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2012-08-02 02:20:24 AM  
5 votes:

MaudlinMutantMollusk: I have friends that not only own Harleys, but they also own every bit of gear and apparel available. As usual with things like this, people wind up demonstrating their individuality by being exactly like everyone else

Bingo. If you sample 100 riders of every other brand, you will find a diverse collection of gear, riding style/class, etc. With Harley, there's just one: Wear no helmet (or minimal novelty skull cap as required state-by-state) + $1000 in stupid fashion-weight, branded 'gear' that offers little to zero protection in the event of an accident.

I'm sorry to troll you guys, but Harley riders are, as a percentage, the biggest morons on the road. And that would be fine if you dolts weren't trying to tell me that loud pipes are a safety feature while fumbling through second gear out of the Hooters happy hour parking lot with a farking bandanna and some tassels to protect you.

Seriously, you guys are a joke, and you're not replenishing your rapidly aging fanbase with younger riders. Even Gen-Xers (like myself) who are approaching their 40s think you're lame. You are the Republican party of motorcycles.

/Triumph Speed Triple
//daily urban commuter for nearly 20 years
///by all means, come on in and defend HD as a company that does anything but sell an image
2012-08-01 11:59:45 PM  
4 votes:
I used to want a Harley because it was symbolic of being a rebel

/now it's symbolic of being a pretentious boomer assclown
//do not want
2012-08-02 12:44:58 AM  
2 votes:
Maybe if they hadn't kicked Erik Buell to the curb a few years back things might be better now.
2012-08-02 12:11:07 AM  
2 votes:

/now it's symbolic of being a pretentious boomer assclown
//do not want

I'd have thought the desperate aging-badly-and-insecurely retiring boomer wave would keep Harley Davidson afloat, especially given the increasing number of fat, old, suburbanites I've seen riding them.
2012-08-03 12:30:44 PM  
1 vote:

Asako: Ontos: Asako: I'm happy with my CBR 250.

//Not a "real" bike.

My commuter is a CBR250... It's an excellent bike. Enough power to be fun, agile, easy to ride and I average 65-70 mpg.

I commute on mine and I've done a bit of touring on it. They definitely are nice bikes but you'll constantly get shiat from people about having such a "small" bike.

I'll never get why folks hate on small bikes. Current superbikes are overpowered to the point of uselessness for 95% of riders. When folks like Eddie Lawson and Kevin Schwantz flat out say they couldn't ride the current bikes anywhere near their potential on the street I tend to listen to them, not squidley down at the Rock Store. I'd far,far rather have a lighter,nimbler street bike and a dedicated race bike than a daily driver I take to track days. Considering the depreciation and the expense of fixing bodywork, you can easily grab a 4 or 5 year old GSXR or R1 or CBR for less than half of new. That way you aren't paying the insane running costs like insurance and rear tires that you would be using a supersport for a daily driver. I'll say it again: Much,much more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. And cheaper too.
2012-08-02 11:16:04 PM  
1 vote:


Hardley engines aren't real high output. The reason you're going to want 1300 cc is because that's about the minimum that will make a machine that heavy get out of its own way with alacrity, and get you a moderately alarming top speed. Sportsters do get something of a bad rap. That "girl bike" shiat is retarded. It's actually easier to ride the Big Twins. At least until they rubber-mounted the engines and added 50 lbs. to them in the process, a Sportster would smoke any big twin. The 883 just didn't have an especially high top speed. Maybe 100 mph, with a tailwind. They do have other deficiencies as motorcycles, though, which is why I won't ever buy another one.

True, but I was more referring to how the other manufacturer's are pushing big engine bikes in order to compete with Harley, like Honda and Yamaha. They did away away with their liter bikes a few years back, so instead of an entry level (500-750cc), mid-range (1100-1300cc) and high-end (1500+), mid-level starts at 1300cc's. They push the 750-950cc now for your first bike, which is kind of ridiculous for someone whose never ridden before. When I started looking a few years back, I went with a 700 cause it was perfect to learn on (took the MSF, so I was familiar) and still had enough that I wouldn't get bored within 6 months.

