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(CNN)   Composer Michael Kamen dies   ( divider line
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14001 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Nov 2003 at 6:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-19 02:07:05 PM  
All Queensryche fans are sobbing today.
2003-11-19 02:14:53 PM  
So does this mean maybe 1 to 1.5 total celebs died today for the trifecta?

I havent heard of any of these people
2003-11-19 02:16:01 PM  
Kamen, my ass.
2003-11-19 02:24:58 PM  
That sucks.
This guy was awesome.
2003-11-19 02:41:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
the dude on the right
2003-11-19 03:56:45 PM  
Composer? Like Fred Durst ?
2003-11-19 04:24:47 PM  
Didn't he invent the Segway?
2003-11-19 06:45:22 PM  
Truly a sad day :( kamen's work was awesome
2003-11-19 06:45:30 PM  
I bet the Pope will complete the trifecta....I mean triple.
2003-11-19 06:45:52 PM  
Evidently, Jonathon Brandis (the kid from Seaquest, sidekicks and ladybugs) also died.

2003-11-19 06:45:55 PM  
Oh. I get the joke. We're going to all posts links of the deaths of people we've never heard of.

Man, that's funny. You guys should be writing for The Onion.
2003-11-19 06:46:16 PM  
Ken Brett, brother of KC Royals' hall of famer George Brett also died today, and he was also 55. Coincidence? I think not...
2003-11-19 06:46:44 PM  
well, if anyone noticed, this is old news. this was mentioned and became a topic in the Jonothan Brandis thread.
as usual, a day late and a dollar short.
2003-11-19 06:48:09 PM  
now he is a decomposer.
2003-11-19 06:48:12 PM  
Thank you Blackvampyre, that was a good one.
2003-11-19 06:48:13 PM  
S&M, quality disc.
2003-11-19 06:48:27 PM  
Truly a sad day. I'm gonna put S&M back in rotation for the next few days. =(
2003-11-19 06:48:29 PM  
Kamen was responsible for some of the finest music of our time. I, for one, mourn his loss.

Queensryche still sucks.

2003-11-19 06:50:08 PM  
How did Jonathan Brandis die?
2003-11-19 06:51:41 PM  
GSC, classic.
2003-11-19 06:52:28 PM  
OMG Johanthan Brandis died?

thats news, and whats more no major outlets are reporting it. But it is true. It is sad to see he fell that far off the boat. more about the death.
2003-11-19 06:53:30 PM  
Who? More like, who cares?
2003-11-19 06:53:48 PM  
Kamen was a good composer.. he will be missed by those who appreciate his work
2003-11-19 06:55:15 PM  
This is sad. His work on Metallica's S&M is what makes that album so good. It takes some of Metallica's classics and takes it to a whole other level. He mixed rock and classical beautifuly.

Time to pull out those CD's.
2003-11-19 06:55:26 PM  
I don't know whether anyone's already mentioned it, but country music legend Don Gibson also died
2003-11-19 06:55:27 PM  
If you've seen the video of Aerosmith doing "Dream On" live, the one where Steven Tyler is playing the piano on that flying platform, you've seen Kamen. He was conducting the orchestra.
2003-11-19 06:55:30 PM  
Kamen was fantastic. RIP. I loved his scores for Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon.
2003-11-19 06:55:36 PM  
Queensryche fans have been sobbing since the release of Empire.
2003-11-19 06:57:25 PM  
"Kamen worked with singer Bryan Adams to help craft the movie theme songs "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" from "Robin Hood" and "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" from "Don Juan DeMarco." He received Oscar nominations for co-writing those songs."

uhhhh..... that right there is some shiatty music.
2003-11-19 06:58:11 PM  
I think a bigger question is "why is Fark so far behind?" Neither of these deaths occurred today. Brandis died on the 15th, and Kamen died yesterday.
2003-11-19 06:58:19 PM  
ok. Someone explain the Queensryche connection.
2003-11-19 06:58:56 PM  
2003-11-19 06:55:26 PM Cosmic_Music

I don't know whether anyone's already mentioned it, but country music legend Don Gibson also died

Trifecta of obscure celebrity deaths is official then.

Kamen, Brandis, and Gibson.
2003-11-19 07:01:42 PM  
"There is no pain you are receding..."

2003-11-19 07:02:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


He's on this album, too...

So why does he die and Fred Durst gets to live and continue to fark vulnerable bimbos? Why, man?
2003-11-19 07:02:55 PM  
I submitted Ken Brett to complete the trifecta but hasn't been approved.
2003-11-19 07:03:57 PM  
"Kamen Dies-Metallica Surrenders"

All jokes aside, very sad to hear about Kamen's death. Guy was a genius.
2003-11-19 07:04:02 PM  
I don't know why they brought up The Wall. Kamen was Roger Water's biatch all through the sessions. He didn't do shiat except flail his arms around with a baton in his hand.
2003-11-19 07:04:26 PM  
this is quite sad and modern music has suffered a loss of one of the innovative musicians and composers.

Makes you appreciate that even at the relatively young age of 55 your time can come quickly and abruptly
2003-11-19 07:04:42 PM  
Then it comes to be that the soothing light
At the end of your tunnel
Was just a freight train coming your way
2003-11-19 07:04:55 PM  

Michael Kamen was the classical composer on Queensryche's "Operation: Mindcrime" Album
2003-11-19 07:05:03 PM  
ok. Someone explain the Queensryche connection.


"Who is Michael Kamen?
Michael Kamen is a composer known for his work on movie soundtracks. Although his involvement with Queensryche is not as well known, it is extensive. He arranged the orchestration for The Warning, Operation: Mindcrime, Silent Lucidity and Operation: Livecrime. He also co-wrote with Queensryche the song Real World, which can be found on the soundtrack of the movie Last Action Hero." which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger who is now the governor of the state that Kevin Bacon lives in.

Or something.
2003-11-19 07:05:09 PM  
I had a turtle die in 1967 when I put it in a box under my bed and forgot about it (I was 9 at the time). Maybe if I can get a sci-fi angle to the turtle's death, perhaps he'll get tribute sites all over the web and his belated obit will make it to Fark.
2003-11-19 07:05:29 PM  
Whoa. I submitted this with the same headline, but from Reuters. Strangeness.

I'm with undflickertail on the Metallica thing. S&M is what first introduced me to Kamen.

2003-11-19 07:05:35 PM  
i've heard just about all of kamens works, and enjoyed every one. i think he was underrated...and i'm sad there won't be any more collaborations with him and metallica...S&M was a great disc.
2003-11-19 07:06:12 PM  
2003-11-19 07:06:35 PM  
Is it just me or does he look an awful lot like that Einstein photo next to his?
2003-11-19 07:07:55 PM  
Kamen did great musical scores to "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Band of Brothers"

[image from too old to be available]

He will be sorely missed.
2003-11-19 07:09:14 PM  
Remember kids, this is the 21st century.
If you compose tonal music, you suck.
2003-11-19 07:10:16 PM  
Ken Brett, brother of KC Royals' hall of famer George Brett also died today...

Ah, Ken Brett. The man who, while doing color commentrary for the Angels, said:

"(Pitcher's last name) begins to throw up in the bullpen..."
2003-11-19 07:10:43 PM  
At first I thought it said Dean Kamen, that freak who invented the Segway...
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