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2001-11-17 04:06:55 AM  
.... Freaks to outlaw Chick speach ......
................... fizzzz---erst ********** pizzzz----oost !
2001-11-17 04:07:08 AM  
I am not a fan of jack chick however he is right. You do not have a right to not be offended. If it starts with so called hate speech then what type of dull world are these lame socalists creating?

How about throwing people in jail for calling some retard who cut you off a dick. Hate Speech...yeck! It also makes the propaganda of neo nazi and other loonies who have a few dozen followers seem legitamate.
2001-11-17 04:18:13 AM  
The world would be a better place if society would just commit more love crimes.
2001-11-17 04:21:40 AM  
Ah, screw 'em all. Screw the clueless communist british, and screw that anti-semite lunatic stumblefark Chick too.
2001-11-17 04:52:48 AM  
can't go to a concert in my town without getting swarmed with chick supporters handing out booklets. i always think his comics are too funny to be scary, but the people who hand them out are really annoying. it's pretty frightening that the british are trying to cut down on freedom of speech, but i just feel extremely wierd a... agree.... i can't even type it... thinking jack chick is randomly taking the right side for his own selfish reasons... that's easier. hate speech indeed... if people can't have the freedom to shout their dumbass opinions on streetcorners or tv, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-17 05:06:31 AM  
Jack Chick doesn't care about freedom of speech, just his ridiculous propaganda. Nevertheless, people should be able to read shiat if they want to.
2001-11-17 05:09:17 AM  
"So far, America's freedoms of speech and religion hold firm. But we must pray that the confusion over responding to terrorism does not cause unnecessary restriction on our ability to get the gospel out."

If Chick would ever actually "get the gospel out" and read it, I'd be surprised. So, what exactly is he fighting for? Besides, he doesn't want to give up his right to call the Muslims heathens.

And how is Chick's organization's aim any different than Haq's? Is he trying to tell us that HE doesn't want everyone in the world to convert to Christianity? I just don't get how this fakrer's brain works. Where's the logic? Did "God" divinely intervene with his cerebral functions?
2001-11-17 05:14:33 AM  
Willy Pete: Speaking as a Brit... We're not all communist, you know. Just cos our government is (alledgedly) socialist, it doesn't mean we all voted for them.

But what you've read in that story isn't the whole of the story, because I've read in the Daily Telegraph that there's Muslim youths in one northern town (Burnley I think) running riot, trying to burn down churches and hounding and scaring the crap out of Christian women who try to walk the streets on their own at night. It works both ways, you know.

And a small reminder for you - which nation was the first to stand by your side after September the 11th? What's that?The British, you say? An all correct answer, tell him what he won Jim.
2001-11-17 05:43:53 AM  
2001-11-17 05:58:23 AM  
I am a chick and I think boobies are better than Chick.
Jack Chick rots.
2001-11-17 06:05:07 AM  
The first were our new best friends, the Russians. Putin was on the phone first and Russia was the first country to endorse military action, before America even knew Osama ben Laden.
2001-11-17 06:54:54 AM  
I'm staying out of the political mettle of this debate.

Chick is right for all the wrong reasons...
2001-11-17 07:08:07 AM  
Ozrael - agree with both sentences. one of the "bad" things to come from surfing Fark is finding out just how messed up some people are. and here i'd been thinking that 30+ years after "the summer of love" we'd changed and grown. damn
2001-11-17 07:28:14 AM  
Would somebody just shoot that puke and send him home to his Jeebus so we don't have to put up with his shiat anymore?
2001-11-17 08:27:52 AM  
The first to support the Yanks were actually the Australians. Their PM was actually IN Washington on 9/11, and he pledged support to Bush immediately. Like, minutes after the attack.
2001-11-17 08:52:23 AM  
I live in Britain and always assumed I had freedom of speech, I guess not now. David Blunkett is an ass
2001-11-17 08:59:11 AM  
Freedom of speech should be considered a basic human right. Screw any pussy government that decides for millions what is appropriate. People are entitled to voice their opinions.
2001-11-17 09:36:20 AM  
"For soul winners, also, this is threatening, since it sometimes becomes necessary to point out the errors of other religions..."

What an asshole. I expected the reaction to Harry Potter, but Jack never ceases to amaze me.
2001-11-17 09:37:16 AM  
Lost in all of this is what the raghead said on the Brit talk show. Taking over the UK and the rest of the world by force. The woggy-wog lads in Burnley(?) are just practicing for what they would do everywhere if they could. Maybe Chick would switch sides then like a Tally-ban warlord. Then we would all have to read and sign off on his new line of Islamic tracts. Fundies are all the same.
2001-11-17 09:40:27 AM  
Oregono"if people can't have the freedom to shout their dumbass opinions on streetcorners or tv, then the terrorists have already won."

