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2012-08-19 08:54:13 PM  
She's probably been retconned the hell out of existence by now, but it always used to bug me that Spider-Man never went searching for his kidnapped daughter.
2012-08-19 09:17:46 PM  

Mentat: 11) Why does Deadpool have so many pouches?

Various miscellania including Agent X's kidney...

/yes, really
2012-08-19 09:19:18 PM  
List fails without

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Well? Well?!
2012-08-20 09:23:21 AM  
I don't think anyone out there is waiting on resolution to anything involving Dazzler.
2012-08-20 03:24:42 PM  

Mateorocks: I don't think anyone out there is waiting on resolution to anything involving Dazzler.

I just want to know if she ever got to the fireworks factory!
2012-08-21 02:01:00 PM  

Gosling: Whatever happened to that spider that bit Peter Parker? Is it still laying in wait? Patiently building up its army of glistening radioactive eggs, all of which will hatch at the appointed hour to unleash wave upon horrifying wave of spiders on the unsuspecting, oh so unsuspecting citizens of New York? Will Peter Parker wake up one day to find a gigantic, growling, hissing spider the size of a Buick staring him in the face with its hundreds of glowing eyes, any one of which can pierce into a man's soul as would a sword of the finest steel? Will he rush to the window to see thousands, nay millions of spiders, some with as many as 26 legs and mutating more by the minute, spearing through the ruins of what was once a shining beacon of freedom to the world? Oh, lamentable of lamentables, would a mutant spider being make unnatural actions- though they all be unnatural given its origin- and violate our dear maiden, the Statue of Liberty, long into the night, as America is helpless but to watch? What shall Peter do? What CAN he do? For they are the Great Creators of he!

...this went to a weird place.

He squashed it.
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