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(CNN)   Today's dose of awesome WTF: an article on leather clad metal heads in Botswana   ( divider line
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2012-06-30 02:08:44 AM  
3 votes:
If it keeps them and others from raping young girls to "cure" AIDS then more power to them. Rock on!
2012-06-30 03:13:09 AM  
2 votes:

Buffet: How to look like a goofy ass in one easy lesson?

I dunno, man. I think they look damn cool. Let's see if anything in your photo albums rivals this fly badassss poser.

'Come at me, ho'
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2012-06-30 03:02:14 AM  
2 votes:

malaktaus: Eastern Europe is twenty years behind the civilized world; apparently southern Africa is thirty years behind. Still, it's a fairly cool thing to be bass-ackwards about, so kudos to them. Thirty years from now they'll have their Justin Bieber and we'll all want to nuke them from orbit.

It looks like they've struck out in their own direction. They don't have to play cultural catch up -- they can take it wherever they want. They can skip the treacly Bieber phase and other recent trends; it isn't some sort of inevitable progression. Given the worldwide flow of information nowadays, I'm sure they're well-aware that metal isn't widely looked at as the latest thing anymore in America and Europe, but they decided it resonated with them notwithstanding.

And hey, some fresh takes on metal could be a good reinvigoration for the genre. There's nothing that says metal has to be a past thing.

/I'm curious to hear what they sound like
//To the Googlemobile, Robin!
2012-06-30 05:16:08 AM  
1 vote:
"The leather-clad rockers share a similar aesthetic to notorious motorcycle gang the Hell's Angels. But that's where the likeness ends. According to Gunsmoke, the African head bangers are seen as a type of guardian angel, rather than the Hell's variety.

"Kids follow us around. Parents approach us. We're there for a good cause actually. We help people on the streets at night," he said.

Not bad. Kind of awesome.
2012-06-30 04:22:00 AM  
1 vote:
All I could think looking at those photos was "How do they not die from heat exhaustion!?!"

Full body leathers in AFRICA? What The F*ck doesn't even begin to describe it.
2012-06-30 03:11:42 AM  
1 vote:
I've said a few times before that i live here in Africa and that the place is a dump. I'd just like to add here that Botswana is one of the exceptions to that rule. It has little infrastructure (good roads) and has a high HIV infection rate, but it's a good place to be. the people are actually friendly, the government is not antagonistic towards any racial group (when all the white farmers basically got chased out of Zim, Botswana took a bunch of them in cause they needed farmers with experience). It's a nice place, actually, if you can get past the mosquitoes.

/the more you know
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