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(Boston Herald)   125 students in Harvard "Introduction to Congress" class are under investigation for cheating and plagiarism; students face expulsion and lucrative patronage jobs if found guilty   ( bostonherald.com) divider line
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2012-08-31 09:35:40 AM  
2 votes:
The name of the course was, "Introduction to Congress." How true.
2012-08-31 09:27:57 AM  
2 votes:

The Muthaship: Why cheat at Harvard? Everybody gets an A anyway.

Sometimes you get an A-, because penmanship counts, dammit!

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2012-08-31 09:18:23 AM  
2 votes:
Why cheat at Harvard? Everybody gets an A anyway.
2012-08-31 09:13:17 AM  
2 votes:
Sounds like they are getting prepared and ready!
2012-08-31 11:25:51 AM  
1 vote:

Lydia_C: I'm a co-author on a paper that's currently in review at a journal. Their first vetting of the manuscript, before it's even been sent out to reviewers, was a pass through this plagiarism-detection software, which flagged a section describing the model we used. We were sent a note right away that we had to cite properly or re-write in our own words. We then had to explain that a) we *had* cited properly, to older versions of the same model, and b) the phrases highlighted for similarity were like that because we were pointing out where model parameterizations had not been changed, kind of an important thing for our readers to know. And sorry, but it's idiotic to try to find new and creative ways of saying "quadratic upstream scheme." It's like being told that because "peanut butter and jelly" was once mentioned in another paper, using the same phrase again is plagiarism.

I often appreciate copied methods sections. That way I don't have to try to root up the original, which was invariably published in some arcane, defunct, NATO conference held in Turkey, which no library seems to have archived.
2012-08-31 10:27:09 AM  
1 vote:

zetar: CSB: Caught a couple cheats in CS1 when I was TAing in grad school. Gave them the lecture: please don't cheat again because 1) you're not very good at it and 2) I will have to fill out a lot of paperwork and kick this up to my boss who will then have to kick it up to the dean.

Yeah, they did it again, everybody had to fill out a lot of paperwork. They were kicked out.

/ Big 10 school

My engineering instructor had a great way of weeding out cheats in the big primary engineering course. In the circuit design section, he would take a device and blow it's image way up. Then he'd insert the semester date, then shrink the image back down.

Everyone was required to turn in a file with that circuit imagery in it. So he would go through each data file, find the device, zoom in on it and bingo. Another cheat. Next. Got another one. Next.

He loved telling the little farks not only was he kicking them out of the college he was going to try to get them kicked out of the university. And he really enjoyed telling them that out in the main hallway so everyone could enjoy the show.
2012-08-31 10:11:15 AM  
1 vote:
southparkstudios.mtvnimages.comView Full Size

Guess someone reached theese keeds 

/I plagiarized this image
2012-08-31 10:06:41 AM  
1 vote:
Done in two.

[Wantonly unattributed]
2012-08-31 10:03:35 AM  
1 vote:
Cheating happens all the tiime at all levels of education. From the parents doing the kid's homework in elementary school to cheating on exams at college.
I used to be an asssistant in high school, so I helped with grading tests. Some of the examples of cheating were so blatant, you would think that the cheaters needed a remedial course on how to cheat effectively. If you suddenly go from a D average to an A average on quizes in one week AND you have the exact same answer, word for word, as the best student in the class, then it's pretty obvious that you're cheating.
2012-08-31 09:36:23 AM  
1 vote:

Reminds me of a big cheating scandal at UMD, while I was there (not in Business Criminal School). Apparently, the business school had given BlackBerrys to its students, and then was surprised to learn that the students had used them to cheat on exams. Their friends (not in the class) would go online, find the answer keys the professors had posted (for some insane reason, they were posting them at the start of the test), and text them to the students in the class. That's why the university now has a "nothing on your desk/in view other than paper and pens/pencils (and maybe a calculator for math)" during exams - for everyone, not just the businesscheaters.

The course/exam these students were caught cheating on? Business Ethics.

// I assume many of them are now traders/traitors
2012-08-31 09:33:45 AM  
1 vote:
Done in two

( plagierized from HopScotchNSoda)
2012-08-31 09:31:10 AM  
1 vote:
Nothing is more amerikan than cheating and lying.

We just got done killing half a million Iraqis over the WMDs lie.
2012-08-31 09:21:33 AM  
1 vote:
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tag wishes it was relevant.
2012-08-31 09:18:34 AM  
1 vote:
Silly Harvard. Rules don't apply to rich people.
2012-08-31 09:15:24 AM  
1 vote:
Take home final exams? I think I may have a solution.
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