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(Some Guy)   Caption this photo of Nancy Pelosi and a sad Boehner   ( divider line
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16727 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jun 2012 at 12:11 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-28 02:34:43 PM  
Wow . . . that was a great Deputy Dawg impression . . .now, show us your Goober Pyle.
2012-06-28 03:06:26 PM  
"Clap on! *clap clap*... Clap off! *clap clap*...Clap on! Clap off!...the Clapper."
2012-06-28 09:56:36 PM  
Nancy: "Penis went THERE!!!"

Boner: "Yes..."
2012-06-29 12:13:01 AM  
Nancy: "Oh god I think I just sharted"

Boner: "The fark is that smell?"
2012-06-29 12:14:09 AM  
Boehner: Don't let her see me cry, don't let her see me cry, don't let her see me cry, don't let her see me cry...
2012-06-29 12:16:17 AM  
"Really, not even this long"
2012-06-29 12:18:08 AM  
Nancy: "I told him my penis was bigger than his, but he lawled."

Nancy: "So, I showed him."
2012-06-29 12:19:09 AM  
I can't caption it because I'm laughing so hard
2012-06-29 12:20:51 AM  
Any Boehner near Pelosi is going to be sad.
2012-06-29 12:21:47 AM  
"Dammit Mommy! It's my turn to win! Not fair!"
2012-06-29 12:24:46 AM  
I suspect that wherever Pelosi is, there is a sad boner.

But a caption, hmmm.... let's go for something off topic them.

"Oh lovey, It is rather difficult being so very, very rich. If it wasn't for the money, I'd rather be poor."

Not great, but his odd facial expression reminds me of nothing more...
2012-06-29 12:26:18 AM  
lh5.googleusercontent.comView Full Size

2012-06-29 12:27:31 AM  

Son of Dad: Nancy : I have the weirdest Boehner.

(A vote for this one is a vote for Son of Dad.)
2012-06-29 12:28:45 AM  
What I said about that pic on Facebook about 10 hours ago: 'I didn't think it was possible for a grown man to look that petulant.'
2012-06-29 12:32:36 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-29 12:32:41 AM  
p.twimg.comView Full Size

Democrats and Republicans, moistened panty-wedgies all around!
2012-06-29 12:33:37 AM  
Bwahahahaha... He just pissed himself... Bwahahaha... Let's have a round of applause for Mr. Boner!
2012-06-29 12:37:41 AM  
"Kaaaaa..... Meeeee...."
2012-06-29 12:39:09 AM  
"If I had any idea that ObamaCare would be found constitutional, I never would have bet Pelosi the losing side would have to chug cinnamon!"
2012-06-29 12:45:22 AM  
Nancy: "Still glad you won a majority in 2010, jagoff?"
2012-06-29 12:47:12 AM  
i105.photobucket.comView Full Size

a vote for me is a vote for FloydA
2012-06-29 12:50:40 AM  
What a pisser.
2012-06-29 12:51:24 AM  
fark.comView Full Size

"And we're going for six marshmallows now! Come on. everyone! John.....?"

"Chbbbby Bnnnny!"

2012-06-29 01:13:18 AM  
Nancy: "That dumbass has more makeup than me!"
2012-06-29 01:38:12 AM  
"At first i was like..." (sad Boner)
"But then i lol'd (Happy Pelosi)
2012-06-29 01:51:08 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-29 01:54:39 AM  
Dang, forgot voting.

This also applies:
2012-06-29 01:56:29 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

Now with more signage.
2012-06-29 02:24:10 AM  
First I told him mine was bigger than his and he laughed. Then I showed it to him.
2012-06-29 05:23:42 AM  
P: It's constitutional biatch.
B: Whatever. Liking what I like don't make me a biatch.

/I'd claim obscure but you can Google it.
2012-06-29 05:48:59 AM  
2012-06-29 07:50:24 AM  
His testes were this big before the vote. Now both of 'em could easily fit in my mouth.
2012-06-29 08:12:47 AM  
"wanna see my cock?"
2012-06-29 08:16:26 AM  
Let's give it up for our young winner, 5 year old Pippa, who will receive a special, one-off collector's bag of House Of Representatives cookies from John Boehner.
2012-06-29 08:36:07 AM  
Sorry. Forgot the Votey Button. Mods, if you want, do that voodoo that you do do. Delete previous post.

