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(PJStar)   Tattoo artist arrested after he tattoos the names of five people on 15-year-old girl's butt at party   ( pjstar.com) divider line
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2003-11-14 10:28:13 AM  
I have felt pretty stupid after a night of drinking but getting drunk and having someone tatoo the names of people at the party as well as an std is something I could have only aspired to.
2003-11-14 11:35:25 AM  
maybe they were just keeping tabs on who pounded teh backside.
2003-11-14 12:49:30 PM  
For the love of everything holy, last week my hometown paper gets on here over some women's love of squirrels, and then this week a 15 year old gets numerous tattoos on her ass of peoples names, swastikas, but my favorite is STD. As long as none of them are noticable like covered up by clothes get over and don't be yound and stupid? Ha I know if it were only that easy right? Kudos to the guy for sneaking on STD, its funny, but probably not in the same way. Oh well.
2003-11-14 02:46:17 PM  
This was made by a tattoo artist:
[image from bobpeak.com too old to be available]
2003-11-14 04:06:10 PM  
"If anyone is at fault, it should be me for allowing me to do this to myself," she told police. "I don't want to get anyone in trouble for my mistakes. This whole thing is my fault, I keep trying to tell my father that."

I am speechless.
2003-11-14 04:23:12 PM  
A fifteen-year-old, that understands personal accountability? There may be hope for the future yet.

Helluva way to learn it though.
2003-11-14 04:29:55 PM  
Reason #29838974987293874 to never get drunk. I do have to respect her for the realization that she's the one that farked up though. Good character in that one there...
2003-11-14 04:54:54 PM  
"If anyone is at fault, it should be me for allowing me to do this to myself," she told police. "I don't want to get anyone in trouble for my mistakes. This whole thing is my fault, I keep trying to tell my father that."

How unAmerican. Off to Cuba with her!
2003-11-14 04:55:29 PM  
::kneels in supplication::
2003-11-14 04:55:52 PM  
Well this is gonna leave a mark.
2003-11-14 04:56:00 PM  
What, no picture?
2003-11-14 04:56:00 PM  
a bizarre party involving alcohol and drugs.

What, exactly, is bizarre about this?
2003-11-14 04:56:24 PM  
let's heap all kinds of praise on this little sociopath
2003-11-14 04:57:22 PM  
Reason #29838974987293874 to never get drunk...

Never? Are you serious?
2003-11-14 04:58:19 PM  
e-man: I second that. How could she be so completely out of control in one sense, and quite rational about the consequences in another?
2003-11-14 04:58:20 PM  
Article appears to be farked...can someone repost it?
2003-11-14 04:58:22 PM  
"If anyone is at fault, it should be me for allowing me to do this to myself," she told police. "I don't want to get anyone in trouble for my mistakes. This whole thing is my fault, I keep trying to tell my father that."

Cool. At least she realizes she fekked up and it is her own fault. Now, the trick is getting the court system and the general public to realize the same thing.
2003-11-14 04:59:14 PM  
Wow.. 15 and at a booze and cocaine party. Who was this? Drew Barrymore?
2003-11-14 04:59:36 PM  
"He is expected to appear in court on Dec. 9. on the charge, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail, 18 months probation and a $75 fine."

Even odds he tries to tattoo someone like this in jail, he'll soon be practicing his new carreer as a line prep person by tossing salads.

2003-11-14 04:59:37 PM  
She should be glad they didn't tattoo her forehead. Ungrateful brat ...
2003-11-14 05:00:48 PM  
I think the fact that she realizes she screwed up should be slightly overshadowed by the fact that she had racist and hate symbols tattooed on herself. Sure, she may have been drunk/stoned, but She still picked the first one.
2003-11-14 05:01:32 PM  
Sounds like Paris Hiltons quote over the video.
2003-11-14 05:01:39 PM  
I'm sure the $75 fine will hurt just as much as the 30 days in jail...
2003-11-14 05:01:41 PM  
DAs, would any of you prosecute?
2003-11-14 05:01:50 PM  
Johnny,Brandon, Michael, Scrappy and Mathew. Someone seems out of place. See if you can guess which one.
2003-11-14 05:02:13 PM  
Alcohol is stupid. Chronic is the way.

The tattoo on my ass says EXIT ONLY
2003-11-14 05:02:43 PM  
Someone in America who is actually holding herself responsible for her own actions....Wow, I'm just completly speechless. It's obvious even to the most dim witted of people that she's a stupid biatch, not for getting the tattoo, but for holding herself responsible. We can't have people like her running around, what would the lawyers say if they found out someone was holding themselves accountable?
2003-11-14 05:03:15 PM  
If I was at that party I would have suggested "I was here". No incriminating names, just good clean fun, oh wait not clean and not fun. But still!
2003-11-14 05:05:13 PM  
Mmm drugs and alcohol...
2003-11-14 05:05:14 PM  
this is one of the best damn stories that I have ever read
2003-11-14 05:05:15 PM  
Reason #29838974987293874 to get drunk...you might get to see a 15 year olds butt.....oh yeah, page is farked, too many people trying to see some high school rear
2003-11-14 05:05:39 PM  
Maybe this party was only bizarre in terms that a fifteen year old girl should not have been there with all that alcohol and cocaine.
Sounds better than any of the parties I've been to lately(sighs)
2003-11-14 05:05:42 PM  
i dont think she is responsible. taking into consideration that she is 15, allowed someone to do something like this to her and was high as all hell, i gather that she probably doesnt like herself all too much and is just concerned about getting anyone else in trouble. i wouldve done the same thing and im not responsible at all.
2003-11-14 05:06:03 PM  
I have to say it. The STD girl got what she deserved. Having a camera around while drinking would be bad enough. The tatoo's wow she is stupid. Considering her "friends" this girl has a wonderful future ahead of her as a ............crack whore.
2003-11-14 05:06:03 PM  
that shiat made me laugh histarically. ive met some of the people whos legacy will now live on forever on this little girls ass HAHAHAA
2003-11-14 05:06:16 PM  
That sounds like it was an awesome party
2003-11-14 05:06:21 PM  
C'mon now. It's not too hard to re-tat a swastika to look like a cute little poodle. I know. I've had it done...

