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(Daily Mail)   'it appears he didn't get the response he wanted after a conversation about his mobile phone contract.' (w/ pics)   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2012-07-02 05:24:08 PM  
Can you hear me now?
2012-07-02 05:25:16 PM  
Wait until he gets to experience Verizon...
2012-07-02 05:41:10 PM  
waiting for the pepper spray photoshop...
2012-07-02 05:48:43 PM  
I had a similar reaction when I learned I couldn't get a date with her included with a contract extension:

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2012-07-02 05:54:44 PM  
When you use highly deceptive and unethical practices in your core business this is going to happen from time to time. I am honestly not sure why they don't just set up some simple easy to read contracts, something that fits on one page, with a quick chart to show you how you are charged. I know they would loose a little money by not screwing people with hidden crap all the time, but think of the number of extra contracts and customer loyalty they would get.
2012-07-02 06:04:02 PM  
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If more people did this to business' maybe they would reconsider how hard and readily they f*ck consumers. I'm sure they are going to recoup all the lost merchandise, business, wages, and repairs suing him.

/not. even. close.
2012-07-02 06:19:46 PM  
"I smelled smoke, thought there might be fire, your honor."

/logical defense
2012-07-02 06:32:03 PM  

Normally we're happy with T-Mobile. Except recently my wife called up looking for a new phone, and spent quite some time talking with the rep. At the end of the call she got a new phone (free) and everything was right with the world, until a week later she was talking with them about something else, and the idiot had modified the contract, extending all four lines for two years, instead of just the one with the upgrade.

She went ballistic on them on the phone and was directed to send an email to the people who can really look at such things. In the end, they reset the contract extensions on the lines that shouldn't have been screwed with.

2012-07-02 07:08:40 PM  
OMG! Is that Omid Djalili?

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2012-07-02 07:52:39 PM  
I had an experience with a Sprint store manager where I felt like doing that and much worse.
2012-07-02 09:53:41 PM  
OMG I love the video
2012-07-03 01:33:03 AM  
I thought Europe was mostly contract free cellular. I did a study abroad semester and most of the others opted for an orange account for the few months they were there. Recently ditched VZW for Virgin Mobile, hardware isn't cutting edge but I am saving over $1/day in cell bills.
2012-07-03 01:37:12 AM  
I'm impressed with how calm and methodical he is.
He takes time to demolish every part of the store.

Goes back to tear some stuff off the wall that he missed on his first pass.

The fire extinguishers were a nice touch. He even noticed after he started using the second extinguisher that it was CO2 and abandoned it, realizing it would cause no damage.

I'm giving him a 9/10 on effectiveness and a 9.5/10 on style.
2012-07-03 03:21:03 AM  
The fire extinguisher was a nice touch. Most folk don't fully utilize all available resources when going ape-shiat.

Also, he's lucky he was in Europe. American cops would have bum rushed him, taken him to the ground, and beat his ass before they cuffed him...
2012-07-03 07:40:05 AM  

margarito bandito: I thought Europe was mostly contract free cellular. I did a study abroad semester and most of the others opted for an orange account for the few months they were there. Recently ditched VZW for Virgin Mobile, hardware isn't cutting edge but I am saving over $1/day in cell bills.

Some places are but it isn't contract free that makes the difference. All the networks are inter-operable, normally you pay nothing up front and the cost of the phone is spread over the life of the contract but in the UK at least every carrier offers cheaper sim only contracts so you can buy the phone seperately from the carrier. Contracts are not tied to phones either so you can just pop out a sim and change phones. Although carrier phones are usually locked to that network but can be unlocked easily.

The UK needs to get it together on carrier locked devices though, plenty of other countries make it illegal we need to do the same.
2012-07-03 08:48:42 AM  
I don't know about the U.K., but in the U.S. at least T-Mobile plans seems to be the better ones, although their coverage isn't the best. I have AT&T as a carrier and pay $64 a month without texting included (that would be an additional $20/month) My contract runs until 2013 and if T-Mobile is still in the U.S. by then and not under the process of being bought out, I'll switch to them.
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