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2003-11-21 11:28:30 AM  
blah blah blah... new york sucks... blah blah blah...
2003-11-21 12:15:50 PM  
Technically, the Knicks didn't give Shandon Anderson 30mil the Rockets did and the Knicks traded Glenn Rice for him. Which doesn't look like such a bad trade with what Glenn Rice has done since then. But never the less the Knicks suck and pay their players way to much. Especially Allan Houston who is one the most over paid players in all of sports.
2003-11-21 12:15:50 PM  
Jets and Giants are New Jersey's teams.
2003-11-21 03:03:09 PM  
We need more original farkers. Duke sucks
2003-11-21 03:03:44 PM  
good thing i live in pittsburgh, then.

...oh, wait...
2003-11-21 03:04:03 PM  
Yeah, the Yankees sure do suck, they haven't won the World Series in HOW long now? Oh well, time for them to go sign 3 or 4 high-priced free agents.
2003-11-21 03:04:12 PM  
Hey, we got the Bears, the Bulls and the Blackhawks! What's this guy's beef?

//Each of the 3 B's are unlikely to be over .500 this year
2003-11-21 03:04:53 PM  
I for one, am very, very grateful for this. Can't happen to a nicer town. (maybe philly, but they can deal with that horn thing)
2003-11-21 03:05:24 PM  
if the Jets give up any more good players this offseason im gonna kill......KILL!
2003-11-21 03:06:15 PM  
Great use of the obvious tag. I for one love it when NY teams are in the shiatter.

/Bitter Colts, Pacer, IU, ND, and Cubs fan.
2003-11-21 03:06:42 PM  
There are "good" players on the Jest to be given up?
2003-11-21 03:07:19 PM  
2003-11-21 03:05:24 PM JimmyThrash

if the Jets give up any more good players this offseason im gonna kill......KILL!

They're not bringing any wins to Washington. At least the Caps are doing well. Wait....they're in what place?

2003-11-21 03:07:51 PM  
Try living in Philly :P
2003-11-21 03:08:17 PM  
And this article deserves posting because...?
2003-11-21 03:08:28 PM  
Only "New York" football team is in Buffalo, and they suck too.
2003-11-21 03:08:28 PM  
I'm gonna have to say that DC area teams are worse... Redskins, Wizards, DC United... all terrible..
2003-11-21 03:10:23 PM  
2003-11-21 03:10:51 PM  
This just in from every "small-market" city in America:


2003-11-21 03:11:30 PM  
Thank God for the Islanders. At least they have a winning record and multiple championships in my lifetime.
2003-11-21 03:11:41 PM  
Bah Stars_At_Night, you're going to have Freddy Adu. Shut up.
2003-11-21 03:11:41 PM  
On the NY college front, I can't believe my alma mater Colgate is 11-0 and leading the Patriot League.

I don't think they won a single game in my four years there. Which wasn't so bad since the tailgates were kick-ass.
2003-11-21 03:11:42 PM  

Correct. DC is most likely the worst city for sports this side of the Mississippi.
2003-11-21 03:12:09 PM  
New York may suck, but they can't hold a flame to Detroit.
Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings.

Say what you will, but the Red Wings are falling fast.
2003-11-21 03:12:21 PM  
Wow, if all this energy was spent on something important, like I dunno, electing quality government...
2003-11-21 03:12:25 PM  

the last Cleveland sports championship of ANY kind.


I don't want to hear anyone else's whining.
2003-11-21 03:13:02 PM  
go isles! it hasn't been easy to be their fan since the early 80's, but i love 'em. my daddy done raised me right. and, their goaltender is extremely hot.
2003-11-21 03:13:16 PM  
Pennington, Ellis, Moss, Becht, J Abraham and Sowell all go into free agency in the next 2 seasons. There is already some talk that a few will have to go.

As a Jets' fan atleast I wont face anymore stress this season. We're back in PreSeason.

anyone know how much for a defense?
2003-11-21 03:13:54 PM  
Please let me weep for you poor New York sports fans. My heart aches for you...

Yeah, right. Gimme a farking break!!
2003-11-21 03:14:22 PM  
Well, I guess we do have at least one team in the Finals on Sunday!

Go, Chicago Fire!!!
2003-11-21 03:15:32 PM  
2003-11-21 03:11:42 PM BroadwayJoe
Correct. DC is most likely the worst city for sports this side of the Mississippi.

The fans here sukk. They let opposing teams fans run roughshod over them. They attend sporting events like they were funerals, regardless of who's winning. Trying to find electricity in the MCI center is like trying to find .....well.... something really hard to find.

