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(WWE)   CAN Triple-H survive the onslaught of Brock Lesnar? WILL CM Punk retain the WWE Title against both John Cena AND The Big Show? IS AJ going to drop trou in the middle of the ring? THIS is YOUR WWE SummerSlam 2012 Thread (8pm EST on PPV)   ( wwe.com) divider line
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2012-08-19 08:43:59 PM  
2012-08-19 08:44:27 PM  
They dug the inflatable "Awesome" out of storage I see.
2012-08-19 08:44:29 PM  
Yep, Cole, he just got done filming The Marine 3: This Guy Doesn't Have a Dishonorable Discharge, It's Cool Guys.
2012-08-19 08:44:37 PM  
Na na na Na na na Na na na Na na na Na na na ....
2012-08-19 08:44:44 PM  
the miz and Rey fight for the title of WWE's biggest Leather Daddy?

oh wait, it's for the Intercontinential championship
2012-08-19 08:44:48 PM  
Current score of me: 10 including the lowlight of some matches involving someone other than Damian Sandow.
2012-08-19 08:45:11 PM  
well I hope The Miz scouted Rey's 619 move and avoids falling into the middle rope!
2012-08-19 08:45:18 PM  
...Miz would definitely have dyed orange hair if Russo was booking/it were still the Attitude Era. *sniff*
2012-08-19 08:45:20 PM  

one of those: TheManofPA: Dear god...I just remembered that PaulyD is going to show up at some point.

I'm going to have to invalidate all lowpoint votes.

oh yeah, good call, I'd like to change my lowpoint vote

Ryder could get his groove back in one punch in a PaulyD spot, so I'm going to remain hopelessly optimistic on that one.
2012-08-19 08:45:37 PM  

Bobby_and_The_Gorilla: "The Dork Knight."

"Will you stop?"

"The Caped Day Laborer."

"Seriously, Stop!"

2012-08-19 08:45:42 PM  
cdn.wl.uproxx.comView Full Size
2012-08-19 08:46:58 PM  

kenwastinger: I rarely sit and watch a PPV. It's normally background noise. Are straight up commercials normal? I know there's product placement, but this seems new to me.

I think it started mid last year. I remember it was after the threads started because MAN we were pissed when it started up
2012-08-19 08:50:21 PM  
Front few rows are FULL of smarks, haha.
2012-08-19 08:50:23 PM  
wow, Miz actually connected with Rey in the corner?

What are the odds?
2012-08-19 08:50:44 PM  
No, I think that Miz was playing to the crowd, King.
2012-08-19 08:50:51 PM  
is this the same ppv that we started watching?

I miss the hot crowd
2012-08-19 08:51:16 PM  
Hey Guys, I'm just here to watch the thread; I'm basically achievement hunting and I'll check clips later. :)
2012-08-19 08:51:28 PM  
Miz reminds me of the annoying orange.
2012-08-19 08:52:17 PM  
Camera catches Miz asking Rey if he's okay.

2012-08-19 08:52:57 PM  
Big REY SUCKS sign, haha.
2012-08-19 08:53:07 PM  
Blah. . .
2012-08-19 08:53:08 PM  
Not the 619

fark me
2012-08-19 08:53:44 PM  
Rey's new finisher in this outfit is to jump on his opponents shoulders and stuff is nuts in their mouth.

He calls it The Ball Gag
2012-08-19 08:53:50 PM  
Rey Rey needs a new sub finsher
2012-08-19 08:54:02 PM  
Miz gets a face pop for beating Mysterio IN California. lol
2012-08-19 08:54:03 PM  
Nice pop for Miz winning
2012-08-19 08:54:04 PM  
Miz retains!

/I'm ok with this
2012-08-19 08:54:08 PM  
good, Miz won
2012-08-19 08:54:18 PM  
Holy crap, Miz won already, I wasn't paying attention. Did he fall into the ropes at all?
2012-08-19 08:54:23 PM  
3 for 3. You are welcome. Of course I did the booking of these.
2012-08-19 08:54:27 PM  

silgryphon: Not the 619

fark me

I still lovingly remember the ECW crowd booing the sh*t out of Rey for breaking out the 619 at the first One Night Stand.
2012-08-19 08:54:29 PM  
Clean Miz win??!?! HELL YEA!!
2012-08-19 08:54:33 PM  

"Once Rey Mysterio loses about 20 pounds, then he has my permission to win a title again."
2012-08-19 08:55:58 PM  
"Congratulations Miz! Now go back to holding the WWE Jobber to the Stars title until the next PPV."

"That's sad but true Brain."
2012-08-19 08:56:02 PM  
The WWE app! Cause you never know when you'll need WWE on the go
2012-08-19 08:56:04 PM  
I wouldn't download the WWE app if lives depended on it.
2012-08-19 08:56:29 PM  

Brock Samson: Miz reminds me of the annoying orange.

I don't see what Hulk Hogan has to-

Oh, you're talking about the cartoon.
2012-08-19 08:56:41 PM  
I'd like to check out Librarian Eve.
2012-08-19 08:56:48 PM  
I demand EVE wear a placard with her name on it.
2012-08-19 08:58:10 PM  
Is she comotose
2012-08-19 08:58:10 PM  
"What was Teddy long and Eve thanking AJ for Brain?"

"The threesome?"

"I don't think so..."

"a tag team playa?"

"probably not."
2012-08-19 08:58:20 PM  
2012-08-19 08:58:31 PM  
Crowd cheering Punk at "best in the world," gives no reaction to "most of the uninformed public" shiat.

2012-08-19 08:58:45 PM  
2012-08-19 08:58:54 PM  
What was the crowd chanting at the end of that segment?
2012-08-19 08:59:15 PM  
y'know what? I'm over AJ.
Just like most WWE young stars, she's in midst of the over-push stage.
next up is the inevitable burial.
And then she'll be released because she wasn't staying over with the fans.
2012-08-19 08:59:45 PM  
Sheamus/Del Rio is next.
2012-08-19 09:00:01 PM  
"It's time for the WHC title match Brain."

"For the second PPV in a row it's 'they took our jobs 1912' vs. 'they took our jobs 2012'"

"That joke is a repeat."

"So is this match."
2012-08-19 09:00:27 PM  

robsul82: Sheamus/Del Rio is next.

Really, what gave you that idea
2012-08-19 09:00:28 PM  

Dumb-Ass-Monkey: y'know what? I'm over AJ.
Just like most WWE young stars, she's in midst of the over-push stage.
next up is the inevitable burial.
And then she'll be released because she wasn't staying over with the fans.

You might want to bookmark this for your wizard hat later
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