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(The Smoking Gun)   Mugshot of the 28-year-old female teacher found with beer, porn and seven teenagers at her place   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2003-11-13 06:18:24 PM  
I'd hit it, especially drunk and horny virgin teenager, hell i didnt have sex till i was 18 so at 14 a definete hell yes.
2003-11-13 06:18:31 PM  
oink oink oink
2003-11-13 06:18:42 PM  
She's not THAT ugly. Better than about 60% of the female teachers I've had, at least before college. Certainly younger than most.
2003-11-13 06:21:40 PM  
Still getting paid!
If it was a male teacher . .
(Even if the students were still boys.)

Still, it's undoubtedly the typical "I wouldn't hit that with your dick" reactions, as seen above, that makes this woman so lonely that she resorts to partying with her students. If this woman was getting a vigorous, regular hosing from a real man, she would probably feel good enough about herself to loose some of that weight and keep her hands off the little boys.
2003-11-13 06:22:07 PM  
What, I jump on this thread this late and there aren't yet any comparisons to Margaret Cho?

2003-11-13 06:23:13 PM  
She got marks from were people have been touching her with the ten foot pole.

Thanks lary the cable guy for the quote.
2003-11-13 06:26:05 PM  
shouldn'tt this have a Hero tag?
2003-11-13 06:27:01 PM  
Ah, High School. The beer, the porn the teacher gang bang. Good times, good times
2003-11-13 06:27:39 PM  
I have a pic of a former teacher of mine that not only banged one of my best friends but also had me come over to her house and take semi-nude pics of her. I don't know how to put a pic up here though.

Fark a Duckk
2003-11-13 06:27:50 PM  
I was about to thank PhotoCindy for the hottie, but then lordargent had to spoil everything but posting Roseanne.

[/pardon me while I go hurl...]
2003-11-13 06:28:03 PM  
She's on the plump side but there is still a pleasing hint of the slut about her.
2003-11-13 06:29:14 PM  
If this woman was getting a vigorous, regular hosing from a real man, she would probably feel good enough about herself to loose some of that weight and keep her hands off the little boys.

Are you volunteering? I sure as hell ain't. Someone needs to take one for the team.
2003-11-13 06:29:14 PM  
Also, at 14 I would've hit a snake if someone had held it straight for me (of course, I was in Hawaii then where there are no snakes).
2003-11-13 06:31:39 PM  
2003-11-13 06:31:52 PM  
She looks a bit like the naked jumping jacks in front oh her daughters freinds, mom. And my eyesight was just recovering
2003-11-13 06:33:26 PM  
2003-11-13 06:34:00 PM  
Anyone got a can of mace I can spray my eyes with?
2003-11-13 06:34:38 PM  
we want hot teacher chicks like this pretty lady

Otherwise, my humble admins, you must not allow anymore unfappalicous TSG mugshots. Tis for the good of fark.

ps. ex-nay on the askmen links.
2003-11-13 06:35:30 PM  
[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]

It's the teacher's face. Get it? Oh well. The last image was farked, so this one probably will be, too!!
2003-11-13 06:35:53 PM  
2003-11-13 06:36:06 PM  
sorry for the repeats, hopefully this works...

[image from melonwater.com too old to be available]
2003-11-13 06:36:50 PM  
OK, I'll say it outright. I think she's cute. Nice hair. Could lose some pounds and be a real babe.

My guess for the behavior is that she was abused at some point in her young life.
2003-11-13 06:37:14 PM  
fat girls = oral fixation.

It's pretty simple actually.
2003-11-13 06:37:36 PM  
FAT and UGLY....gee what a surprise
2003-11-13 06:38:25 PM  

What, I jump on this thread this late and there aren't yet any comparisons to Margaret Cho?

Margaret Cho's better looking, funnier, and openly bisexual.
2003-11-13 06:38:26 PM  

I soooo wanted her to be farking hot!! is that too much to farking ask?!
2003-11-13 06:41:07 PM  
Thanks, PhotoCindy, and my apologies for not recognizing a first-class p-shop job.
2003-11-13 06:41:24 PM  
Face it. When you're a 14 year old boy, you'd do a blacksnake if somebody stretched it out and pulled it's teeth. (okay, in this piglet's case, it would take a lot more beer than a liver or bladder could handle..) How much flour did they have to roll her in to find a wet spot?

There's a difference between overweight and attractive and fat and slobby looking.. JEEZ!

Have a good one all...
2003-11-13 06:41:26 PM  
Actually Phineas, I'm eyeing my daughter's teacher.
She's early thirties, blonde, hazel eyes. Very yummy.

Just because I think I know what screws-up women, I don't even imagine I know how to fix them.
2003-11-13 06:41:39 PM  

SWEET! Is that a picture of Jimmy at the police lineup when he realized what he had tagged?
2003-11-13 06:43:05 PM  
often, fugly = vagititis

but there is a hint of psycho in her eyes that freaks me out...
2003-11-13 06:43:32 PM  
C'mon--give the teacher some credit...she at least looks better than Wynonna Judd!
2003-11-13 06:44:58 PM  
"Ok, boys and girls, we are going to learn some safety tips. First on the list is BEER GOGGLES."
2003-11-13 06:48:17 PM  
so many shattered dreams after seeing the pic...
2003-11-13 06:49:31 PM  
To hit or not to hit. That seems to be the question.
2003-11-13 06:49:54 PM  
She's a 2 at 10 and.... well, she's still a 2 at 2
2003-11-13 06:51:04 PM  
... I don't feel tardy ...
2003-11-13 06:51:52 PM  
"It's the teacher's face. Get it?"

Ooooh.. didn't notice. I was looking at her boobs.
2003-11-13 06:54:22 PM  
I wonder if she is going to get overtime for teaching sex-ed?
2003-11-13 06:55:54 PM  
I'd still hit it with a yard stick.
2003-11-13 06:59:53 PM  
OMFG. What is wrong with kids nowadays...
2003-11-13 07:03:40 PM  
2003-11-13 07:03:55 PM  
I think it is obvious that this is actually Rosie Odonnell and she was celebrating her court non-victory...
2003-11-13 07:05:55 PM  
msw-mojo has it right... fat girls = oral fixation.

I got the best bj of my life from a fat chick...but I still wouldn't throw her a bone.
2003-11-13 07:06:25 PM  
Beer Goggles can make a teenager do horrible horrible things.........Bet they cry themselves to sleep at night over this
2003-11-13 07:08:03 PM  
I wouldn't touch her with your dick
2003-11-13 07:09:11 PM  
For those of you who support human cloning, this is what happens when you leave the new guy alone in a room with Monica and Rosie's genes. Cloning is bad!
2003-11-13 07:09:18 PM  
I thought you shouldn't handle heavy machinary while under the influence of any substance.
2003-11-13 07:09:40 PM  
Hey, you know what- Im a Farker who regularly chastises other Farkers for saying I would definitely not hit it, Shes so ugly, etc. But thats when you have a bunch of idiots saying they would not hit Lucy Liu or Britney Spears or some other hottie that they might happen to find annoying for some other reason.

But come on- This is not the same thing- youre comparing apples to oranges folks. Or more like comparing apples to burlap sacks of shredded orange pulpy bits left to decay in the sun for three months.

Shes grossbuckets, I know it and you know it. It wouldnt be Fark if we didnt say so.
2003-11-13 07:10:53 PM  
I see no resemblance at all to Monica. Maybe a really pissed Rosie.

And please, tell me what the farking deal is with the TOO DARK LIP LINER??
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