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(Deadline)   Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat promises "a blockbuster every single week" for season 7. BBC America promises 30 minutes of commercials, edited episodes, and delaying broadcast of new episodes whenever they can   ( deadline.com) divider line
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2012-08-26 02:26:36 PM  
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Just another case where the pirate copy is superior to the legal copy, and price has nothing to do with it.
2012-08-27 10:59:43 AM  
1 vote:

HopScotchNSoda: whizbangthedirtfarmer: Not seen Sylvester McCoy's interactions with the Daleks, then? He was absolutely nasty with them.

He was nasty? He tended to let Ace handle that. Ace kicked Dalek (and Cyberman) ass. The girl beat the hell out of a Dalek with a 'supercharged' baseball bat next to Susan's desk in Barbara's classroom -- took out a Dalek by clubbing it. She still had several bottles of her home-brewed Nitro-9 with which to ruin other Daleks' day.

By the way, the first of this week's five Pond Life mini-episodes is up, and the BBC i-Player doesn't appear to be region-specific. I didn't have to launch ExpatShield in order to watch it.

Hey, he stared down a Dalek and talked it into killing itself, and he blew up their ship and blew up Skaro, destroying their home planet. And he did it all with a grim hatred on his face. Beneath the goofy vest and silly hat, McCoy's Doctor had little problem with putting the Daleks in their place.
2012-08-27 12:58:33 AM  
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Chemical Stump Remover: sage37: whizbangthedirtfarmer: Matt Smith...he has a great take on the Doctor, but I am hard pressed to think of any "classic" episodes during his run.

'Vincent and the Doctor' and 'The Doctor's Wife' come to mind

The God Complex was fantastic. Easily my favorite of Smith's run so far.

"Vincent and the Doctor" was just exquisite, at least the trips to the museum with Bill Nighy (most importantly, when they take Vincent, of course). Actually, the rest of it, fighting the inter-spacial griffin monster, didn't make that much of an impression on me.

"The Doctor's Wife" gave a lot of character development -- particularly for that usually inanimate but vital character, the TARDIS, the first of the show's ongoing characters that was ever seen, even before Barbara and Ian.

Speaking of character development, I very much enjoyed "The Girl Who Waited" and Amy's portions of "The Wedding of River Song". The latter's scene about the Brigadier was also such a well done kick in the gut, and the momentary Dalek cameo was in many ways the best use of them in a very long time.

Maybe it's un-hip to say, but damn, "A Good Man Goes to War" was awesome, although mostly for reasons aside from Smith/11. It started with the Whoniverse's most amazing cold open ever, with among the highest holy-shiat factor of most cold opens of any tv series: Amy's monologue to Melody. What's with the Cybermen? The build-up about how Melody will never be alone, someone's coming for them and that the man (reflecting on Rory's fears about Amy's feelings for the Doctor in "Day of the Moon" and others) is your father. Wait! WTF did she just say?! "He looks old, but he's lived for hundreds of years. He has a name, but the people of our world know him better as ... the Last Centurion." Oh, hell yah! and evoking the memory of him having put all other boyfriends to shame for nearly two millennia. His strut into the Cybermen's CIC without the slightest fear, even more calmly badass than Sgt Benton. The destruction of their fleet, and his stare-down to farking Cybermen, rolling straight into the rousing opening intro. Three awesome brand new characters, one of whom provided the opportunity to examine and validate Rory's duality as an absolutely dedicated warrior and a nurse. The whole bit about the Doctor's effects on the cultures of the universe. The cameos, Amy's realisation of what Lorna embroidered and what it meant, and bringing back around the whole forest thing from when we and Ten first met River. Moffat even managed to include a totally juvenile Stevie Wonder is blind joke, and make it work.
2012-08-26 09:54:19 PM  
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Just quickly dropping in here, skipping the thread and all, but a "blockbuster a week" sounds like a horrible idea, considering that the very best Moffat episodes are the lower key ones. Blink was hardly a "blockbuster" episode, but was incredibly memorable plot and had a crapload of memorable lines, and the Doctor himself was barely in it until the end.

I will grant that the Moffat "blockbuster" finales have been good, but the very best are the low-key episodes in the middle, especially the ones he wrote himself.

The worst RTD episodes were the ones where he tried to cram so much shiat into a single episode...

Hopefully "blockbuster" means something a little different there than it does here in the US.
2012-08-26 08:01:06 PM  
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Bucky Katt: fusillade762: In before the "ZOMG I HATE AMY POND SO MUCH PLEASE KILL HER ALREADY"

Any guy who hates Amy Pond is gay. And not the good kind. Yeah I said it.

i307.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-08-26 06:42:49 PM  
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FirstNationalBastard: /the Christmas special introduces the new one, right?

Yes, and if you don't know how the get the proper versions before they hit Nutsax, you suck at life.
2012-08-26 01:22:31 PM  
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I promise to wait until the entire season is up on Netflix so I can get my Doctor Who fix properly.
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