2003-11-14 05:08:40 PM  
For those who can't access the story:

PEORIA - A 22-year-old man faces criminal charges after a 15-year-old Metamora girl was repeatedly tattooed during a bizarre party involving alcohol and drugs.

The teenager, who reportedly told people at the party she was 18, had several tattoos applied to her stomach, back and buttocks, including the names of other partygoers.

The tattooist, Matthew Campbell of 1016 E. Marietta Avenue, Peoria Heights, was booked last week on charges of tattooing the body of a minor.

"He thought it was funny," Detective Troy Burns said this week.

The teen told police she remembers

asking for the first two tattoos - the initials of a Chicago street gang tattooed to her belly and the first name of a dead punk rocker tattooed to her back - but after drinking and doing drugs, she didn't remember agreeing to have the names of five people at the party tattooed on her buttocks.

Campbell's arrest came after the girl's father reported the tattooing to Peoria police, who turned the case over to county detectives after learning the South Peoria house where the party took place was just outside city limits.

The owner of the house, Brandon Baum, 22, of 723 Pleasant St., told police he had met the girl only once before his party on Nov. 4, but both times she was accompanied by an acquaintance of his, 23-year-old John Haley of Chicago.

Baum told police everyone at the party had been drinking booze for several hours - others, police said, were using cocaine - when he, Haley and the girl got on the subject of tattoos. The teen girl then said she wanted one and was willing to pay $20.

Baum knew Campbell and called him. Within an hour, he arrived at the party with a tattoo gun and ink.

Campbell drew up a design of the letters "CMS," representing the Chi Town Mafia Skinheads, a Chicago street gang, and the teen girl agreed to having the tattoo applied.

After Campbell was done, the teen told him she wanted another one, police reports said. The girl asked to have "SID" tattooed on the small of her back, referring to Sid Vicious, a member of the punk rock band "The Sex Pistols" who died two decades ago.

"She seemed to be having a good time with it," Baum told detectives.

But instead of "SID," Campbell tattooed "STD," an acronym for sexually transmitted diseases. Campbell changed the tattoo, but only after the girl and everyone else at the party went to Downtown Peoria, where those who saw it laughed.

When the group returned to Baum's home, he said everything "got out of hand" because of the level of intoxication. That's when Campbell asked the high school girl if he could tattoo everyone's name on her, police said.

The names Johnny, Brandon Michael, Scrappy and Matthew, along with a swastika, were tattooed on her left buttock. After much insistence from another girl at the party, "I love Heather" was tattooed on her right buttock, along with the word "skinhead."

The next day, she admitted to Haley she is just 15 years old, police reports said. Apparently, the girl's mother had called Haley on his cell phone and made her daughter's age clear. The high schooler was taken to the mall to meet with her mom.

The girl admitted to police she initiated the first two tattoos but was too intoxicated to remember the others.

"If anyone is at fault, it should be me for allowing me to do this to myself," she told police. "I don't want to get anyone in trouble for my mistakes. This whole thing is my fault, I keep trying to tell my father that."

Campbell could not be reached for comment Thursday. He was booked into Peoria County Jail on a charge of tattooing the body of a minor and was released a few hours later after posting $100 bail.

He is expected to appear in court on Dec. 9. on the charge, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail, 18 months probation and a $75 fine.
2003-11-14 05:08:50 PM  
But she claims responsibility, sounds like her daddy reared her well... -/ducks
2003-11-14 05:09:17 PM  
I'd like to input this: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
2003-11-14 05:09:47 PM  
She's responsible for getting shiatfaced... This asshole is going to be responsible for having his work removed from nice tight round booty!

I smell lawsuit... then I smell ass.
2003-11-14 05:10:18 PM  
I have the names of all of the girls I've farked on my wee wee. So far I have "Amy." It's the only one that would fit...

/slinks off
2003-11-14 05:10:27 PM  
second that jonasborg
2003-11-14 05:11:17 PM  
The first thing she wanted a tattoo of was a gang symbol.

Booze and cocaine aside, I get the feeling that this girl wasn't all that innocent.
2003-11-14 05:11:24 PM  
My future wife.
2003-11-14 05:11:39 PM  
Could be worse.... NSFW?
2003-11-14 05:11:42 PM  
Stupid: A person below normal intelligence.
2003-11-14 05:11:51 PM  
2003-11-14 05:12:00 PM  
Is this the new version of getting "jumped in?"
2003-11-14 05:12:25 PM  
I can only imagine her next boyfriend's puzzlement...
"Who the hell are Johnny, Brandon, Michael, Scrappy and Matthew?"
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