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(Daily Mail)   Man claims hair growth pills turned him into a hot blonde woman (w/pics)   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
    More: Strange, Propecia, hair growth, brooklyn federal court, baldness, impotence, cognitive impairment, sexual problem, transvestites  
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2012-07-23 12:05:55 AM  
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2012-07-23 12:09:01 AM  
But his hair looks mah-velous
2012-07-23 12:16:40 AM  
No taste in make up, I see.
2012-07-23 12:35:09 AM  
Yikes. He turned into a British last-call slag.
2012-07-23 12:46:19 AM  
I think I'll go with guy wanting to trans but can't quite bring himself to admit it and doesn't want to see a therapist about it.

I've heard of people growing tits as a side effect but I doubt it can make you want to be a woman.
2012-07-23 12:51:54 AM  

Ghastly: I think I'll go with guy wanting to trans but can't quite bring himself to admit it and doesn't want to see a therapist about it.

I've heard of people growing tits as a side effect but I doubt it can make you want to be a woman.

side effect for propecia? I think the guy's taking his wife's birth control and not telling anyone.
2012-07-23 12:56:22 AM  
I think this guy need to see many many many pictures of hot blondes so he knows what one looks like.

Or am I projecting again?!
2012-07-23 01:11:41 AM  
But after almost a month on the pills he said his hair growth was 'minimal' but the feminine effects were 'pronounced.'

So why didn't he quit the pills? He claims he didn't want to be a cross-dresser yet doesn't stop taking meds that enhance female traits without improving the very thing he purchased them for?

"Hmmmm, well it's been a month I'm still as bald as a cue-ball, but my breasts are perky and I'm developing strange cramps. Better ride this out a few more months...."
2012-07-23 02:06:41 AM  
If that's subby's definition of hot blonde, I've got a dog in Brooklyn to sell him.
2012-07-23 02:13:29 AM  
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2012-07-23 05:40:56 AM  
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2012-07-23 05:44:22 AM  
DRTFA, was it this guy?

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2012-07-23 05:48:05 AM  
i bet he/she has a hairy pussy.
2012-07-23 05:49:26 AM  
Actually chemicals can cause this to happen and the people taking the chemicals don't realize what is happening. I know gay people want to think they are just born this way but they too could just be victoms of mad scientists. BPA has been proven to turn male frogs into female frogs. That's the stuff found in most plastics.

"The findings also support prior animal studies that find exposure to BPA during development can produce permanent effects that may impact health. In light of these findings, BPA exposure while in the womb and as newborns could pose a longterm health risk by altering development of brain and reproductive systems that are directed by thyroid hormone."

"A Common Herbicide Turns Some Male Frogs into Females
One of the mostly widely used weed killers, atrazine, may be disrupting male frogs' sexual development--even reversing it"

sources google them:
-Bisphenol A stifles thyroid hormone and slows frog development.
-Estrogen receptor expression and vitellogenin synthesis induced in hepatocytes of male frogs Rana chensinensis exposed to bisphenol A

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=common-herbicide-tur n s-male-frogs-into-females
2012-07-23 05:51:50 AM  
I'm still relatively new to Fark, compared to some of you veterans, and I still remember when I took most articles seriously.

2012-07-23 05:52:24 AM  
Hot? Apparently it affected his eyesight too.
2012-07-23 05:52:46 AM  
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/03/opinion/kristof-how-chemicals-change -us.html?_r=1

"A widely used herbicide acts as a female hormone and feminizes male animals in the wild. Thus male frogs can have female organs, and some male fish actually produce eggs. In a Florida lake contaminated by these chemicals, male alligators have tiny penises.

These days there is also growing evidence linking this class of chemicals to problems in humans. These include breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital deformities, early menstruation and even diabetes and obesity. "

And of course they don't add... it can also cause male humans to turn into female humans. Better wake up people. They are poisoning you.
2012-07-23 05:57:45 AM  
This guy is an asshole.
He's about on the same level as the closeted republicans preaching hatred against gays and signing laws to make their lives miserable.

I wonder how many people Daily Fail employs to search the world for these stories that frighten and confuse their audience.

"I told ya, Jolene, them pills makin' them queers faster than normal"
2012-07-23 06:00:23 AM  

MadSkillz: Yikes. He turned into a British an American last-call slag.

TFA is originally from NY Post, and the guy works in California, although I'm guessing he isn't one of those girls the Beach Boys were singing about.
2012-07-23 06:00:27 AM  
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2012-07-23 06:05:51 AM  
I'm calling she-nanigans.
2012-07-23 06:08:43 AM  

bighairyguy: I'm calling she-nanigans.

Well played.
2012-07-23 06:18:48 AM  

Ghastly: I've heard of people growing tits as a side effect but I doubt it can make you want to be a woman.

