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(Time)   The Bourne Identity's success proves a movie doesn't need its title character, and they now no longer need stories at all   ( divider line
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2012-08-20 02:57:22 PM  

Flint Ironstag: Ghastly: Saw Total Recall this summer and it was like that. Fight scene, chase scene, fight scene, chase scene. Any time they stopped to try and introduce some story into the mix it was absolutely stupid.

I saw Total Recall. My recollection was Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel getting the crap kicked out of her by Kate Beckinsale...

And suddenly, President Walter White!
2012-08-20 03:21:29 PM  
It was the introduction of a new character in the same movie franchise, done Dan Brown-style

Step 1: New girl (whom the hero gets in the end.)
Step 2: Apply the same basic plot formula just change the locations.
Step 3: Profit
2012-08-20 03:40:42 PM  

Shaunn: -- In case they correct it:

Micheal Bay laughs and cashes his check.

And we had a Borne-ish movie with tons and tons of plot. It was called Haywire. And god did it suck.

/great fight scenes
2012-08-20 04:35:29 PM  

thamike: MadSkillz: I think the subby meant "The Bourne Legacy" because the Bourne Identity actually had its title character.

/sad cash-in movie is sad.
//how does 5'5" Jeremy Renner suddenly become an action star? I see him and I think "non-threatening" or "someone's dad"

He's 5'10" and you have obviously never seen The Town or 28 Weeks Later. And if you want to see him turn down the badass and turn up the dangerous lunatic, watch Dahmer. He's amazing in it.

I spent that entire movie thinking, "not sure if want".
2012-08-20 06:12:46 PM  

rocky_howard: thamike: rocky_howard: No, he's 5'8"

No, he's 5'10".

No, he's 1.75, which equals 5'8":

Your own link says 5'9". His IMDB says 5'10" (I've yet to see an inaccurate height on IMDB, especially since the entries are made by agents and managers). Anyway, the point's moot as he's apparently a believable and bankable action movie star.
2012-08-20 08:23:54 PM  
I don't know what it is about Jeremy Renner but he reminds me of an asshole neighbor I knew growing up who I used to pick fights with me in middle school.
2012-08-20 08:51:08 PM  
I saw this yesterday and I'm unsure why people have a problem with the ending. It made sense to me.
2012-08-21 04:22:30 AM  
All we need now is for someone to find success with a movie that dares to ignore the idea that we should be following the same sets of characters throughout an entire feature

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