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(Wisconsin Gazette)   Another megachurch pastor goes down, this time on a teenage girl   ( wisconsingazette.com) divider line
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2012-08-03 12:24:45 AM  
7 votes:
It's pretty bad when you have to clarify by saying "Another Megachurch Pastor".
2012-08-03 12:20:18 AM  
5 votes:
Imagine that. A clergyman being a sex offender. It's almost like being in the clergy gives them intimate access to their victims, and plausable deniability/persecuton card when they're caught.
2012-08-02 11:44:29 PM  
5 votes:
Shocking. Just shocking.

...normally they go down on boys.
2012-08-02 10:24:26 PM  
5 votes:
"sources close to the investigation say the girl was taken to Illinois and Michigan for Schaap's interludes."

Well, if that's true, he's got the Mann Act going for him too.
2012-08-03 07:02:18 AM  
4 votes:
I consider ANYONE that gets their salary from the offering plate to be in direct violate of Paul's teaching in scripture... therefore I will not attend their church nor put money in their offering plate because I know the money will just go to pad their pockets.

This goes for Catholics, Protestants, Mormans or whomever. I am also totally opposed to churches getting any kind of tax break because it also flies in the face of scripture.

As long as we allow these people to sit idle and not be accountable, you are going to find this nasty crap going on more and more.
2012-08-03 09:23:37 AM  
3 votes:
It sounds, at least from this article, like the church is actually doing the right thing - a real rarity. Usually in cases like this, the entire church rallies behind the (statutory) rapist and trashes the victim(s), doing whatever they can to protect the reputation, job, and freedom of the scumbag no matter how bad the crime nor how damning the evidence.
2012-08-03 08:50:28 AM  
3 votes:
If there's one thing less spiritual than a church, it's a mega-church. If this is what it takes to have people wake up and re-examine why they congregate, so be it. Mega-churches are all about the social gathering and separating from others not exactly like the 'faithful.' Gather for cookies and gossip all you want, have a zillion activities for kids so moms can relax, give as much money as you want to build auditoriums with great seating, but stop calling it 'church,' claiming a tax exemption, and annoying others with your self-righteous smugness.

sorry, too little caffeine. brb
2012-08-03 06:11:36 AM  
3 votes:

dickfreckle: But, what about the sanctity of marriage?

What about it? One man, as many wives and concubines as he can gather. Perfectly traditional marriage. Abraham had a wife and a concubine. Job had wives, plural. David and Solomon had both wives and concubines.

The one flesh bit? Well:

Man = 1.
Man + Woman = 1.

By simple induction, then:

Man + Woman + Woman = 1.
Man + Woman + Woman + Woman = 1.
Man + Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman = 1.
Man + Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman = 1.
Man + Woman + Woman . . . + Woman = 1.


There's only a problem if you get some other number, like:

Woman + Woman = 0
Woman + Woman + Woman = 0
Man + Man = 2
Man + Man + Man = 3
Man + Man + Woman = 2
Man + Man + Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman = 2

Now, some checks on our math:

Mary having a husband on one hand and the Holy Spirit as a lover was okay, so:

Man + Woman + Holy Spirit = 1

This works, because we know

Father + Son + Holy Spirit = 1

And only the son became man. So, incorporeal beings, like women, count for nothing.
2012-08-03 03:09:07 AM  
3 votes:
It's probably the girl's fault. I'll bet she was seductively dressed, showing her hair, perfumed, and bejeweled.

The solution is simple:

scm-l3.technorati.comView Full Size

Also, according to the bible, isn't this guy suppose to marry her now?
2012-08-03 01:53:22 AM  
3 votes:

eraser8: I'm sure the gays are to blame somehow.

"Sexually Transmitted Demons." Its an informal theory that includes Satan targeting vanguard high-profile Christians for extra temptation to disillusion the flock. More bang for the demonic buck, so to speak. It follows from the evangelical idea of sexuality as a place of both sanctification and infernal danger.
2012-08-03 02:37:13 PM  
2 votes:

sonorangal: CeroX: I live a few miles away from a mega-church that used to have a giant foam statue of jesus sinking in the mud... a stand up comic wrote a song about it called "big butter jesus" because the foam is yellow. That thing got struck by lightning a couple of years ago and burned like a great polluting pyre of justice.... And while this "church" does some community charitable things... the smugness and hubris that pulsates from that building is gut turning... and the mansion that dude lives in is ridiculous...