Amen to that...
2001-11-17 09:48:56 AM  
Fundies are the scourge of this planet and need to be gassed.
2001-11-17 09:58:59 AM  
'For soul winners, also, this is threatening, since it sometimes becomes necessary to point out the errors of other religions such as Islam, Roman Catholicism or Mormons. Critics of Chick tracts have for years, tried to label the soul winning booklets as "hate literature."'

Poor Jack. Yes, the Mormons on morons practicing a religion that I thought was utterly absurd even when I still naively believed in a Christian (or any other) god. His god doesn't compare any more or less favorably than any other. "Saints fly only in the eyes of their disciples" as the Hindus say.

As for Catholics? They read the same gospels as Jack. They just put their money in a different bank account.

So once again I wonder why god doesn't just pop on down and settle this once and for all? He can't, he won't he doesn't give a steaming shiat, or he doesn't exist. Take your pick.
2001-11-17 10:10:47 AM  
"since it sometimes becomes necessary to point out the errors of other religions such as Islam,"

Maybe Chick should check out this site...

2001-11-17 10:14:21 AM  
Fb-, Yeah probably. Fundamentalism is delusional and dangerous not because it stresses religious values, but because it holds that said beliefs are the solution to all of life's problems. Jack Chick thinks prayer can cure everything from a punctured lung (the Hit!) to pedophilia (Lisa). Not to say prayer can't help, but Life are too complicated for such primitive thinking. Nowhere in the Bible does God offer to do our taxes, take care of our kids, or make sure we're got a sane government.
2001-11-17 10:51:25 AM  
----For soul winners, also, this is threatening, since it sometimes becomes necessary to point out the errors of other religions such as Islam, Roman Catholicism or Mormons.

Hello Pot? This is the Kettle, Black.
2001-11-17 10:52:41 AM  
Haq stated, "We will continue to struggle and strive until we see the flag of Islam flying over 10 Downing Street." He also declared that the aim of his organization was a world Islamic state.

Um... define "incitement"? I think he just DID!

Regardless, the man was actively recruiting for the enemy. Last time I checked, that was a little something called "treason".

They don't need new laws for this schmuck, they need someone to arrest this bastard, prosecute him, and stick him in a Manchester prison for a few years.


2001-11-17 10:53:33 AM  
"but life are to complicated!"

jeeze maybe I should pray for better grammar and typing skills.
2001-11-17 11:30:29 AM  
That's 'But life am too complicated'
2001-11-17 11:35:52 AM  
Actually, it was I who was the first to come out in support of America on Sep 11th. Right when it happened, I said "I support America". There were people around who can back me up.
2001-11-17 11:52:28 AM  
From the article,

"since it sometimes becomes necessary to point out the errors of other religions such as Islam, Roman Catholicism or Mormons. Critics of Chick tracts have for years, tried to label the soul winning booklets as "hate literature.""


Thats all this clown shoes fundie has going for himself.
2001-11-17 11:54:05 AM  
No wonder chickie boy is worried. His tracts ARE hate speech! He hates anyone who disagrees with him.

BTW, england doesn't guarantee free speech like the U.S. used to.

And I'm uncomfortable with banning any speech, but hate speech does apparently have a different standard. Like yelling "fire" in a movie house. If it's intent is to cause harm that's no good. Sort of like Fox news, I guess.
2001-11-17 11:57:16 AM  
Scary, for once I'm on the same side as chick.

I think I'm going to go shoot my self now.
2001-11-17 12:07:13 PM  
Fb-: "Fundies are the scourge of this planet and need to be gassed."

What, and abridge their 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech? Surely you must be joking... ;c)
2001-11-17 12:34:09 PM  
Hate sppech like hate crimes are feel good hamdouts to special interests groups. A crime is a crime, murder is murder not SUPER DUPER MURDER and SUPER DUPER CRIME. "Yelling fire" is not free speech but a crime. Calling people names and expressing one's prejudices is stupidity and ignorance and yes freedom. You ignore it, you do not embolden it by giving it a "special" status. Your freedoms are yours to lose to the PC's,right or left. Ignore them.
2001-11-17 12:49:57 PM  
Billy- exactly.

That has got to be the funniest Chick article I've ever read. The last part = comedy gold.
2001-11-17 01:34:24 PM  
Here's something interesting: Go to the search section of Chick's site and look up the word "scientology".

Yes, that's right: exactly 0 results found.

Chick rails endlessly against the supposed evils of all the (relatively) valid religions out there, yet he is completely silent on the subject of those alien ghost worshipping shiatty sci-fi writing money-gobbling apeshiat lunatic turdbucket parasite Scientolomologologists.

