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(NPR)   This coming Tuesday may be the date where the State Formerly Known as Kansas officially becomes The Independent Republic of Derpistan   ( divider line
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2012-08-06 11:25:44 AM  

Xythero: Fuggin Bizzy: Moderate automatically means "Democrat?" See, this is why I vote Democrat so often, in spite of not actually being a Democrat. These people are crazy.

"We are the alternative to crazy pants" isn't exactly the healthiest political discourse for our nation to be having. It would be nice if the Democrats had a more articulate and unified vision for the future, instead of just being the default alternative to retards.

I agree completely. And I'd love to be able to consider voting for a moderate Republican with practical policy ideas that originate from somewhere besides the Koch brothers or Jesus...but that kind of Republican is a rare species.
2012-08-06 11:40:58 AM  

Mrtraveler01: Serious Black: Mrtraveler01: Gwyrddu: shotglasss: We have a few examples of that already. California, Detroit, and New York City are a few. How is the state's budget in Kansas?

They are 492 million in the hole. Mississippi and Louisiana are on the top 10 ten list of states with the largest debt percentage of their GDP. So no, Republicans haven't shown they are any more responsible with money than anyone else.

Also, having lived in both NYC and Kansas, I'd gladly move back to NYC if I had a good paying job in the area. You couldn't pay me enough however to move back to Kansas (and I was only there because the military sent me there, I would have rather been in Afghanistan)

To be fair, suburban KC is actually very nice.

But that's the ONLY part of Kansas I would ever live in voluntarily.

Aw, come on. Lawrence is pretty sweet too. Just don't go west of there.

It's home to KU...enough said. :P

/kidding, Lawrence actually does seem like a nice city

Manhattan isn't that bad either, if you wait for the summer when all the ag majors and college republicans go home.

/not all the small towns in ks are crazy conservatives
//from a small "town" in ks
// moved to tx
/still don't know which is worse ...
2012-08-06 01:29:53 PM  

Fuggin Bizzy: Moderate automatically means "Democrat?" See, this is why I vote Democrat so often, in spite of not actually being a Democrat. These people are crazy.

I have a Tea Party buddy who still calls me a 'Democrat' every time politics is brought up. It doesn't matter that I'm more fiscally conservative then he is, or that I've voted and volunteered for more Republicans, Libertarians and Independents then he has either.

In his mind, because I don't like the Tea party and I don't watch Fox News, I'm automatically a Democrat.
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