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(Satire Wire)   ACLU takes over terrorism investigation   ( divider line
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2189 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-17 12:22:17 AM  
Laff, love the interrogation. It is about time that the liberals took a satirical beating (instead of the conservatives whining about the liberals whining, etc.)
2001-11-17 12:22:23 AM  
ACLU....Don't like the ACLU!
2001-11-17 12:24:58 AM  
2001-11-17 12:55:50 AM  
If the ACLU were to take over the investigation, the terrorists can rightly declare victory.
2001-11-17 01:03:58 AM  
Thanks for not posting this earlier in the day, I think fb- would've orgasmed over this...
2001-11-17 01:07:51 AM  
The last thing we need now is more is fb- spreading more seed.
2001-11-17 01:34:33 AM  
Fb- is guilty of nothing more than presenting non-mainstream viewpoints. All y'all who want to shut him up are just proving that the terrorists have already won.
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2001-11-17 01:40:38 AM  
This is exactly why SatireWire is so much better then TheOnion.

At least lately...
2001-11-17 01:43:48 AM  
Yeah but he'd just spread it all over the floor.
2001-11-17 02:22:14 AM  
In keeping with the tradition of the boobies being crap her goes.....

2001-11-17 05:26:32 AM  
Whatever you do, just laugh at SatireWire's piece here on the ACLU. If you want to preserve your own individual rights, whether left or right, you need the ACLU. The ACLU helps you every day in ways that you might never know. So there. nyaah nyaah nyaah
2001-11-17 06:15:36 AM  
Cheesy, but somewhat amusing.

The ACLU does a lot of good, but they make an ass of themselves a lot too. Definitely better off with them then without them though, especially if you're the one getting screwed over by The Man.
2001-11-17 07:35:18 AM  
Good, this should make Rei and the rest of the terrorist huggers very happy. This is what they think we need. An eco friendly, politically correct, non violent, ineffective plan that essentially does nothing but make us look like little kittens that roll over and let you rub our belly after you kick us in our head.

Congrats Rei! You are finally getting your way!
2001-11-17 08:42:50 AM  
where's -=Rei=- ? didn't see him here for ages
2001-11-17 11:43:26 AM  
Wulph: What, people can't pick at fb-?
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2001-11-17 11:48:27 AM  
if the ACLU takes over the investigation, then the terrorists have already won.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-17 01:02:21 PM  
Is "all y'all" plural of "y'all"?
2001-11-17 01:16:11 PM  
Chip: Yup.
2001-11-17 03:40:10 PM  
K, correction, "Where's -=Rei=-, I haven't seen her here for ages". But anyway, Fb, note the satire tag...
2001-11-17 03:59:59 PM  
It would be just as bad if we let the ADL or FB- control the investigation.
2001-11-17 04:06:46 PM  
Now for Satire that's actually funny.
2001-11-17 04:58:08 PM  
I suggest Kilgore40 and Rei get together.

2001-11-17 05:29:19 PM  
that doesnt make much sense.. thats like me writing a satire like this:

X : hi guy!!!


X : that doesn't make any sense! you do not illustrate any type of person at all! except possibly someone who is being played by tom green!

RIGHT WHING : WAHAHAH!~!! I hate muslims and the internet cuz one time a muslim crashed his internet into my car NO JOKE!!!! WAHJAKAKAKAKA


see, it's just stupid, and it portrays the satirized person as something that they are not.
2001-11-17 05:43:04 PM  
Did someone just say 'bum bum hole'?
2001-11-17 11:14:41 PM  

That is my new favorite expression
2001-11-18 12:23:17 AM  
i seriously love the ACLU. And remember, without them, you probally wouldnt ber allowed to make fun of big orgizations. they fight for your rights, includeing your right to hate them

All together now... If we cant make fun of the ACLU, the terrorists have already won!

2001-11-18 02:53:14 AM  
statusquo, i stand corrected.
2001-11-18 06:32:55 PM  
Asshole Criminal Lovers Union.
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