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(Daily Mail)   Mary J. Blige blames Burger King for the racist commercial that Mary J. Blige filmed where she sang about fried chicken. Mary J. Blige would never make a racist commercial so it must have been Burger King's fault   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2012-06-30 09:58:30 AM  
8 votes:
There's nothing racist about it. As a matter of fact if you think it's racist you're racist. If a white person sings about chicken are they racist? No? Then how come if a black person sings about chicken it's racist? Anyone of any color should be able to sing about chicken if they want to. You shouldn't even be seeing colors. She's a person singing about chicken period. Get over it and move into the 21st century.
2012-06-30 11:00:25 AM  
1 vote:
The real reason she's mad is the same reason as everyone else: BK took everything good off their menu to try to get some new "clean" image like McDonalds.

They only cleaning they needed was their restaurants. Bring back the BK Stacker, Italian Chicken Sandwich, Rodeo Burger, Onion Rings, your fries from way back before you decided to come out with "new fries", and those awesome 99¢ Jalapeño Poppers which disappeared for absolutely no good reason.

And, make commercials which are actually funny again.

You're not McDonalds, and you shouldn't try to be.
2012-06-30 10:51:31 AM  
1 vote:
It's simple.... black people singing about fried chicken IS racist. You can't blame the black person for recognizing this, because as we all know, black people simply don't understand these things until they've given it several weeks thought. That blindness is caused by their love of fried chicken, which removes much of their ability to think rationally.

Think about it.

Fried chicken places have popped up everywhere in "urban" areas since the 60s, when crime drastically increased among minority populations. Clearly, the ingestion of fried chicken drives black people into an unthinking frenzy, which can wildly swing from soulful singing and dancing to committing violent crime... and who owns these fried chicken vendors? White people! It's possible the "Colonel" in Colonel Sanders' name is a reference to his rank in the militant wing of the KKK!!! This effect seems to be exclusive to Fried Chicken (One of those "secret herbs and spices" maybe?), since other foods considered "ethnic favorites" are not served by these chains and were certainly prevalent before the explosion of crime and poverty that grips urban areas.

Fried Chicken is a plot by racists, more insidious than crack... with gene-targeted ingredients that cause reactions only in black people. These reacions make them blind to their actions, and give them an intense desire for more fried chicken. The fried chicken itself also causes health issues, leading to shorter natural lives (if they can survive the violence caused by this demon-spawned food)

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Stop allowing the man to do this to you! Boycott all places serving fried chicken!!!
2012-06-30 10:32:40 AM  
1 vote:
Whitney could get away with saying stupid shiat like that. Whitney had God given talent. Mary 's Just a stupid Biatch.
2012-06-30 10:17:53 AM  
1 vote:
That wasn't racist. Now, if they tried to pay her in fried chicken, that would be racist.
2012-06-30 08:29:03 AM  
1 vote:
Very funny watching her back peddle after her buddies at the [insert name of african american special interest group] got involved.

Its not a racist commercial, but one filled with poor taste in music.
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