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(KIRO TV)   Two-fisted, burly, ex-marine type beats the crap out of foolish teenaged attacker. I guess he won't be... Wait, that's a woman? (With holy crap, that's a woman pic)   ( divider line
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2012-07-15 09:18:04 PM  

AirborneBuckeye: Excuse us, we'd like a word with you. [ image 850x611]

images2.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

"Yaarrrgh, not a looker in the bunch"
2012-07-15 11:04:20 PM  

WordyGrrl: UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: AirborneBuckeye: Yeah, like you KNOW what a real soldier is. Semper Fi, Mac!!!!

That's actually a pretty cool picture. In 1979 my basic training company was one of the first to be integrated with a platoon of female soldiers. Guess which platoon took the Marksperson award in my company. I attribute it to the fact that women are not born with full knowledge of guns weapons like guys are, and are actually willing to listen to instruction. Seldom do you see a female soldier attempt to shoot their M-16 sideways. :)

Using an M-16 does require a bit of training. They're not clones of regular hunting rifles, and definitely different from shotguns or handguns. I'm sure plenty of male soldiers let their egos hold them back from taking instruction and learning how to really use the M-16 well.

As for why the women did better? When I was in basic in 1983, women were not allowed to do any hand-to-hand (pugil sticks and fist fightin') combat training. While all the male soldiers were spending days on that, all the female soldiers spent their time at the firing range -- so we got twice as much marksmanship training as the males did. And yes, we did get the marksmanship award for the battalion.

It has been known almost since thebeginning of the paintball industry that women are naturally better shots. I attribute it to their lack of testosterone. For them it's more of a mechanical action, and they don't need to prove anything to their friends - so they don't worry about missing the shot.
2012-07-15 11:29:50 PM  
Significant respect for the Young Lady. A bit of tough love for the young man, shown by an ex- Social worker. Good on her.
2012-07-16 02:04:16 AM  
She has come to embrace the love that dare not speak it's name?
2012-07-16 04:46:52 AM  


[ image 698x641]

That's the best thing ever
2012-07-16 05:40:05 AM  
Thats so cute, I LOVE costume parties. The chick pretending to be a real soldier on the lower right looks like a cutey too.

A soldier is somebody who is in the Army. Somebody in the Marine Corps is a MARINE.
2012-07-16 01:55:50 PM  
Goings once, twice..! Congratulations, sold it your way for $700!

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