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(   Are Norway's corpse-beheading Satanists coming out of the woodwork?   ( divider line
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9170 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Nov 2003 at 3:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-13 02:03:54 PM  
Norwegian death metal and black metal can be pretty screwed up sometimes. But I really doubt it being Satanists, being a Satanist myself and all. Most likely some damn kids. I always like to blame damn kids.
2003-11-13 03:52:10 PM  
2003-11-13 03:53:05 PM  
And the damn kids like to blame the Satinists! Oh, when will this vicious circle end!
2003-11-13 03:53:15 PM  
This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Vikings have been burning churches ever since the Angols started buildin' 'em.
2003-11-13 03:53:28 PM  
More Norwegian goodness, thus completing the Trifecta.
2003-11-13 03:53:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-13 03:54:09 PM  
So two psychotic plane passengers and a group of corpse beheading satanists all in one day?

What the hell's up with Norway?
2003-11-13 03:55:10 PM  
Ha ha. He said "rector".
2003-11-13 03:57:05 PM  
My family reunion will be held in Norway in January. My 'Weejun brethren and I will be flying in from all around the world. Beware the airlines: hilarity will ensue.
2003-11-13 03:57:30 PM  
Rector!? Nearly killed 'er!
2003-11-13 03:58:25 PM  
It must be all that darkness. They go from hours and hours of sunlight with very little darkness to hours and hours of dark with little sunlight.

The winter must be when all the freaks come out.
2003-11-13 03:58:45 PM  
It's Norway. They never were in the woodwork.
2003-11-13 04:00:27 PM  
Varg Vikernes lives!
2003-11-13 04:01:03 PM  

"Norwegian death metal and black metal can be pretty screwed up sometimes."

"This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Vikings have been burning churches ever since the Angols started buildin' 'em."


Well, maybe, but this particular rash of church burnings is indeed most likely down to the black metallers. they have recent history here. And they're maniacs anyway. Anyone remember burzum, euronymous and that little 'brains-eating' incident?

they're idiots and nazis (literally, so no godwin). They make Glenn Benton look well balanced.
2003-11-13 04:01:31 PM  
MMMM mmmmm, Fresh human meat and lutefisk, where do I sign up?
2003-11-13 04:02:21 PM  
So is it time for a "NORWAY" tag or what?
2003-11-13 04:02:24 PM  

Naww...He couldn't like Melt Banana. It just couldn't be!
2003-11-13 04:02:35 PM  
Read this book, and realize how stupid heavy metal can get.
[image from too old to be available]

This book was the inspiration behind my parody metal band citranomicon.
2003-11-13 04:03:10 PM  
These are the same guys involved in the Scott Peterson case, right?
2003-11-13 04:03:15 PM  
Maybe they are trying to get the adrenachrome.

"You took too much man, too much too much..."
2003-11-13 04:03:44 PM  
I remember when I read about this over the summer.
2003-11-13 04:04:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-13 04:04:25 PM  
It's almost getting to the point where you can't internationally fly to Norway to go to church.
2003-11-13 04:05:14 PM  

At least mine's bigger :P
2003-11-13 04:05:40 PM  
sure pole_of_justice, outdo my small jpg. damn you!
2003-11-13 04:05:41 PM  
The burning church on the cover was 900 hundred years old. Thats older than most churches buildt by stone. YOu gotta be a farking idiot burning up something that historical.
2003-11-13 04:05:57 PM  
"You know when a bunch of satanist burn down a church, and you go into the chucrch, grab a bowlfull of ashes, and stick the ashes right up your arse so that you bleed for days and have cramps for weeks afterwards ?"


"I hate when that happens."

2003-11-13 04:10:09 PM  
"I hate when that happens."

"And then one time I took one of those..."

"Meat thermometers?"
2003-11-13 04:10:38 PM  
900 hundred years of Christian oppression Tyekanik. I don't condone the buring of churches, but it's no different than the Christians coming into Norway and building their churches over the ruins of Pagan places of worship. Unfortunatley the kids are doing this more for status among a bunch of black metal knuckleheads than in real protest.
2003-11-13 04:12:07 PM  
Unfortunately Varg is back in jail now. :-( It seems they didn't like his extended weekend leave.
2003-11-13 04:13:57 PM  
See y'all beat me to the punch with Lords of Chaos.

Feral House is my publisher, too.

(Very proud of myself.)
2003-11-13 04:14:54 PM  
You forgot HAIL ULVER.
2003-11-13 04:15:43 PM  
Ha! Slowmo...I'd just returned to this thread with a good mind to refer people to Lords of Chaos. It would make the best. soapopera. ever.
2003-11-13 04:16:53 PM  
Did anyone else notice the links to the story about the drunken moose?

I blame it on the alcoholic wildlife!
2003-11-13 04:17:13 PM  
So go burn down a new church. Its not because its a church that I think its bad. Religous beliefs are mental images., whats holy for one, may be...often are unholy to other. But that church was national history.

Most likely the traded one oppression with another back then.
2003-11-13 04:17:23 PM  
Only on Fark can a story about a church being burned down be "Spiffy."
2003-11-13 04:18:46 PM  
Solemn nod to NeverSay.
Yes. Hail Ulver. And Mayhem.
2003-11-13 04:18:55 PM  
FREE VARG NOW!!! MASSIVE BURNINATION WILL ENSUE!! you know I had to say something about this ;)
2003-11-13 04:19:49 PM  
Picture of the band Immortal in 5...4...3..
2003-11-13 04:22:24 PM  
Uh, yeah, Satanists. Just like the ones that killed Lacy, right Scott? Or the ones that are forever abducting children and using them in rituals? Urban legend/Christian boogey men....
2003-11-13 04:23:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

self-fulfilling prophecy
2003-11-13 04:23:31 PM  
Once I am dead
I no longer need
My head
2003-11-13 04:24:18 PM  
Hmm, maybe these guys did it:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-13 04:27:43 PM  
Norway, the church burning capital of the world.

That's what happens when beliefs are forced upon people, combined with alchohol of course.

Crush Christianity
2003-11-13 04:28:38 PM  
Has anyone seen any pictures of Varg lately? He's like a huge neo-nazi now. He cut all his hair off and took to wearing suspenders. He looks like a complete tool. Not that he was ever that cool. He'll be getting out in like ten years. Can't wait for the Burzum reunion tour.
2003-11-13 04:29:28 PM  
I wonder how Jack Chick will draw Norwegians...
2003-11-13 04:31:33 PM  
Jeff Hanneman

Fuel For Hatred = Amazing song

Iiiiiiii Haaaate Youuuu, to the level of intoxication
2003-11-13 04:31:47 PM  
Technically, I think they are Odinist not Satanist.

Keep the insane Nowegian stories coming! (Second generation Norwegian-American.)


(But what do I know? My knowledge of the home country is pretty much limited to "The Vikings," - with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.
2003-11-13 04:32:32 PM  
The American black metal scene isn't as large but there are a few good bands like Averse Sefira:

Now if we could only work on the church burning thing over here.
2003-11-13 04:33:02 PM  
He'll be getting out in like ten years.

If you want some hot troll love go to a Burzum/Varg forum and mention that he's (literally) a back-stabbing p*ssy. His fans are amazingly loyal and the level of intellectual pretense is even higher on black metal forums than fark.
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