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2001-11-15 05:21:58 PM  
I like PETA better when it's ho's taking off their tops and parading around instead of crap like this.
2001-11-15 05:22:59 PM  
mmmmm..... tofurky
2001-11-15 05:24:26 PM  
Why in God's good name would I want to eat something called Tofurkey?
2001-11-15 05:26:08 PM  
I'd like to dip PETA in a spicy barbecue sauce and feed it to a batch of amphetamine crazed wolverines...slowly
2001-11-15 05:27:08 PM  
Although I am a vegetarian, I wouldnt eat this and tofu is NAST. However look at the big picture, they are trying to provide an alternative to murder. There is nothing appealing to me to have a dead, plucked bird on my dinner table, that is my opinion and I am sure many out there think otherwise, that is fine that is your opinion. Anyways, thanksgiving is a stupid holiday anyway, all based on lies. Just a paid day off from work!
2001-11-15 05:29:05 PM  
How is tofu nasty? The way it tastes can vary widely on the method in which its prepared. I've eaten tofu that's tasted amazing, and likewise, tofu that made me say "Why the hell would anyone want to eat this crap? I'm never trying it again." Uh...
I'm not a vegetarian, but I'll eat pretty much anything that tastes good, regardless of the source.

I'd even eat you.

2001-11-15 05:29:37 PM  
Broise, it's not murder, it's called being higher up in the food chain. It's only murder if you, yourself are a turkey.

So....... are you?
2001-11-15 05:30:35 PM  
Brosie: I think you had better expound on your reasoning before people here (including me) label you an idiot or worse.
2001-11-15 05:32:17 PM  
pour some sausage gravy over that, and I'll bet it is palatable
maybe stuff it with a lard based stuffing?
2001-11-15 05:33:05 PM  
hey tofurkey is good!

but maybe I just think that because I'm a vegetarian :)
2001-11-15 05:33:36 PM  
Tofurkey rocks!! I wouldn't give up real turkey for Thanksgiving though, but I do enjoy some tofurkey now and then, sauteed in a pan with some risotto...mmmmmm...non-murder-ific food!
2001-11-15 05:33:44 PM  
easy brosie is a whiny pathetic geek who cares too much about animals and not enough about his fellow man
2001-11-15 05:33:47 PM  
Sounds like the tofu-vital wheat gluten blend mom used to make.
2001-11-15 05:34:24 PM  
Yeah! Meat is murder!! Humans murder cows. Lions murder gazelle. Owls and snakes murder mice. Cows murder grass.

*end sarcasm*

And Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Good food, family, no worries. You can say it is based on lies, but I didn't live in colonial America, so I can never know. People believe what they want to believe.

Personally, like it better than Christmas.
2001-11-15 05:34:30 PM  
No no no... Tofurkey is what you feed the food to fatten it up for thanksgiving...

Things that eat vegetables all the time are herbivores... ie. they are prey to things that eat meat like lions, tigers, bears, and humans.

So I say instead of eating a Tofurkey this season... feed one to a PETAn and then cook them up and serve them to the family.

mmmm mmmm thats good PETA.
2001-11-15 05:34:42 PM  
And tofarky is Fark's answer.

Hmm... 'toe'-farky... sounds dirty.
2001-11-15 05:35:42 PM  
It should say, "I like it better than Christmas." Sorry.
2001-11-15 05:35:55 PM  
Tofurkey is a good alternative for those who prefer not to eat dead animal.

And don't knock it til you try it - only then can you say it's foul.

I refused to even touch tofu for a long time, but after actually tasting it, it's not that bad. I still eat meat though...

but whatever. It's only food for christ sakes.
2001-11-15 05:36:19 PM  
for those meat eaters keeping score, it seems the vegetarians are not terribly outnumbered here so don't get too smarmy!...
2001-11-15 05:36:47 PM  
they are trying to provide an alternative to murder.

HAW HAW HAW! How the hell is killing a turkey murder? The farking things drown in the rain! Anything that stupid deserves to be served with Cranberry sauce... it's called the food chain.
2001-11-15 05:36:52 PM  
Tofurky out of my Uterus!
2001-11-15 05:37:04 PM  
wouldn't eating vegetables be murder?

I mean, plants provide our oxygen, if we stop eating meat and only plants our oxygen source will be gone and you could end up killing...well, everyone.

so wouldn't Vegetarians then be committing, Genocide?
2001-11-15 05:37:38 PM  
It's not "only food" it's those dipshiats at PETA trying to bend the rest of society to their will and then condemning all of us because we don't believe what they believe. They're a pack of flaming assholes.
2001-11-15 05:37:39 PM  
Actually it is pretty good! I have donated several to local homeless shelters.
2001-11-15 05:37:48 PM  
all this talk is getting me hungry, be right back, gotta throw a steak on the grill...
2001-11-15 05:38:01 PM  
got two of these bad boys in the freezer right now. I'll post a review after the big feast.
2001-11-15 05:38:23 PM  
If most people insist we evolved from animals, then why is it murder when we kill animals to eat? Why doesn't PETA go after all the animals in the wild who kill each other for food? No one will condem a cat for killing a mouse, but oh my, let someone kill a turkey and eat it, how horrible!! PETA has some good issues, but they go too far and about it the wrong way. Broise, you need to rethink some of your ways.
2001-11-15 05:38:51 PM  
hey we all kill microscopic beings every time we move..we berathe..etc..

so get over it

we eat...therefore we kill something!
2001-11-15 05:39:25 PM  
First of all, I'd like to dip a batch of amphetamine crazed wolverines in a spicy barbecue sauce and feed them to a tofurky... quickly!

