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(Boomstick Comics)   The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray will be an extended cut of the film including Bane's origin story and more Liam Neeson   ( divider line
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2012-09-05 09:34:21 PM  
2 votes:

Snatch Bandergrip: Reinsert the scene of how Wayne gets back into Gotham.

Reinsert the scene of how Catwoman got into her outfit.
2012-09-06 02:18:36 PM  
1 vote:

dragonchild: You don't heal a "slipped disk" (a misnomer to be fair) with chiropractic. That aside, if the spine actually split like that (jutting out of Bruce's back and stuff) he'd have been permanently paralyzed from the waist down. It looked like a dislocated rib to me. In any case, as long as the writer isn't a doctor, I think it was a good move to make it deliberately vague. He got a back injury, got it treated and rehabbed. I'm OK with that. What was far lazier was that Batman before the injury was set up in the beginning as a scarred, rusting has-been whose body was falling apart. Then he goes through a stupid Rocky montage and now he's better than ever? After a crippling injury no less? OK, OK, it's a comic book story. But the movie isn't shot like a comic book. So fanbois, make up your minds already.

Yeah, the movie set him up as having a body that was falling apart due to the strain of being a vigilante. The subtle part you missed, though, is that he had no idea he was that bad off. If you watch that scene again, look at his face when the doctor starts listing off the myriad of problems he has: he looks a bit shocked, sort of like "well I knew I was hurt but not CRIPPLED." The doctor doesn't say he can't go "extreme heliskiing", he says he shouldn't... as in "you may be capable of this, but it will damage you further."

Bruce's body falling apart doesn't mean he can't do crime fightey things, it means he can't do them without farking his body up more. As someone who injured their back not too long ago (herniated disks), I fully understand that: sure, I can still deadlift 100+ pounds of weight, probably won't even feel it at the time, but I'll wind up with even worse back problems later. To me, that makes the "training montage" perfectly reasonable: he knows his body is failing, he knows it'll hurt him more, but he also knows his body is still capable of it. Sure, he'll probably spend the rest of his life walking with a funny limp and crap posture, but he can do the job now, and Gotham needs him now.
2012-09-06 10:21:33 AM  
1 vote:

Fade2black: ThatBillmanGuy: Iczer: Can movie companies stop with all the farking blu-ray exclusive content already? It wasn't bad when it was HD-DVD vs blu-ray, but now that it's JUST blu-ray and DVD it's sickening.

Yes I know blu-ray can hold more data than a DVD, I also know you could charge DVD buyers a bit more and add another farking disc into the case with the same bonus content. Not everyone and their grandmothers have blu-ray players and/or 3D TVs hollywood.

Oh, they know. They just would rather you go die in a fire, because you're most likely a filthy internet pirate if you refuse to pay for the super mega awesome blu-ray edition of everything.

Or you could stop being a cheap ass and buy a blu ray for 80 measly bucks.

Or you could quit worrying about format and just pirate the highest definition out there, put it on an networked drive, and then stream it to any PC or console you want.

Bonus, you don't have to worry about it being scratched during handling, or disk rot.
2012-09-05 11:42:35 PM  
1 vote:
Will Liam Neeson quote more lines from Taken 2? "They took my wife!"
2012-09-05 09:40:52 PM  
1 vote:

Flappyhead: Snatch Bandergrip: Reinsert the scene of how Wayne gets back into Gotham.

Reinsert the scene of how Catwoman got into her outfit.

Reinsert the scene of how Catwoman gets out of her outfit.

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