I understand that Atlanta is actually the worst sports town in the east. They don't support their teams for shiat.
2003-11-21 03:15:33 PM  
Hey, who replaced the satire tag for this article ?

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2003-11-21 03:16:25 PM  
UConn is only 2 1/2 hrs away from NY. They will pick up the slack when they win the tourney this year. Duke sucks.
2003-11-21 03:16:30 PM  
I don't know what everyone here is complaining about. We St. Louisans have it rough. The Rams are 7-3, the Blues are in first place, the Cardinals missed the playoffs this year but went the last three years straight...

On second thought, never mind.
2003-11-21 03:17:41 PM  

Say what you will, but the Red Wings are falling fast.

Here's what I'll say: the Blackhawks haven't won the Stanley Cup since the NHL had only 6 teams. Think of that - the last time they won it, it was the Blackhawks, Red Wings, Rangers, Bruins, Canadiens and Mapleleafs.

The last the Cubs won the World Series, they pitched underhand! Think of that! :D
2003-11-21 03:18:13 PM  
It's not so much that New York teams suck -most teams do. How many great pro sports teams are out there? All of the leagues are way too watered down with too many teams and not enough talent to go around. We need some retraction.
2003-11-21 03:18:37 PM  

DC United only has Freddie cuz he knows if he goes overseas now he'll only be playing in the reserves. Once his contract is up he'll be overseas as fast as he can get there.
2003-11-21 03:19:21 PM  

New York may suck, but they can't hold a flame to Detroit.
Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings.

Say what you will, but the Red Wings are falling fast.

Pistons and Red Wings? You do know the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup all of one year ago, right (2002)? And the Pistons had the top record in the east and went to the conference final last year.

The Tigers and Lions speak for themselves and get no love from me.
2003-11-21 03:19:58 PM  
Let's evaluate Toronto:

1. Raptors - Some promise, but probably won't make the playoffs.

2. Jays came in third AGAIN. But we've got Delgado and Halladay, and the Yankees can't win *every* year, right? Right?

3. Maple Leafs - Will make the playoffs, not much else. Methinks the team is too old. Almost made it to the finals except they ran outta gas against Carolina 2 years ago.

4. Argos (CFL) - Did surprisingly well and made semi-finals in a tight game w/ Montreal. Probably the team with the biggest upside for next year. Oh, and you can get great tickets for $25/pop. Best bang for the buck.

In short:
Detroit - Red Wings mean you can't complain. Even if their time is almost done. Sorry about the Tigers and Lions though.

Boston - Bruins are doing semi decently, BoSox suck...do you guys root for New England Patriots? Anyways, you're so-so.

Chicago - You win. Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, BlackHawks. Wow, you suck.
2003-11-21 03:20:52 PM  

DC fans are so bad because no one is actually FROM DC. You go to a game and all the people there are DC areas residents who relocated from where ever the opposing team came from and came to cheer on their (former) hometown team.
2003-11-21 03:21:10 PM  
I'm from NJ, what the hell is the writer smoking? We got the Yanks, thats all that matters baby. Devils are just icing.
2003-11-21 03:22:15 PM  

Chicago - You win. Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, BlackHawks. Wow, you suck.

I know! And for some odd reason, this is the biggest sports town in the country.

Somebody figure THAT out.
2003-11-21 03:22:44 PM  
f you, new york sports fans. nearly every city in baseball would kill for a team like the yankees.

quit your biatching and go mug someone, or whatever it is you people do.
2003-11-21 03:23:51 PM  
Pistons had the top record in the east and went to the conference final last year

Not saying so much when you take into account that it was the top record and conference final in the EAST...

Maybe that would mean something if it was in the western conference
2003-11-21 03:24:13 PM  
wha wah wah, we didn't win the series again...
2003-11-21 03:25:28 PM  
However, only 2 short hours away the worst fans in sports-dom reside. I am talking about the battery-throwing mutants in Philly. Those people do not deserve any good teams.
2003-11-21 03:25:31 PM  
I understand the Mets are already mathematically eliminated from 2004, 2005, AND 2006.
2003-11-21 03:25:35 PM  
The Red Wings are older than dirt and half the team will be retired by the time the lockout is over. They are very much on the way down.
2003-11-21 03:25:51 PM  
weatherbug is software is spying on you!!
2003-11-21 03:26:31 PM  
You're all a bunch of whiners. At least you live somewhere with pro teams at all. I think we got a farm league baseball team...maybe.
2003-11-21 03:27:06 PM  
Fits the city well......
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