Tofurky is not intended for militant flesh-eaters! Eat whatever the fark you want, and leave the tofurky to me.
2001-11-15 05:39:27 PM  
I've eaten tofurkey for three years strait. My wife is a vegitarian, and by default so am I.

It's not that bad outside of one thing. They simulate turkey skin. Make soybeans into fatty, flaky, fake skin. It's horrible.
2001-11-15 05:39:57 PM  
Don't let this become some long pointless arguement between normal people and vegetarians, ok? sheesh, we all know that eating meat is the way god intended us to live.

mmm.... roasted PETA.....
2001-11-15 05:40:29 PM  

you have tofurkey in the freezer? mine comes in a can, or sometimes in a bag with cardboard around it that you can keep in the fridge.
2001-11-15 05:40:29 PM  
Let's hold down PETA and smack it in the face with a big thick steak...and then cook and eat it, leave PETA the bones
2001-11-15 05:41:27 PM  
MMM peta..
the type of peta you have will make or break your gyro.
or is that pita?
i always get them confused.. both so nice and flaky
2001-11-15 05:42:19 PM  
Any why is this scary?
2001-11-15 05:43:08 PM  
If animals weren't meant to be eaten they wouldn't be made out of meat.
2001-11-15 05:43:42 PM  
Fry it up in a little lard, add some bacon bits and cheese-whiz and you've got yourself a snack
2001-11-15 05:44:03 PM  
If vegetarians were so TRULY vegetarian, then they wouldn't feel the need to simulate the food of meat-eaters. Are they admiting that meat like turkey is quite a good thing to eat? If you think humans shouldn't eat meat, then don't pretend to eat it, and thus perpetuate the cycle of fake meat-murder. Apparently, vegans are actually dying to get a big chunkin of meat up in their mouth, and so thus must simulate the craven act they so abhor. Deluded people are funny!
2001-11-15 05:44:53 PM  
2001-11-15 05:45:09 PM  
damn straight Thefallen.

dammit, if animals can eat meat, then i think its only fair that i can. besides, i'm better than any animal anyways.
2001-11-15 05:45:18 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-11-15 05:45:30 PM  
Hmmm... I like all the other tags... but this new "scary" one doesn't look great.

Nor does Tofurkey... so I guess an it's appropriate.
2001-11-15 05:46:37 PM  
Yeah, that's the way to get your point across - call the people you're trying to convince murderers.
2001-11-15 05:46:45 PM  
PETA can tofurk itself.

I can't believe I'm the first to say that.

2001-11-15 05:47:37 PM  
First of all, the stuff between my toes taste better than tofu. I eat meat, I LOVE eating meat. But I do have vegetarian friends, and they'd rather eat their own shoe than eat this garbage.

Secondly, PETA is a bunch of absolutely insane freaks. I'd like to take 'em all and personally shove a fistful of raw hamburger down each one of their throats.

Lastly, if we weren't meant to eat animals, then they wouldn't taste so good.

Up yours PETA.
2001-11-15 05:48:12 PM  
TRUE STORY: Years ago, just before Thanksgiving, there was a woman on Johnny Carson, that was an anti-turkey killing person. She represented an organization, that for a $20.00 donation, would buy and "save" a live turkey, keeping it from becoming a Thanksgiving dinner. For your donation, you would receive a Polaroid picture (which cost about 50 cents at the time) of the turkey your donation had saved.

I would have mailed everyone a mirror instead of a picture, if they wanted to see a turkey.
2001-11-15 05:49:24 PM  
Actually, I was a veggie for a year, started as an experiment to see if I would miss meat in my diet, well, I didn't, not one bit really, went back to eating meat cause I'm a lazy bastard...watching what you eat and cooking it is too much work
2001-11-15 05:51:41 PM  
I raise my own 'furks. Mean little suckers, but way better tasting than store bought.
2001-11-15 05:52:57 PM  
Nez - I prefer live animal also :)

It is a personal choice, most people eat way too much meat, and most vegetarians struggle to maintain the correct protein balance. Off the top of my head I'd say moderation is the answer, a moderate amount of meat is healthy, veggies are great, I might be able to do without beef but i'd never sacrifice cheese, and eggs..NEVER NEVER NEVER..

MorticianBaby - I think the look alike thing is not for the veggie-saurs themselves but for the family that they force their veggism on. Easier to talk junior into eating some strange thing if it loks and 'tastes' like the original.
2001-11-15 05:53:58 PM  
This is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Just wrong.
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