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(Fox News)   After finally figuring out that cowering in a corner does very little to stop a bullet, school administrators and police in Alabama are now training teachers and students to actively fight back against a school shooter   ( foxnews.com) divider line
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2012-09-03 04:07:33 AM  
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One friend showed me such a video, aimed at office mice instead of teachers/students.
Of course, the first thing it taught was "run"-but as noted, this doesn't help for crap if there's only one entrance to the room you're in, or otherwise designed so that the only way out of the building is towards the sound of the shots.
Then it taught "fight", complete with lying in ambush at the door. But the ambush that was set up was HILARIOUS.

Okay, so you have a door, opens on a hinge which is screen-right, with a wall to that side so the door can only open 90 degrees, and inwards.
Five defenders, three male and two female. One female is being a panicky bint, so she's hors de combat. One male grabs the fire extinguisher, one male grabs a chair, and the remaining male and female grab heavy things to throw.

Fire extinguisher guy takes the point position, just inside the left side of the door...but he's holding the extinguisher like a club.

The door opens and our shooter shoulders in like a chump. No throwing the door open then using the range of his shotgun to rain death on the suckers inside-he walks in like he was coming to a meeting.

Fire extinguisher guy sees his chance. With a mighty battle cry, he swings the fire extinguisher. Chair guy rushes in, and throwers cock their arms back...and SCENE!

Good thing they stopped there, because a quarter second later Chair Guy would have doubtlessly beaned Fire Extinguisher Guy (who stepped between them to deliver his blow, completely abandoning the fact that his extinguisher could project a blinding spray of powder out ten feet), before being himself clobbered by thrown office supplies.
2012-09-03 02:14:04 AM  
1 vote:

JWideman: LoneWolf343: JWideman: I think I read that in Israel, the school teachers are armed. I'm not sure if that's a standard thing or if it's just individual choice, but I do know that at least one teacher stopped a terrorist from killing kids. My point is, arming and training the teachers sounds like a really good idea. However, what the hell are unarmed children going to do? I mean, besides providing a target rich environment.

In Israel, virtually all of the adults have training due to mandatory military service, so it wouldn't exactly translate to the US well.

That's why I said train the teachers, not just arm them. But they'd have to get paid a hell of a lot more and paying teachers what they're worth is socialism or something.

You'd have to train them for far too many expensive hours to get a decent reaction time out of them. My sister is a high school teacher and has hardly even held a gun (I think clay pigeon shooting once in Germany is about it). She'd be absolutely useless in a physical confrontation with a gunman, I personally think. On the other hand she might be able to talk him to death; she certainly tries it on me during the holidays.
2012-09-03 12:46:52 AM  
1 vote:

Gdalescrboz: GAT_00

Republican logic. Oh no, people are getting shot due to incredibly lax gun laws! How do we fix this? MORE GUNS! That'll fix everything! It's the exact same argument as deregulation.

GAT, your slow fall from grace over the years has been painful. People, myself included, use to actually communicate with you. These days, everytime I see one of your post I immediately know, before even reading it, that the internet has been saturated with yet another opinion that could only have come from one fo the dumbest mother farkers alive and that by reading it, I will have done as much damage to my brain as a night of heavy binge drinking....but read I always do. You are like Kim Kardashian. Everytime i come across her on TV i stop for just one instant to see what dumb shiat she is going to say. I then take a few moments of silence to wheep for humanity and move on

You know why I never write things out anymore? I took the time to actually write out a long post with depth to it beyond the one line comment here with a lot more detail to my thinking than I usually put in here. Know why I don't do that all the time? Because apparently nobody read it. What's the point in writing stuff out if nobody reads it? The short stuff people read and yell at you for, so at least you have an actual discussion, a conversation. Nobody cares if you actually put thought into it.

So, in other words, if my comments aren't as good as they used to be, I have only adjusted to match what you all seem to want. I'm not going to waste my time writing treatises that nobody reads.

Of course, I doubt you'll come back and read this.
2012-09-02 07:37:04 PM  
1 vote:

remus: OgreMagi: How about giving the teachers guns? That would put a stop to school shootings.

/unless a teacher snaps
//very likely in a high school since all teenagers are farking douchenuggets

I always respect a teacher with a mounted .50 on their desk.

Now that you mention it, I bet if the students knew there teacher was packing, they might chill out a little bit.
2012-09-02 07:33:56 PM  
1 vote:
I'm already feeling sorry for the kid who goes "Okay, it's okay, we just all throw stuff at him together like we were taught! Okay, ready? On three! One... two... THREE!" while every other kid is jumping out the window to safety.
2012-09-02 07:32:47 PM  
1 vote:

OgreMagi: How about giving the teachers guns? That would put a stop to school shootings.

/unless a teacher snaps
//very likely in a high school since all teenagers are farking douchenuggets

I always respect a teacher with a mounted .50 on their desk.
2012-09-02 07:32:00 PM  
1 vote:

Bathia_Mapes: I don't think this is something that should be encouraged, but in the case of Kip Kinkel, it was students who restrained him until the authorities could arrive. However, there are just too many things that could go wrong to encourage the teachers & students to fight back.

I think it's great if people are willing to fight back, but 'teaching' it is something that will not end well. We as a society are not fighters, and the people that are tend to be anomalous. Setting that as a standard/expectation puts people in a dangerous position.
2012-09-02 07:29:25 PM  
1 vote:
How about giving the teachers guns? That would put a stop to school shootings.

/unless a teacher snaps
//very likely in a high school since all teenagers are farking douchenuggets
2012-09-02 03:59:26 PM  
1 vote:
I can't wait for the inevitable lawsuit when some poor snowflake is injured because she caught back the way the school taught her.
2012-09-02 03:19:34 PM  
1 vote:
This will not end well.
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