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(Federal Times)   TSA employee union wants certification test scores eliminated from performance evaluations - probably because TSA employees don't do so well at certifications   ( federaltimes.com) divider line
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2012-08-12 09:22:19 PM  
2 votes:

xaldin: JohnWayne'sMangirdle: 45000 screeners...Jebus.

Government job creation gone bad.

Well on positive note they are employed and paying taxes.

Because if the TSA disbanded tomorrow, there aren't nearly enough burger flipping/pizza delivery jobs to take up all the slack. Though realistically speaking only about half of their staff would be qualified for those type of jobs. The rest aspire to ditch digger when they get educated.

Dude, they'd just go back to being private airport screeners.

The problem I have is that airport security won't ever go away, so the most we can do is petition congress to make changes to the way security is handled.

PLENTY of people have passed tests to get their driver license, and many of them don't belong on the road. Test scores mean nothing.
2012-08-12 08:04:00 PM  
2 votes:
ftfa: ...and it reduces tattoo restrictions.

So... the bottom of the barrel is almost out of scrapings.
2012-08-12 07:42:09 PM  
2 votes:
Fark the TSA. They, collectively, fail 80% of their surprise inspection/tests, last I heard. What, exactly are they accomplishing other than inconveniencing air travelers? Have they legitimately stopped any terror attacks?

I know they have made some drug busts, whoopee. Thanks for saving us from the drug user engaging in a victimless crime.

Fark the TSA.
2012-08-13 12:42:02 AM  
1 vote:

SN1987a goes boom: Weaver95: ya know..f*ck it. I'm sending the TSA an application.

You're over qualified. You can spell "application".

The wife applied to TSA. She took the written test and some little simulator where she had to look at a computer monitor that showed images of X-rayed baggage, and she had to identify forbidden objects. She was told that she scored too high to be hired and was disqualified.

Obviously, we're hiring the best and brightest for such an important position.
2012-08-12 11:21:05 PM  
1 vote:

tonguedepressor: Sword and Shield: tonguedepressor: Seriously, the PASS tests were a real biatch. It was a multi tiered scoring system that included practical and aptitude testing the likes that most airline pilots, doctors or teachers have to re certify not just to get a bonus/raise but to keep your job.

It wasn't a fair process and its good that it went out the window.

... so you need to recertify to keep your job, just like I do. Where is the problem here?

Does your job involve 6 total hrs on four different occasions of testing to keep it? Not that its my job any more but when it was it was unfair and I always did pretty good.

Cry more. Not that I can work anymore, but when I could, I never had a job (including in the Army) that did not require far more than six hours annually of testing and re-certification in order to keep it.

Unfair? 90 minutes per quarter is unfair? That's far less than many, many jobs require. I know people whose jobs require 90 minutes per month, you whining crybaby.

Listen. Setting aside my opinion regarding the TSA and the DHS for a moment, let's focus on what their stated job is: to provide security and keep the traveling public safe. If the people who work for those agencies truly believe it is "unfair" to demand that they be well-trained and certified annually in order to do their jobs properly, then I do not want anyone who believes it is "unfair" to be held to a high standard and to be held accountable for failing to attain that standard anywhere near anything remotely resembling security.

Would you let an uncertified paramedic work on your spouse or children? Then why in the bloody hell would you let an uncertified individual perform security checks of the passengers you are about to put your family on a plane with?

/TSA=security theater
//I have no use or love for TSA and DHS, but your premise of testing and certification being unfair is just farking stupid and whiny
2012-08-12 08:52:58 PM  
1 vote:
Yeah, dumbing down the TSA, that's exactly what we need. They're already bad enough at flunking Red Team tests (meaning they can't find prohibited items) as it is now.

Between this an the racial profiling going on a BOS (google the NY Times article from today), the TSA is really winning the hearts an minds o the traveling public.
2012-08-12 08:35:45 PM  
1 vote:

SN1987a goes boom: Weaver95: ya know..f*ck it. I'm sending the TSA an application.

You're over qualified. You can spell "application".

I was going to apply. Then I found out that IF they took my application, it would take another six months to verify it, and ANOTHER two to four months to get an interview.

The reason they have such worthless idiots working for them is because all they have left is dolts who can't find or take any other job in those ten long months. The same is true for a lot of government jobs, actually. The process drags on so goddamn long, any normal person has already found something they'd rather do.
2012-08-12 08:23:34 PM  
1 vote:
I'm stocking up on popcorn and Twinkies when the TSA's version of the Sandusky scandal hits.

It'll probably be decades, though.
2012-08-12 07:52:04 PM  
1 vote:

Weaver95: ya know..f*ck it. I'm sending the TSA an application.

You're over qualified. You can spell "application".
2012-08-12 07:43:11 PM  
1 vote:

Notabunny: fta alternative shoe options

They won the right to 'alternative shoe options'? So now those thugs get to wear jack boots?

At least they get to wear shoes.
2012-08-12 07:42:43 PM  
1 vote:
As someone who's part of AFGE (but not TSA), I think it's a crooked. My local President just rigged an election, and we all got a DOL letter notifying us of the unusual things that happened. Irregularities, if you will.

Also, supervisors aren't union. Work evaluations are subjective at best, no matter what's being ranked, even when there are actual numbers (like production) to use instead. There's always enough wiggle room for a supervisor to really screw you over or to really make you look like a freaking superstar when you don't deserve it.
2012-08-12 07:41:13 PM  
1 vote:
It's mean and unfair to ask people to do things they're not good at.
2012-08-12 05:55:12 PM  
1 vote:
AFGE did not say what TOPS stands for, or offer details on how it will work. AFGE said TOPS will evaluate screeners' "actual performance of their duties."

Translation: evaluations will be done subjectively by union supervisors who have a paid incentive to have every employee who works under them score "Excellent." The TSA was already a horrendous agency, this should really push them over the edge into that special kind of worthless only the government seems capable of creating.
2012-08-12 05:25:38 PM  
1 vote:
ya know..f*ck it. I'm sending the TSA an application.
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