Obviously, Chick is scared shiatless of picking on any group who might turn their lawyers on him and make him their biatch. Just goes to show where his priorities really are.
2001-11-17 01:40:39 PM  
They said-" Show host Jimmy Young interviewed Muslim Abdul Haq, head of an organization that is sending British Muslims to Afghanistan to fight on the side of the Taliban."

I wondered- Wasnt Abdul Haq our boy who went to Afghanistan to try to get ethnic Pashtuns (sp) to rebel against the Taliban....He was one of the good guys and got his ass ahot off for it.

One of us is smoking crack...me or chick...
2001-11-17 02:06:19 PM  
Soul winners? *blinks* SOUL WINNERS?!

"It's time once again, folks, to play America's faaaaavorite gameshow: "Rolls for Souls!" And here's our host, Jack Chick."
Jack: "Thanks, Bob. Remember, contestant, all you ahve to do is roll the dice! If your dice comes up with a cross, you win eternal life! Anything else, and you're going to hell."

This guy is more offensive to God than I ever will be in my queasy post-Christianic agnosticism. At least I don't think I speak on God's behalf.
2001-11-17 02:16:02 PM  
Where is the
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-11-17 03:12:06 PM  
"I used to be so STOOPID, you know, back when I believed in a god, but man, now that I quit believing in any form of a god or gods, I'm, like, SOOOO much smarter!"

This one always crackes me up. =0)

"Like, dood, I used to be SO unsaved! And now that I believe in god, I'm, like, SOOOO much smarter!"

It's great how the river flows both ways... *g*

Heh... okay. Back to our normally scheduled comments. *click*
2001-11-17 03:15:33 PM  
Free speech is free speech... even though Chick is a loony.

2001-11-17 03:34:27 PM  
Chick is an idiot

But he's right, I loathe hate speech codes, laws etc.. they are a blot on our society and they should never be enforced.

We have laws to handle threats etc, and as for these idiots that go on TV and want to overthrow western society for an islamic one

Sedition and treason, try em and to hell with chunkin em in prison, hang the notice outside Pensonhurst prison, the brits did it after ww2 to Lord Haw Haw... should do it to a couple of these "freedom fighters"
2001-11-17 03:54:25 PM  
Willy Pete: One minor correction:

It's Scientology®.

Misha: I pick.... He will. (as in obvious to all)
2001-11-17 04:30:54 PM  
This young nerd, he named ten.

He try new MUD now and then.

With a left click double click give the nerd a mouse.

This young nerd won't leave the house.

2001-11-17 04:52:29 PM  
This guy is the Christian version of Taliban. If his rules were used in a country, expect a ban on CD's, music, board games, video games, non-Christian TV stations, other religions, a decent education system (where fairy tales about creation are taught instead of facts), assorted condoms and books (apart from Bible and anti-Torah/Qur'an/Buddhist propaganda).
2001-11-17 05:00:33 PM  
This young jock, he aged ten,

His gang beat up geek to feel like men

With a homo erotic football huddle jock cant stop saying "dude"

Anti-geek's future is in fast food.
2001-11-17 05:04:43 PM  
You do not have a right to not be offended?

What a load of crap, I guess you need a civics lesson.., YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE MINE BEGIN.
2001-11-17 05:23:04 PM  
Mujika, Right on, Dude.
2001-11-17 06:29:50 PM  
Jack Chick is not an anti-semite, actually...ironic, no? He actually has a whole tract about how the Jews are God's Chosen People. Which I thought was rather nice.

Of course, he then goes on to bash Catholics because of how they've persecuted Jews. Yeah, that's nice Jack, cure persecution with more persecution! Counter hate with SEETHING hate! Go bigots of America!

I hope he tries to stab the pope and that big hat the pope wears falls on him and crushes him.

(Note: I'm Catholic, and I'm okay with the pope, but Papal Infallibility is a crock of shiat)
2001-11-17 06:37:37 PM  
HamSalad, as a fat Christian who has felt a target on his back in the forums for the past few days, the protection that lets Chick write his crap is the protection that lets you write what you want. If there was a serious attempt to damage others, take their property away, or limit their freedoms, yeah, that is actionable. (You know, like if anyone were to follow Fb-'s suggestion of gassing "fundies" or Natax's proposal for concentration camps for fat people.) But stating an opinion is not running into where your rights begin.

There's a line used sometimes by or about pundits or newspaper people or broadcasters, they're "in the first amendment business". ANYONE worth knowing is in the first amendment business. And so when jerks like Chick misuse it, or when jerks like the guy in England call for an Islamic flag over Number 10 Downing, well, thankfully they are expressing themselves so clearly so that they can be either laughed at or watched.
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