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(UPI)   Man put car windshield up for sale because it has a bird dropping on it that looks like Michael Jackson   ( divider line
    More: Silly, Michael Jackson, U.S. Route 30  
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2012-08-13 11:20:21 AM  
img803.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-08-13 11:48:15 AM  
WTF is this shiat?!
2012-08-13 11:48:24 AM  

a bird dropping on it that looks like Michael Jackson

Because it's mostly white?
2012-08-13 11:49:01 AM  
This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
2012-08-13 11:50:01 AM  
beyond-bananas.comView Full Size
2012-08-13 11:50:15 AM  
2012-08-13 11:50:23 AM  
Wow. That's Bad.

/moonwalks outta the thread
2012-08-13 11:50:30 AM  
There must be something wrong with me. I read the article expecting some $100,000 price tag, but it starts at the "Reasonable" price of $500.
2012-08-13 11:51:35 AM  
BIG mistake buddy. Everyone knows you say it looks like Jesus. Much bigger market.
2012-08-13 11:52:26 AM  
Wow, it's like looking at a man in a mirror.
2012-08-13 11:53:06 AM  
2012-08-13 11:54:23 AM  
The minimum starting bid for the windshield is set at $500 on eBay.

How much does it cost to remove and then replace a windshield?
2012-08-13 11:55:13 AM  
Woulda been better if Michael's face had gone up for sale because it looks just like bird poop.
2012-08-13 11:55:13 AM  
Whooaaa!! WTH did that bird eat??!!
2012-08-13 11:55:38 AM Full Size

Wow, it really does look like Jackson.

Especially the hole where the nose used to be.
2012-08-13 11:55:51 AM  
Is he on fire?
2012-08-13 11:58:34 AM  
looks more like hitler's head on stevie nicks' body...

2012-08-13 11:58:42 AM  
Some idiot will buy it.
2012-08-13 11:59:12 AM  

ElLoco: Is he on fire?

well, he did go to hell for molesting all those kids, so Im guessing yes. P t_2_by_RABBI_TOM.jpg
2012-08-13 11:59:29 AM  
King of plop.
2012-08-13 11:59:47 AM  
deviantart.comView Full Size
2012-08-13 12:03:23 PM  
i47.tinypic.comView Full Size

2012-08-13 12:03:31 PM  

Mildot: [ image 615x483]

Oh snaaap!
2012-08-13 12:03:46 PM  
I can almost make out him dangling Blanket on the left.
2012-08-13 12:03:47 PM  
Why do I bother, you dont know shiat... Full Size
2012-08-13 12:04:13 PM  
He said he immediately saw a resemblance to the pop icon and it became more obvious "after it hardened."

Go on........
2012-08-13 12:06:15 PM  
It looks more like this...

img507.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-08-13 12:11:37 PM  
2012-08-13 12:13:00 PM  
Say, say, say what you want, but $500 is quite a deal. You can't beat it.
2012-08-13 12:13:51 PM  
Towards the end there he was pretty much interchangeable with bird droppings, wasn't he?
2012-08-13 12:14:04 PM  
What a load of chicken shiat.
2012-08-13 12:15:17 PM  
Has the whole Jackson family, Elvis, Jesus and the Obama plan to fix the US Economy.

i407.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-08-13 12:24:35 PM  
Why didn't he just put it in a bed with a 10 year old boy?
2012-08-13 12:25:18 PM  
If A=B then B=A.
2012-08-13 12:25:50 PM  
i1024.photobucket.comView Full Size

"Scam on."
2012-08-13 12:28:29 PM  
My windshield has a bird dropping that looks like Paul Ryan. Wonder what it's worth.
2012-08-13 12:28:41 PM  
The king of poop is sportin' a Hitler stash.
He was an odd piece of work and ,who knows? he may have been queer for kids but I really dont think he ever hurt any of them. Besides, his music wasnt that bad
2012-08-13 12:29:55 PM  

Godscrack: [ image 607x418]

she is still fine as hell after all these years.
2012-08-13 12:30:41 PM  
I can see the resemblance.
yazmar.comView Full Size
2012-08-13 12:31:14 PM  

SuddenlySamhain: he may have been queer for kids but I really dont think he ever hurt any of them.

First time ever I've been left speechless...
2012-08-13 12:31:56 PM  
Bird crap that looks like Michael Jackson? Hmph, that's not much of a stretch.
2012-08-13 12:32:57 PM  
For Michael Jackson, I would have thought he'd more likely be on a minivan rather than a car as small as a Seville, something where he can get a bunch of boys in the back.

/try the pork
2012-08-13 12:33:24 PM  

lilbjorn: My windshield has a bird dropping that looks like Paul Ryan. Wonder what it's worth.

The loss of a snowball's chance in hell of being elected maybe?
2012-08-13 12:43:44 PM  
ok, seriously, someone please fire up paint and crudely draw on top of the poop where i am supposed to see a face. the only thing i can make out more resembles munch's 'the scream' than anything.

/split infinitives
////Screw You
2012-08-13 12:44:12 PM  
Sort of a Michael Jackson Pollock, so to speak?
2012-08-13 12:54:09 PM  
yazmar.comView Full Size

Dat ass
2012-08-13 01:18:32 PM  
I thought it was illegal to sell used windshields.
2012-08-13 01:29:50 PM Full Size
2012-08-13 02:35:33 PM  
Isn't it against the terms on eBay to sell feces?
2012-08-13 02:38:29 PM  

Dragonflew: Isn't it against the terms on eBay to sell feces?

Of course not....They've sold shiat on eBay since its inception.
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