Yeah, I call BS as well.

Skeletal development begins to slow by age 16 and is mostly done by 22. The dude in the story is 38. Going onto estrogen replacement and progesterone blockers at 38 will give you tits, decrease your muscle mass and move some fat deposits around, but it isn't major. Since finasteride is only a progesterone blocker, the feminizing effects should be even less apparent since men only generate a small amount of estrogen natually. Yet he is claiming some significant physical changes. And then there are the psychological changes he is claiming, as well.

If his son took finasteride in 6 or 7 years from now, then that'd be different.
2012-07-23 06:18:59 AM  

Dwedit: [i.imgur.com image 479x327]

Came for this.

Also read the comments here hoping someone would post this picture.
2012-07-23 06:32:06 AM  
It is also a well known fact that the mortal enemy of the transvestite is the tiger. Luckily for you, I have a tiger repelling rock. Had it in my pocket all week. Not seen a single tiger. I'll sell it to you. Contact in my profile...
2012-07-23 06:34:08 AM  
That story, and dude, are as farked up as a football bat.
2012-07-23 06:41:15 AM  
Well, he is from Silicon Valley.

Just tell him it's not a bug. It's a feature.
2012-07-23 06:51:09 AM  
Methinks this guy already had lingering self image problems.
2012-07-23 06:52:49 AM  
I guess some people have that yearning, But why did he keep taking the pill when he found out that it didnt help cure his hairloss. Wasnt that the initial reason he took the pill, and if he quit taking the pill would feel like a man again, But if you nailed a chick/dude with a total sex change operation would that make you gay?
2012-07-23 06:55:12 AM  
Take a pill, love the cock.

Your move insecure bald assholes.
2012-07-23 06:57:15 AM  

halloran: .. I know gay people want to think they are just born this way but they too could just be victoms of mad scientists. ..

2012-07-23 06:57:52 AM  
FTA "I wasn't always this way. I am early on my path of transitioning to live full-time as a woman, although for 9 months I did take 1 of the 2 most popular drugs that doctors prescribe to men who wish to become a woman.

'It's called finasteride. Many of my transgender friends still take this drug today. In some men, the effects are irreversible.

'The thing is... I didn't take finasteride to become a woman. I took it to prevent male-pattern hair loss"

People would rub dog crap and pureed foetuses on their head if they thought it might make their hair grow.

2012-07-23 06:58:56 AM  
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2012-07-23 07:04:05 AM  
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2012-07-23 07:07:19 AM  
Uh...so, if he had a problem with this, how hard is it to, oh, I don't know, stop taking the pills?

His wife lost her husband and his son lost his father? So the pills not only made him a woman, they made him lose all free will and be a selfish fark too?

By the way, all women do not like to dress the same way or do the same activities.
2012-07-23 07:07:31 AM  
Somebody tell me when the "hot" meme is played out.
2012-07-23 07:09:52 AM  

TravelingFreakshow: Somebody tell me when the "hot" meme is played out.

It's been played out for quite some time.
2012-07-23 07:11:50 AM  

jaybeezey: Take a pill, love the c*#k.

Your move insecure bald assholes.

Or in this case, "hate it, need it gone." No indication in the article this is about man love. More of a loathing for what he is. Or a really strong genetic drive for FASHION.

Turn to the left.
2012-07-23 07:15:28 AM  
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think i will pass on that.....
2012-07-23 07:16:50 AM  
No, don't go ask your doctor why your medication is turning you into a woman. Just go out and buy a dress and put makeup on. Sounds like a solid plan.
2012-07-23 07:22:20 AM  
2012-07-23 07:23:42 AM  
Taking propecia is not a choice. He was born this way.
2012-07-23 07:26:41 AM  
You limey shore do like your chicks with dicks.
2012-07-23 07:28:14 AM  
I'm sorry, but...wat?

gravebayne2: [politics.x90x.net image 850x271]

think i will pass on that.....

Oh how I love targeted advertising.
2012-07-23 07:29:25 AM  
If Propecia makes a man grow boobs, will it make a woman who takes it grow even bigger boobs?

/I said boobs twice
2012-07-23 07:33:23 AM  
Eh, 4 beers, maybe 5
2012-07-23 07:38:46 AM  
After almost a decade, this may actually be the thread to push me off Fark. A daily fail non-story with the tiresome hot/not hot tranny to "fool" us. Go to hell, subby, and fark you, greenlighting mod.
2012-07-23 07:51:37 AM  
I don't know about everyone else, but hair in a can works for me!

Link to video
2012-07-23 07:51:57 AM  
FTFA as well as cognitive impairment, or 'brain fog,' which McKee believes he also suffered.

Ya think?
2012-07-23 07:52:17 AM  
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