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(Des Moines Register)   Begun, the Bacon Wars have   ( divider line
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2012-08-11 04:01:53 AM  
What if he selects Tim Tebow as his VP?

Or what if he somehow ends up endorsing his own wife - Ann Romney - for VP??

Either way, it's a win-win situation.
2012-08-11 04:01:59 AM  
And we, the consumer, win.

And by win I mean gorge ourselves to an earlier grave. Such a delicious grave.
2012-08-11 04:02:26 AM  
The proper way to eat bacon is to break the strips into pieces and spell out how old you are.

And then you call Jesse and tell him WE NEED TO COOK.
2012-08-11 04:05:13 AM  
Only time in my life I've ever wanted to be in Iowa.
2012-08-11 04:07:08 AM  
"pointed a thumb to the sky" is as far as I got. Reporter is a tampon of the first order!
2012-08-11 04:08:08 AM  
bacon? *perks up*
2012-08-11 04:15:29 AM  
Begun,the Bacon /Heart Disease Wars have

Enhanced for you,subby.
2012-08-11 04:22:30 AM  
FTFA: "Last year's deep-fried maggots at the Colorado State Fair, for example, weren't as successful as you might expect."

Um...what? Wow. I can't imagine they were successful *at all*. And they were less successful than that?

/No amount of context makes that an appealing sentence.
2012-08-11 04:23:23 AM  
Mmmmm. Pigging out at the state fair.
2012-08-11 04:29:03 AM  
All you need is double-smoked, thick-sliced bacon, no more embellishment, no chaser
2012-08-11 04:48:40 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

I'm guessing this is the winner of the war.
2012-08-11 04:49:44 AM  
Oh my god. A bacon burger with grilled cheese sandwiches (plural, mind you) as an ingredient?

Oh to be in Iowa in the summer....
2012-08-11 05:02:58 AM  
OK, that's enough. BARF.

It was a good idea until you wound up with piles of puke outside the bar...
2012-08-11 06:37:27 AM  
i got suckered into working a jive ass joint at that fair once upon a time out of the kindness and generosity of my cold, bitter heart and also the job. they didn't tell me i'd have to pay for parking and food, the pigfarkers. fark them fat ass dez moynez tubbies coming around trying to mess me up in my shiat. Get thee back to Clive, pigfarker!
2012-08-11 06:40:35 AM  

Tim Tebow: What if he selects Tim Tebow as his VP?

Or what if he somehow ends up endorsing his own wife - Ann Romney - for VP??

Either way, it's a win-win situation.

That's the only part of your post that makes any sense.
2012-08-11 06:43:45 AM  

carnifex2005: [ image 500x500]

I'm guessing this is the winner of the war.

That's a shiatload of ammo. I'm starting to think the creative force behind all the fried this & bacon that fair menu can only be one thing....the 3am drunk munchies. "Hey Karl, let's make hoagies, stuff em with eggs and cheese, wrap em in bacon, shove em in a raccoon and deep fry the WHOLE DAMN THING!"
2012-08-11 07:56:20 AM  
When my family goes to the state fair, we like the classics- funnel cake, kettle corn, etc. The lines are shorter due to people standing in long lines for the weird stuff. Fried bubblegum? Pass.
2012-08-11 10:39:19 AM  
Are we still talking about bacon? That's old hat. The new hotness is sausage. That's right: sweet, succulent, plump, delicious sausage.

2012-08-11 01:27:47 PM  
Just one thin slice of bacon, sir?

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