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(Short List)   Bark shaped like the Virgin Mary in New York tree is: An apparition ☐ Bark ☑   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, Virgin Mary in New York, Virgin Mary, bark, West New York  
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2012-07-14 09:47:22 PM  

Earguy: They're just trees, but you know, they may be NSFW so I'll link it. Link

Second one is quite obviously a 'shop.

/pixels and such, in my day
2012-07-14 10:16:58 PM's too vaginal to tell what it is..
2012-07-15 01:49:09 AM  

LovingTeacher: Oops, I only meant to underline the first line of my post please don't think I was shouting at you


LOL, Before I saw the above I was about to say that if you were getting heated & trying to yell at me YOU'RE DOIN' IT WRONG
Silly is in the eye of the beholder. I've seen people laugh at Jerry Lewis movies, but personally, I think it's sad that he made comedy out of making fun of mentally deficient folk who abuse alcohol. I know in my heart and soul and mind that he isn't funny, because I've tried at least three times to watch his movies, also that disease telethon where he begs people for money, gets drunk and cries--- not funny! Matter of fact, I feel sorry for him and the people who think he's a comic genius, and I seriously doubt another attempt at viewing The Nutty Professor will convert me to that brand of silliness. But I don't think they are all backward idiots, or just snobs that like to laugh at retards (have a Happy Bastille day, y'all!). I've heard there are some who don't think anybody else is as funny as Jerry, and will assault you if you don't agree with them. Doesn't matter to me that their family has believed in Jerry since 1950something, that there are rituals and traditions involved with their Jerry appreciation that have deep meaning to them. I just don't resonate with the energy/spirit of Jerry; I might even be allergic to Jerry because I feel irritated when I try to watch him, but I know there's something in it for people who think he's funny that makes them laugh and changes their energy, because I've seen it happen. Also, some comedians I like were influenced by Jerry, so I can't pretend he doesn't exist, or hasn't contributed to comedy. Comedy is an important part of spirituality; a belly-laugh is a spiritual experience, it invokes the daemonic forces of Seratonin & Endorphin, which possess humans and cause them to shake, make strange sounds, breathe oddly and contort their faces. Some say these 2 daemonic forces actually reside in the human body, rather than existing in the aura of the one who chants the comedic words and phrases, and possessing the listener when the energy reaches a frenzy.
And all these technological miracles, just like spirit/demon/angel worship, can have a destructive effect on humans; some people are allergic to emanations from wireless devices; even though emanations can be measured, their pain or discomfort is real and they've ruled out all other causes, they still get called crazy. Antibiotics have run amok and may be damaging as many people as they help heal, Childbirth deaths and injuries to the mother still happen, especially among low-income people, but also to people who thought their good medical insurance guaranteed nothing bad would happen; mid wives and other Holistic practitioners are making a comeback for this reason.
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