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2012-08-14 09:12:08 PM  
35 votes:
"The beer comes in two varieties, light and dark, Carney said. He has personally sampled the lighter brew, and declared it "refreshing.""

Light and dark, eh? He should call them "Draught of My Father," and "The Audacity of Hops."
2012-08-14 09:12:43 PM  
16 votes:
In perhaps the most startling revelation so far in Obama's three-day bus tour across Iowa, it was revealed this morning that the White House brews its own beer, and that the presidential bus is stocked with bottles of that beer.

This is mad brews... for Obama.
2012-08-14 09:19:35 PM  
10 votes:
Heh... just had a mental image of Joe running interference in the Trans-Am
2012-08-14 09:32:04 PM  
9 votes:

MaudlinMutantMollusk: Heh... just had a mental image of Joe running interference in the Trans-Am

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-08-14 09:48:19 PM  
6 votes:
i194.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-08-14 10:46:35 PM  
4 votes:

doyner: "The Audacity of Hops."

That's freaking brilliant. I'm stealing this.

I wrote the White House requesting the recipe of the ales. I have not received a response. I think I'm going to have to file an official FOIA request.
2012-08-14 10:18:38 PM  
4 votes:
I think he does it just to troll the fark out of people.

Obama: "You want the pale or the dark?"
Person: *seizes up, can't breathe*
2012-08-14 09:59:26 PM  
4 votes:
bitlogic.comView Full Size
2012-08-14 08:50:17 PM  
4 votes:
Transporting alcohol across State borders might actually be illegal. Let's give the derpers a few hours to figure that one out.
2012-08-15 09:50:33 AM  
3 votes:

oryx: Am I the only who believes Obama has a presidential aide who brews his beer, you know, some sort of ghost brewer?

New attack ad from Rmoney: You didn't brew that!
2012-08-15 07:30:24 AM  
3 votes:
i1144.photobucket.comView Full Size

Yea! I get to reuse an image!
2012-08-14 09:48:49 PM  
3 votes:
i47.tinypic.comView Full Size
2012-08-14 08:42:08 PM  
3 votes:
FTA: "I have exhausted my knowledge of this subject," Carney said. "When someone hands me a beer I don't ask how it was made, I just drink it."

Those have to be the truest words ever spoken by man.
2012-08-15 10:35:54 AM  
2 votes:
"I have exhausted my knowledge of this subject," Carney said. "When someone hands me a beer I don't ask how it was made, I just drink it."

Meanwhile...on Fox & Friends:

Doocy: "The President's Press Secretary, Jay Carney has said, and I am quoting here...I can't make this stuff up...that whenever someone hands him a beer, he just drinks it."
Kilmeade: "That's, I mean, what kind of a message is the White House sending to kids when they're promoting drinking like this?"
Carlson: "Is this what the President really ought to be talking about? The economy is crumbling, people are out of work and he's telling minors to go ahead and drink anything that's handed to them. That's really pretty unbelievable!"
Doocy: "Well, I didn't even get to the best part here, and that is that President Obama is apparently brewing his own beer in the White House! He's taking it on the road with him!"
Kilmeade: "Isn't that illegal? To take alcohol across state lines like that?"
Doocy: "I'm sure it is. I mean, who does something like that?"
Carlson: "Really shocking. Just awful. And some people are now saying that this type of scandal could really damage the President's image. We have with us Professor Waring Hudsucker, from the Institute of Republican Talking Points here to discuss the matter further. Good morning Dr. Hudsucker.
Hudsucker: "Good morning, Gretchen, it's nice to be here."
Doocy: "Doctor, tell us, you're an expert on Presidents and drinking. Is President Obama reaching a critical point in his Presidency here? Is it dangerous that he's spending, apparently, so much time drinking beer while he's on the job?"
Hudsucker: "Well, I think that's a good point. You know, we don't know just how much time he's spending making beer, or bathtub gin, or hooch in the White House. I have heard reports by someone who's high up, very high up, I should say, in that administration and that President Obama actually has an underground lair where he brews his various concoctions and that its guarded by the Secret Service day and night."
Kilmeade: "And you know who foots the bill for the Secret Service, right?"
Carlson: "John Q. Taxpayer, that's who."
Doocy: "On the plus side, it looks like he's created at least one new job during his time in office."
(laughter by all)
Hudsucker: "...but seriously, when you sit back and think about it, he, the President I mean, really is history's greatest monster."
Kilmeade: "You've given us a lot to think about. Thank you for your time, Doctor."
Doocy: "OK, up next, the internet is all fired up over a rumor that House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, is addicted to pain killers."
Carlson: "Is that true?"
Doocy: "Well, we'll find out, right after this commercial break."
2012-08-15 08:07:05 AM  
2 votes:

sweetmelissa31: [i194.photobucket.com image 474x637]

Actually Obama should be this
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

/I know the brewer of that beer, he holds a Baracktoberfest every year where he brews delicious beer for his friends to drink
//owns his own brewery now in Lowell, Enlightenment Ales
2012-08-15 01:38:00 PM  
1 vote:
addictinginfo.orgView Full Size

Hey guys, I'd just like to point out no one has mentioned the term "snob" in an Obama + Beer thread.
2012-08-15 08:15:30 AM  
1 vote:
I saw this story elsewhere and had hoped it meant he brewed "while" campaigning, rather than at the white house. Like a rolling meth lab, but worse.
2012-08-15 07:54:16 AM  
1 vote:

maniacbastard: [i1144.photobucket.com image 474x637]

Yea! I get to reuse an image!