I may just be bitter cause I was originally going to get the Honda Sabre 1100, but they had discontinued the model when I was looking. I love my Yammie though, don't get me wrong, but those Sabre's were pretty sick...liquid cooled, single carb and they had the some damn nice styling. Always wanted to try to see if I could get a set of their wheels put on my V-Star.

images.craigslist.orgView Full Size

FWIW, most everyone that rides regularly doesn't give a shiat about what you ride - except those BMW pricks. They're in a pretentious league all of their own.

Harley makes good bikes. They're just way too expensive. And Victory? Same engine & transformer with different makeup applied. Overpriced, massively depreciating American-made stuff. Buy used.

That's pretty much my philosophy. I've never really cared what anyone rode, sport, standard, cruiser, make or model, just ride and enjoy yourself.

Unless you're going to give me shiat for owning for "Jap bike". Then you can go fark yourself.
2012-08-02 10:35:26 AM  
1 vote:

drewogatory: They're moving on to the Can-Am tricycles.

Now there's a vehicle that's truly,truly embarassing. All the disadvantages of a bike, but it's the width of a car! So you too can sit stuck in traffic, yet be exposed to the weather at the same time! Genius!

1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Puh-leeze! It's a snowmobile that you can ride in the summer!
2012-08-02 09:53:56 AM  
1 vote:


It "autocorrected" my correct spelling on my phone. Sorry to offend your sensibilities. But keep adding valuable information to this post.

I shall.

Keeping one's automobile tires properly inflated will help to optimize handling and fuel mileage.

The Socratic Method is a useful teaching tool.

Using apostrophes to create plurals is incorrect.
2012-08-02 08:23:56 AM  
1 vote:
Panictm brought to you by the folks who think that if a company's growth isn't limitless, they're a failure.
2012-08-02 07:56:19 AM  
1 vote:

RickyWilliams'sBong: Have a friend who owns an '04-ish Harley. Nice-looking, but it seems like every time we go to their house, something's wrong with that damned bike.

98% of all Harley's ever made are still on the road.

The other 2% made it home.
2012-08-02 06:48:13 AM  
1 vote:

I knew you'd show up with that pic! I love your bike.

Had a 900SS for just a couple of months. It was a fling. Nothing - and I mean nothing, son - sounds like a Ducati twin when provoked. And that's coming from a long-time Eurotard. It's better than sex.

Non motorcyclists always ask me what it's like to ride my Monster, what the appeal is... What makes the risk of death worth the reward... I tell them, "Imagine you're buck naked, straddling the cowling of a P51-D Mustang as it's flying wide-farking-open at triple-digit-speeds ten feet off the deck... A bottle of whiskey in one hand, and Van Halen's 'Panama' blaring in the background... You'll get somewhere close to what I feel ripping around on this Ducati every single time I take it out for a spin."

Every time I take it out... I grin like a lunatic.
2012-08-02 03:15:20 AM  
1 vote:

MaudlinMutantMollusk: This was my dream bike when I first started riding

Bronson was a cool mofo.
2012-08-02 02:34:44 AM  
1 vote:

WhyteRaven74: dickfreckle: ///by all means, come on in and defend HD as a company that does anything but sell an image

What's funny is that Harley is doing what all the business and marketing wonks say is the most important thing, extending the brand, building the brand etc. As Harley shows, perhaps the obsession with brands is not well founded.

i224.photobucket.comView Full Size

(You knew it was coming.)
2012-08-02 02:28:43 AM  
1 vote:

dickfreckle: ///by all means, come on in and defend HD as a company that does anything but sell an image

What's funny is that Harley is doing what all the business and marketing wonks say is the most important thing, extending the brand, building the brand etc. As Harley shows, perhaps the obsession with brands is not well founded.
2012-08-02 02:18:18 AM  
1 vote:
Harley = $26000 vibrator.
2012-08-02 12:45:19 AM  
1 vote:
Maybe if they made reasonably priced, good quality vehicles they wouldn't have this problem.
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