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(Gather)   Gabby Douglas opens up about racist bullying at her former gym. Former gym objects to such characterization: "It wasn't racist"   ( celebs.gather.com) divider line
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2012-08-29 10:40:08 AM  
Having sister that did competitive Irish dance, I'm shocked that a girls involved in dance or gymnastics would so harshly cut down another girl in whatever way they could to be as mean as possible. I'm also shocked that they would hate somebody who could be better than they are. Totally shocked. Usually they are just so supportive of each other.

/actually shocked if they did it to her face.
2012-08-29 12:08:27 PM  

I sound fat: A. Snatchfold: WhyKnot: Hey black community stop acting like everything that happens to you is directly related to the color of your skin.

Didn't get the best seat at a restaurant...racism.
Didn't get a job...racism.
Didn't get a promotion...racism.
convenience store clerk looked at me twice while I was in the candy isle...racism.
Didn't get the highest grade in the class...racism.
gym mates didn't like me...racism.

Seriously, stop with the constant drum beat of racism and being a victim. If you have evidence it was based on your skin color fine, we [the rest of america] will listen and condemn those that should be condemned.

If not, I feel sad for you that you have given in to the social doctrine that all black people are oppressed all the time simply because of the color of their skin. You will never learn to grow from your losses as you will never internalize that you didn't achieve something because of your shortcomings, rather, you will constantly feel others cheated you out of something that was rightfully yours.

Wow a black person being called a slave... I'm sure that has nothing to do with color

well, to be fair, if your entire understanding of the word slave involves racism, perhaps you havent lived life to the fullest.

I find you're probably more than likely correct about the headspace of those young teenage girls when they said that. They probably weren't aware of all the other types of slavery that existed, as most 14-15-16 year-olds aren't that sophisticated and indeed have NOT lived life to the fullest, and drew from the only type of slavery system they were most likely familiar with, the one from American history. 

/Tis pity
2012-08-29 04:28:19 PM  

coolio mack: No need to apologize, torr5962 put it perfectly in his post. Stephen A. Smith is one of the absolute worst at this, as he always runs to the black community line and thinks he speaks for all blacks in sports. I've also heard him use the phrase "homosexual community" in a couple different instances, which is even more ridiculous.

I do agree with your overall point though, which is why I didn't want to rage out on you or call you a troll like everyone seems to do around here when a poster brings up something about race. My father is a prime example of someone who's been a failure in his life and takes the stand that everyone is out to discriminate against him. And some of the reactions of other black people I heard after Obama got elected was some of the most idiotic, ignorant thinking I've heard.

Your post at the end of this thread is excellent as to how people are judged by their appearance. I notice a clear difference as to how I'm treated when wearing dress clothes as compared to some of the 'urban' gear I have. Walking down the street in nice clothes, I've gotten compliments and smiles. Urban gear, I've gotten women to pull close to their boyfriend or grip their purse a little tighter. I had one guy I was walking comfortably behind do a complete 180, step into the street, and let me pass before he kept going. It's a disappointing feeling, knowing that I'm pushing 30 and have never even been placed in cuffs - yet some people think I'm a common thug. But that's just the way life is and I'm not going to let a few bad apples taint my overall thinking.

Great discussion guys. I don't find that much when I come here.

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2012-08-29 08:43:23 PM  

steamingpile: SharkTrager: Funny... all the people saying it's not true happen to be white.

I dont think anyone is saying its not true, just that they may have just been stupid and not meant it that way.

I'm referring to the people at the gym. They are saying they wish some black members would come forward. Perhaps there is a reason they haven't.
2012-08-30 03:17:48 AM  

IAmRight: I'm just confused about some of the questions...am I supposed to ask the nerdy girl for directions to the mall because there are often a lot of nerd stores in there and she may be better at map-reading, or am I supposed to ask the high-maintenance girl because I'm supposed to assume she spends a lot of time at the mall for the fashion stores?

Also, I assume pretty much everyone's seen a gun in their life - it's not really noteworthy and I wouldn't bother thinking about it.

blah blah

Let's not act like bias doesn't exist when there's significant statistical evidence to show that it does.

girls with glasses are not high-maintenance. and guns are pretty scary things. any black kid you see, particularly if they are standing next to a white kid, the black kid is totally better at guns.

not sure which part of this you don't understand.
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