When I lived in Fallon, NV. there is a mega church there. Fallon is a hub town. Not a big one. I was invited by a coworker to attend their church. I am not a religious person, so being nice I went to one of the Sunday services. I could not believe how huge this church was and that there were enough people to support it. The place was packed. I realized then why the more traditional churches in town were not that full on Sunday. What I disliked about the mega church the money push, the atmosphere it was like being at a religious pop/rock concert playing as they passed the plate (with that many people it took awhile), then a few words from the minister, a little about god and more on how every church goers must donate so that the church and its functions would be covered and then every one went home. This coordinated show took a whole hour and everyone was done. I was so disgusted by this, I never went back.

I was raised in a southern pentecostal style church, minus the snakes... When I was dragged to church, it lasted from 8:30am to 12:30pm followed by a community picnic... Every Sunday, it was the same thing, opening prayer, followed by one guy doing a solo hymn, then a community hymn. then the opening sermon by the moderator, about 30 minutes, and he closed his sermon with a request for donations. To donate, you had to take the money up to a basket and drop it in, and next to the basket, they had another basket of worther's orignal carmel hard candy. My parents would give me a $5 or $10 dollar bill and i would go up, grab candy and come back. After that was 4 hours of guest sermons. The only other time the church asked for donations was when a member died and they wanted to collect for a flower arrangement...
Then, when i was in junior high my friend and neighbor invited me to attend the bigger community church in town. A girl in my class was the pastor's daughter, so a lot of my school mates attended. My first and only visit there, i walked into a huge auditorium, there was enough seating to have a balcony. There was a band, a movie screen, all sorts of stuff. I remember, this event vividly. When service started, the first thing they did was pass around these brass and velvet plates people were putting money in. I wasn't a member, so i passed the plate along... Then the pastor stood up and thrhough a booming sound system began a sermon, complete with slide show (didn't have powerpoint back then). There was also these flyers in the back of all the pews, and he kept referring to the flyers. When i looked, the flyers contained scriptures and definitions of how it applied to modern politics. After that, the collection plate was passed around again... This sort of routine went on for like an hour. Over the course of an hour, the collection plate was passed 3 times.

When he was done, he announced that the deacon would like to hold a sermon. then the deacon stood before the church and held a 30 minute sermon on tithing and how that the congregation was not giving enough, then the collection plate was passed around twice more in a row...

I will never forget that experience, and I knew then there was a difference between followers of christ, and christians.
2012-08-03 11:25:39 AM  
2 votes:
My sister in law and her family attend that church, and their oldest daughter is enrolled at the university Schaap was president of. The article linked to steps too lightly in terms of what he's been accused of (and almost certainly did, there's pretty overwhelming evidence, such as photos of himself and the girl in question: http://www.thefrisky.com/2012-08-02/pervy-pastor-photographed-himself- with-a-teen-girl-had-sex-with-her/). As one commentator put it, "The FBI doesn't get involved when you have an affair with an adult."

Perhaps the most pathetic thing is how many of the sermons and statements I've read commenting on this talk about "their sadness for this man and his family" and "forgive him for his sin" and wish to remind us "we can all be tempted". In other words, HE'S a great man of God who was led astray by a shameless hussy agent of Satan. He's the victim, not the criminal.

This is an ongoing problem at the church in question: http://www.stufffundieslike.com/2012/08/isolated-incidents-completely- unrelated-to-all-the-others-just-like-it/

There's plenty of links and more details in the comment threads to this post, which broke the story: http://www.stufffundieslike.com/2012/07/lasts-gasps/

Any pretense of being "responsive" or "open" is false; the pastors lied, outright, to the congregation, claiming that Schaap was "on medical leave" when they knew he wasn't. They are now trying to get people to "come forward" and talk to the Church's lawyers -- NOT the police or the FBI. In movies, this is the equivalent of the Evil CEO asking the naive and ethical employee, "You've found signs that someone is dumping toxic mutagens near the nursery school? Why, why, that's horrible! Horrible! I'll stop this right away. Uhm... have you mentioned this to anyone else?" (In the background, we see the CEO's goon squad drawing their guns.)

