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(SFGate)   I don't know what you're talking about so here's a picture of some goats surfing   ( divider line
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4469 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jul 2012 at 10:01 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-07-13 10:03:18 AM  
Well, they do have incredible balance. It makes sense they'd be able to keep their footing quite well on a surf board.

It's still a little strange to see though.
2012-07-13 10:03:25 AM  
Hard to tell if the goat is enjoying this. They have no expressions. But they stay on the board, so it's either thrilling or terrifying.
2012-07-13 10:12:11 AM  
Goat sea.
2012-07-13 10:21:40 AM  
Yup. Strangest thing I've seen so far today, though the day is young.
Come on kids, you can be weirder than that.

(see what I did there? Young? Goats? Kids? Meh, I bore myself with my feeble comedic attempts.)
2012-07-13 10:22:37 AM  

uncleacid: Goat sea.

DAMN YOU! i thought i was going to get the first goatse comment
2012-07-13 10:29:43 AM  
Soon to be a George Clooney movie: "The Men Who Surf with Goats"
2012-07-13 10:31:43 AM  
I love how people say animals are "surfing". No, They're trying not to fall in the ocean and drown.
If you put me on a floating piece of wood in the ocean, I'd do the same. Doesn't mean I'd like it.
2012-07-13 10:38:28 AM  
Well don't you know about the goat? Everybody knows that the goat doesn't float.

/a-well-a goat goat goat g-g-g-goat
2012-07-13 10:51:49 AM  

uncleacid: Goat sea.

dammit man! I snorted out loud!
2012-07-13 11:05:39 AM  
Goat surfing. I thought you were supposed to be blindfolded and tied to the bed for that.
2012-07-13 11:35:49 AM  
Well, whater floats your goat, I presume.
2012-07-13 11:47:40 AM  
Shark bait?
2012-07-13 01:34:32 PM  
Just don't try it with sheep. They might get bogged down.

/Unless they're hair sheep.
2012-07-13 03:48:42 PM  

/Nothing worse than a horny surfer messin' with your girlfriend
//or so I've herd
2012-07-13 04:28:06 PM  
That's not a wave, that's a ripple.
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