John B. Nancy, the Head of the Republican National Committee is sending someone by with a huge bag of money for me. When he does, be sure to wake me up. I'll be sleeping under the podium, as is my daily habit.

Nancy: Oh yes sir, Mr. B. You can count on me.

(John goes behind the podium and goes to sleep)

Claire McCaskill: How are we going to intercept those donations, Nancy? John is right over there sleeping.

Nancy: Oh don't worry about him. He's a heavy sleeper. He sleeps tighter that Bill Clinton after a sausage, biscuit and cigar breakfast.

GOP Moneyrunner: I have a huge bag of money for a Mr. John Boehner. There's no federal oversight so you don't have to sign or nuttin'.

Nancy: I'll take that. I'm a female and therefore I must be Mr. Boehner's assistant.

GOP Moneyrunner: Makes sense. Since you aren't a 16 year old Page, you can't be his sex slave.

Nancy: So, as a reward, moneybags, you wanna do me and this other MILF or do you want to take a chance with what's behind the podium over there?

GOP Moneyrunner: I'll take my chances with the podium. (Goes over to the podium) Hey. It's a guy.

John B. (Sleepily) Time to milk the cows, momma? Better check the cream first.

(GOP Moneyrunner reacts accordingly)

GOP Moneyrunner: Wow! He didn't take no for an answer. He's almost as good as that guy from that red state.

Nancy: Ohio? Florida?

Claire McCaskill: Texas?

GOP Moneyrunner: No. Manitoba.

Claire McCaskill: Manitoba isn't a state.

GOP Moneyruunner: It has been since the 2000 election. You should attend more GOP strategy meetings. This year, we're counting Quebec. Vous voir plus tard, sorcières.

(GOP Moneyrunner leaves)

Nancy: What a nice guy. I think he called us 'babes' in that non-English language.

John B.: What a nap. I dreamed I was on a farm, milking a Congressional Page. Did my big sack of money arrive, Nancy?

Nancy: No sir. The head of the GOP came by, saw you sleeping under the podium and said "No money for you today! Better luck tomorrow, sleeping beauty."

John B.: I wasn't sleeping! I was just reviewing laws my lobbyists sent me to vote for. I tell you. It is a plot to discredit me!

Nancy: That's not what he said he saw, sir. He said if you get caught one more time, you'll be sent to Chicago.

John B.: But that's the Russian Front of the Republican Party! Nancy!

Nancy: Oh don't worry, sir. You're not up for election this cycle anyways. And besides, you are the most ruthless leader Speaker of the House. Well, since that last guy. Who would dare doubt your au-thor-ri-tay?

John B: You're right. Well, I need to go to my next appointment. Is the tanning booth ready?

Nancy: Yes sir Set for 30 percent minority just the way you like it.

John B: You know, Nancy. Even though we are on separate sides of the aisle, I feel I can trust you. We make a good team.

Nancy: Well thank you sir. Well, enjoy your tan.

(John B leaves)

Clair McCaskill: You really didn't set the tanning machine for 30% did you?

Nancy: Oh no. When he comes out of there, our Urban Renewal Program will have one more supporter.

Clair McCaskill: Oh Nancy...

Nancy: C'mon. Hillary is having a yard sale and I hear there are racks of pant suits that stretch for miles.

Clair McCaskill: What stretches for miles? The racks or the pants suits?

Nancy: Both!
(grabs bag of money leaves)
2012-06-29 09:04:06 AM  
So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause.
2012-06-29 11:14:22 AM  
John Boehner, R.J. Fletcher - separated at birth?

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-06-29 11:32:12 AM  
Boehner: Man, she really is ugly from all sides!
2012-06-29 12:31:24 PM  
fark.comView Full Size

"It's pronounced BANER, dammit!!!"

2012-06-29 12:32:41 PM  
"Boehner and Pelosi have markedly different reactions to viewing President Obama's penis."
2012-07-02 02:26:03 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
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