No matter how often crap like this happens, most of the people in the church still "retain their faith". I'm not sure if that's a testament to the power of humans to cling to their higher ideals, or the power of human stupidity. Possibly both.
2012-08-03 09:26:14 AM  
2 votes:
I found a picture of pastor Jack Schaap visiting with his harem:

img88.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-08-03 01:56:05 AM  
2 votes:
FTFA: "Our church grieves over the need to take this action and the impact it will have on our people. We ask that everyone pray for the families involved and pray that the situation will be handled in a Christ-honoring manner."

Oh dear. Crucifixion, then? Seems a bit harsh, even for underage sex.
2012-08-03 12:56:55 PM  
1 vote:

The wife and I lived in that area about 8 years ago. A door to door Jesus sales couple came through, and invited us to the church. We were new to the area, so we went. Service was huge and impersonal - the preacher was on a huge stage in front and used a PA system that would put most concerts to shame. They had a baptismal that opened up high in the wall and they cycled through a line of "bus converts" while music blared.

Afterwards, we went to a bible study class with the sales couple, where the "highpoint" was a visit from the preacher himself. My wife and I agree that he was the single most oily person we've ever met - before or since. He was sickeningly unctuous, and sleezy to boot. But what was truely nauseating was the way the church members fawned all over him. It was creepy as hell, and we never went back.

When I clicked on this article, I was shocked when I recognized the church - and it's sleeze master in chief. I must say, I feel like my first impression af him was validated.
2012-08-03 11:53:12 AM  
1 vote:
According to the bible, he now has to marry his rape victim.
2012-08-03 11:33:12 AM  
1 vote:
Exactly my concern, Lizard_SF. HAC and FBC have both had sex scandals in their not-too-distant past, and almost always the concern was for the Man O' GAWD and his family, his
ministry, hislegacy but for the victims-nada, bupkes, zilch. This is the source of my well-nigh irrational hatred of Hyles and all those associated with him.
/BTW, I am still a Christian, just not a fundamentalist. Used to think they were one and the same
//thank God I am free, free, free!
///do the right thing, HAC/FBC, even if you haven't had much practice with it
2012-08-03 11:22:33 AM  
1 vote:
2 Peter 2:1
there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord
2012-08-03 11:02:15 AM  
1 vote:

TheMysticS: Dahnkster: Here's a listy of some of the great Hammond B artists.
This next one's gonna be a couple's skate.

Good threadjacking!
Hammond B ftw. Nothing else sounds quite as good...

Ok, now- reverse all-skate!

Excellent list, BTW. I've long been a fan of Jimmy Smith.

Oddly enough, growing up in the South, I don't associate the Hammond with skate rinks but with churches, primarily black churches. The Hammond was relatively inexpensive compared to the Allen organs that most white churches had. The first time I heard a Hammond (with a Leslie cabinet, no less) was at the Mt Moriah AME church in Harlowe, NC. The dad of one of my school pals taught piano during the week and played at church on the weekends and at revivals. Visiting their house, I heard some of my first "Devil's music" in his album collection - Booker T and Jimmy Smith - and Ray Charles.

Of course, this was back in the day when church leaders were ignorant, and spent their time taking care of their communities. They hadn't yet realized their mission was to diddle the kids and bilk the adults out of their retirement pay.
2012-08-03 10:26:56 AM  
1 vote:

trappedspirit: Wait...so being promiscuous has nothing to do with trying to force celibacy for Jesus? Who knew.

This fellow married the youngest daughter of the founder of this mega church thing and when his daddy in law died he took over.

It's kind of like an arranged marriage I suppose (which is one of the 7 or 8 types of "biblical marriage" so it's all ok on that front.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's been plowing little girls the whole time though. That's the thing about loveless arranged marriages, one or both is probably satisfying their needs elsewhere...
2012-08-03 10:02:58 AM  
1 vote:
The lead pastor, Dino Rizzo, at one of the biggest (if not the biggest) mega-churches in Baton Rouge, Healing Place Church, took an unexpected "sabbatical" to "restore his faith". This immediately started tongues a-wagging at the REAL reason for his leave of absence.
2012-08-03 09:42:47 AM  
1 vote:
As a former member of an IFB church, I have a long-standing loathing of Jack Hyles and all that his unbiblical, cultic, man-centered brand of Christianity stands for. I'm not surprised that this has happened at FBC but I am surprised that it's being dealt with at least semi-openly by the church leadership.
/although if past cases of this kind are any indication there will be a fair amount of blame heaped on the girl for being a "manipulative shameless hussy" or some such nonsense
2012-08-03 09:06:30 AM  
1 vote:
I blame gay demons for his action.
2012-08-03 08:59:37 AM  
1 vote:
Damn. I hoped it was Rod Parsley.
2012-08-03 08:56:01 AM  
1 vote:

dickfreckle: Since adultery is not a crime in Indiana, observers believe there's more to the story than an affair.

But, what about the sanctity of marriage? If it's legal to cheat, what's stopping him from farking a horse?

Slippery slope, people.

But crossing state lines to have sex with a minor sure is a Federal crime. That and being in a position of power and trust with a child under 18 still gets you in deep trouble, even in Indiana.
2012-08-03 08:16:45 AM  
1 vote:
i1247.photobucket.comView Full Size

2012-08-03 07:24:00 AM  
1 vote:
What, no white-knights coming out in droves to defend his actions? No arguments that it's only wrong because "man's law" says it's wrong but in Jesus's time it was common place for a man to have relations with a teen girl? OR how this is certainly better than being a *gasp* homosexual?

Fark, I am disappoint... you are slipping...

Anyway, I bet it's her fault, she probably read 50 Shades of Gray and decided to act it out on that poor unsuspecting pastor...
2012-08-03 07:12:26 AM  
1 vote:
I was hoping it was Joel Osteen
2012-08-03 07:01:06 AM  
1 vote:
Hammond, Indiana smells terrible. That is all,
2012-08-03 06:57:02 AM  
1 vote:
If it were handled in a "Christ-honoring" manner, there would have already been full disclosure of the facts by the church. I mean, ole JC told it like it was, right? "The truth shall set you free" and all that?
2012-08-03 06:45:03 AM  
1 vote:

FirstNationalBastard: Shocking. Just shocking.

...normally they go down on boys.

That's what I was gonna say. That it was a girl IS news.
2012-08-03 06:21:53 AM  
1 vote:
So, wait, it was a preacher caught wtih an underage GIRL?

What, did she look like a cute castrati?
2012-08-03 06:12:56 AM  
1 vote:

stoli n coke: Well, it's good to see another evangelical leader that has his priorities straight concerning the "sanctity of marriage."

On a bright side, at least it was a girl this time, so you guys are improving. Baby steps.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being gay. I suppose you could argue it's slightly less hypocritical for him to be farking girls.
2012-08-03 05:21:42 AM  
1 vote:
Well, it's good to see another evangelical leader that has his priorities straight concerning the "sanctity of marriage."

On a bright side, at least it was a girl this time, so you guys are improving. Baby steps.
2012-08-03 04:27:43 AM  
1 vote:
Don't worry. We can fix all of this by bringing prayer and Jesus back into public schools, and eating mor Chik'n.
2012-08-03 04:06:05 AM  
1 vote:
I work in Hammond and a lot co-workers go to that church so I'm getting a kick...
2012-08-03 04:05:41 AM  
1 vote:

Somacandra: eraser8: I'm sure the gays are to blame somehow.

"Sexually Transmitted Demons." Its an informal theory that includes Satan targeting vanguard high-profile Christians for extra temptation to disillusion the flock. More bang for the demonic buck, so to speak. It follows from the evangelical idea of sexuality as a place of both sanctification and infernal danger.

2012-08-03 04:00:39 AM  
1 vote:
Let's be serious now. If a teenage girl was sucking on your dick, you wouldn't be too freaked out if she took off her panties and asked you to cum inside her.
2012-08-03 02:32:06 AM  
1 vote:
Since adultery is not a crime in Indiana, observers believe there's more to the story than an affair.

But, what about the sanctity of marriage? If it's legal to cheat, what's stopping him from farking a horse?

Slippery slope, people.
2012-08-03 01:20:09 AM  
1 vote:
I'm sure the gays are to blame somehow.
2012-08-03 12:12:41 AM  
1 vote:
Did he fill her with the holy spirit?
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