Paul Ryan is Coors?
2012-08-15 06:03:51 AM  
1 vote:

Bocasio: It's funny watching a black airline stewardess serve coffee

Who you callin' "stewardess?"
2012-08-15 05:20:27 AM  
1 vote:
i'm drinking beer in iowa right now, looking at 40, and grow more convinced daily that the GOP is right and that we need to end regulation on business solely to bring back dangerous playground equipment to get all future young republicans out of the breeding stock forever.

where is your teeter-totter now? WHERE?
2012-08-15 05:02:15 AM  
1 vote:

Chameleon: BarkingUnicorn: Aha, here it is!

[3.bp.blogspot.com image 850x1296]

The weirdest thing to me about that picture is that the White House apparently has its own honey.

Yeah, that struck me as rather odd too. A Michelle innovation perhaps?

*to the wikimobile*

The Obamas planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House on March 20, 2009.[8] This L-shaped 1,100-square-foot (100 m2) garden is located by the mansion's tennis courts and can be seen from E street.[6] The plot provides more than 55 varieties of vegetables along with fruits that are incorporated into meals made for the Obama family as well as invited guests. Another portion of the yields are donated to the local soup kitchen and the Food Bank Organization.[9] There are 55 varieties of vegetables grown, including: arugula (rocket), cilantro (coriander), tomatillo, hot peppers, spinach, chard, collards, black kale, berries and lettuce.[10] In addition to the seeds selected to be planted are twenty five heirloom seeds and ten different herbs such as anise hyssop and Thai basil.[10] Former presidents favorite produce will also be sown such as President Thomas Jefferson's preferred vegetables "Brown Dutch and Tennis Ball lettuce, Prickly Seed spinach and Savoy cabbage"[11] but beets will not be grown as the current President does not like them.[10] Along with the vegetable garden a beehive was added near the chef's kitchen that is overseen by Charlie Brandts, a beekeeper and White House carpenter.[12] Honey collected from the beehives has been used to brew White House Honey Ale.[13]


Funny'd "Audacity of Hops".

/I missed this story in 2011 so I for one am glad to see it here.
//Nice headline as well despite being slightly premature.
///Premature > Immature.
2012-08-15 04:49:19 AM  
1 vote:

Coco LaFemme: I don't drink, but I think it's cool the President brews his own beer and takes it on the road with him. I would imagine stopping at a bar or something when he was in the mood for one would be problematic, and running into a package store or something would be weird....this way if he wants a beer, he doesn't have to go far. Smart man.

Also crafty! ^_^

/Will just take a seat over there.
2012-08-15 04:45:53 AM  
1 vote:
Meanwhile, Romney demanded the Merlot vintage 1911, while Ryan simply snapped a small child's head back as if it were a PEZ dispenser and began slurping on the jugular vein.
2012-08-14 11:11:59 PM  
1 vote:
This is awesome. I'm pretty jealous of this dude. I want to try the Barack Light.
2012-08-14 10:05:09 PM  
1 vote:
So he's a Muslim who drinks alcohol? We have to get this guy out of office fast.
2012-08-14 09:13:34 PM  
1 vote:

mrshowrules: Transporting alcohol across State borders might actually be illegal. Let's give the derpers a few hours to figure that one out.

So he writes himself out a pardon.
2012-08-14 09:10:43 PM  
1 vote:

Nadie_AZ: mrshowrules: Transporting alcohol across State borders might actually be illegal. Let's give the derpers a few hours to figure that one out.

So how do distributors do this?
Also, really? That's crazy.

Certain states have some f*cked up blue laws or laws that basically say you can't 'export' your homebrew much beyond your home. I have also read some stories about people trying to drive a bit of homebrew into Utah and they got in trouble. So yeah, this will go full derp when the freepers start dissecting every single states' alcohol laws on the President's campaign trail.
2012-08-14 08:56:08 PM  
1 vote:

mrshowrules: Transporting alcohol across State borders might actually be illegal. Let's give the derpers a few hours to figure that one out.

Are you accusing the President of bootlegging? Ooh, I hope he gets in a car (well, bus) chase with a local sheriff's deputy and his dim-witted son, with Michelle in the front seat, who he affectionately calls "Frog", because she looks like a little frog.
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