoon by Spike Milligan and pretty much all the other books he wrote about his military service in WW2.Caw said the crow,bollocks said the Milligan.
2003-11-24 10:08:44 AM  
Year in Provence
Three Men in a Boat, not to mention the dog
Bridget Jones Diary
Stephanie Plum serieshiatchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Molly Ivins is hilarious non-fiction.
2003-11-24 10:11:40 AM  
Camus' "La Peste". It's a short read but full of rollicking good times all the way.
2003-11-24 10:39:25 AM  
Parliament of Whores, P.J. O'Rourke

"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."

"Democrats are the party that says government can make you richer, smarter, taller and get the chickweed out of your lawn. Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work, then get elected and prove it."
2003-11-24 11:06:25 AM  
I second coyote71's recommendation of Christopher Moore. "Lamb" is hysterical, but you better not be a Fundie or devout Catholic - if you are you will HATE it.
2003-11-24 11:20:08 AM  
Youth in Revolt by CM Payne.
2003-11-24 11:27:57 AM  
Pretty much the only writer who never fails to make me laugh out loud is P G Wodehouse. Though to be honest I'm only posting this to see if my ban has expired.
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