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(Daily Mail)   Nothing adds that small town feeling to a live television weather story better than a naked Arkansas man casually walking out of the woods (w/video)   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2012-09-04 10:57:00 AM  
4 votes:
Have his tooth brushed and send him to my room,
2012-09-04 08:27:22 AM  
4 votes:

MadMonk: [i406.photobucket.com image 306x423]

....and zero farks were given.

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Separated at birth?
2012-09-04 11:32:39 AM  
3 votes:
2012-09-04 08:24:18 AM  
3 votes:
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Nuttin to see here, folks. Just a good old country boy taking his diffuser circle for a walk. Don't startle him none or he'll mask us all.
2012-09-04 06:43:41 AM  
3 votes:
"What is this out here we got... I wanna sick Buddy on em."

"Orta go out there and start an ass kickin contest"

2012-09-04 12:21:39 PM  
2 votes:

PaLarkin: wambu: Subby, in Arkansas, that would be "nekkid".

There is a difference between naked and nekkid. All naked means is when you have no clothes on. You get naked to bathe. Nekkid is when you have no clothes on and you're up to something. You are right in this case. That guy was nekkid.

Being from Arkansas, I can affirm that we are always "up to something".

/does anybody remember he commedian that made that 'nekkid' joke in the first place?
2012-09-04 08:38:55 AM  
2 votes:
'That's right, ma'am buck naked. No shoes, no socks or anything.

Uh, this being Arkansas, wouldn't they arrest him for having shoes and socks?

"Well, lookee here. Mister Madison Avenue with his shoes AND his socks. You goin' to the Governor's Ball, Mister Romey? You know what? They's a guy up in Little Rock. He reported that someone matching your description stole his shoes. And some guy down in Hot Springs got his very best pair o' sox stolen off the cloths line! Betcha I'm lookin' at them shoes and socks right now, son.
2012-09-04 07:50:31 AM  
2 votes:
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2012-09-04 04:15:13 PM  
1 vote:

Savage Bacon: clowncar on fire: Arkansas crack zombie.

Great band name, right there. I'm thinking psychobilly.

Sort of want.
2012-09-04 02:34:35 PM  
1 vote:
Meh. It's been done...

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/Look at the size of the blur on that guy!
2012-09-04 01:46:18 PM  
1 vote:
What would David Niven say?
2012-09-04 01:00:53 PM  
1 vote:
i was also thinking of this when i first RTFA:
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2012-09-04 11:04:18 AM  
1 vote:

PreMortem: "What is this out here we got... I wanna sick Buddy on em."

"Orta go out there and start an ass kickin contest"


There are some times I miss my home state. His reaction does not surprise me one bit.
2012-09-04 10:52:05 AM  
1 vote:
"'I oughtta go out there and start an ass kicking contest,' the elderly man replied."

That would have been especially funny if the old timer or the suspect had one leg
2012-09-04 09:52:05 AM  
1 vote:
CSB time.... back when I worked the am shift, anytime I did a morning live shot at the kalamazoo county courthouse with a certain female reporter, a middle age gentleman would enjoy his morning coffee sans clothes from his 7th floor picture window across the street. Still have that on a beta tape somewhere.
2012-09-04 09:34:18 AM  
1 vote:
did the police officer wipe off the back seat afterwards.....this is all i'm thinking at the moment.
2012-09-04 08:30:14 AM  
1 vote:
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2012-09-04 08:26:14 AM  
1 vote:
i.dailymail.co.ukView Full Size

My name is Buck ... Buck Naked.
2012-09-04 08:20:19 AM  
1 vote:

What the Fark Wizzbang: Prince Harry?! Is that you?

Paul Ryan?
2012-09-04 08:08:59 AM  
1 vote:
The cop failed to perform a frisk. Policy was not followed.
2012-09-04 08:07:08 AM  
1 vote:
Old people really hate it when they don't get to finish their anecdotes.
2012-09-04 08:01:27 AM  
1 vote:
I'm not saying it was bath salts....but it was bath salts.
2012-09-04 06:06:28 AM  
1 vote:
I can only imagine that the quote from the news reporter was "ARKANSAS HIS TEENY WANGER!"
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