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(The Star Press)   "A Muncie man was arrested this week on allegations he battered his sister after she criticized how much maple syrup he had placed on his pancakes"   ( thestarpress.com) divider line
    More: Dumbass, Delaware County, allegations, choking  
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2012-06-28 10:02:12 AM  
2012-06-28 10:02:17 AM  
I'm sure he's bacon for forgiveness.
2012-06-28 10:02:46 AM  
More proof that women are dumb.
2012-06-28 10:03:11 AM  
" Battered women?? I've been eating them raw my entire life. "
/told to me by a fellow state trooper at my brother's funeral....cause they were sick/cool like that.
2012-06-28 10:03:15 AM  
Was the maple syrup on the table before the pancakes arrived?
2012-06-28 10:03:28 AM  
You can be charged with strangulation?
2012-06-28 10:03:42 AM  
You know how those boys are when they get that syrup in them.
2012-06-28 10:03:48 AM  
I've seen his sister; she's stacked. I'd buy that for a silver dollar.
2012-06-28 10:05:52 AM  
I place the blame on both sides.

1) don't hit your sister

2) Is maple syrup made of printer ink now? Is it a non-renewable resource? No! If you feel like complaining, complain about something that matters.
2012-06-28 10:06:26 AM  
He should have called 911 and let the police handle it.
2012-06-28 10:07:40 AM  
I learned something when I was young. Maybe not much but some. My parents regulated how much ketchup I could use (and it was basically a mcdonalds pack for the burger and the fries). When I got out of their sight, I put a lot (and I mean a lot) of ketchup on things.

I have cut back some but probably use more ketchup then most people. My wife used to get on my case and then on our kids. I explained to her why I probably use too much. She finally stopped nagging the kids and they used more than they were but have also cut back.

Guy was probably deprived of syrup or restricted on how much he could use.

I do like condiments though.
2012-06-28 10:08:56 AM  
In what situation are you living with your sister at 47?
2012-06-28 10:09:10 AM  
Well, if it was real maple syrup I can understand. That stuff is expensive.

If it was Log Cabin crap or Aunt Jemima, she over reacted.
2012-06-28 10:10:02 AM  
What a "Muncie Man" may look like:

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

/hot like a Muncie Girl
2012-06-28 10:10:02 AM  
Wait, I'm confused. Was he using too much batter or too much syrup?
2012-06-28 10:10:31 AM  
in this situation, what would be more digusting?

batter in the sense of baby batter


batter in the sense of fisticuffs


actually attempting to batter and deep fry sis.
2012-06-28 10:13:05 AM  
Came for the Hudsucker reference. Leaving satisfied.
2012-06-28 10:14:13 AM  
caption-of-the-day.comView Full Size
2012-06-28 10:14:23 AM  
It seems reasonable to complain if you're sharing a meal and one person takes much more than half of an item on the table. Surely it couldn't have come as a shock that she wanted syrup too.
2012-06-28 10:16:53 AM  
deenahofstad.comView Full Size
2012-06-28 10:17:43 AM  
Canadian People Problems.
2012-06-28 10:20:19 AM  
bullshiat. it was a lifetime of barbs and pricks and shiatty little asides. then one day a feather landed on the camels back, and it snapped.

my one sister hovers over her (now) adult children this way. freaking out because one of them, in her opinion, dispenses far too much parmesan cheese atop his spaghetti. between her incessant helicoptering and the insanity of a lifetime of force-fed religion i feel so bad for her kids.
2012-06-28 10:22:26 AM  
It's a sticky situation, all right.
2012-06-28 10:22:29 AM  
Biatch need to mind her own farkin' bidnizz, and not nag a man over his pancakes.
2012-06-28 10:26:50 AM  
I bet she was a butterface.
2012-06-28 10:29:45 AM  
Real men don't use condiments.
2012-06-28 10:38:18 AM  
Pancakes are round, buttered boats for sailing upon the seas of syrup.
2012-06-28 10:43:32 AM  

JWideman: In what situation are you living with your sister at 47?

Poor people problems. Go back to your caviar.
2012-06-28 10:51:14 AM  
Best Muncie man ever
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-28 10:51:42 AM  

Bruxellensis: You know how those boys are when they get that syrup in them.

They get all antsy in their pantsy
2012-06-28 10:53:10 AM  
I've had battered sister before. Not too bad.
2012-06-28 10:54:37 AM  

Bruxellensis: You know how those boys are when they get that syrup in them.

Came for this.
4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Don't forget to cup the balls.
2012-06-28 10:55:48 AM  

Sybarite: Pancakes are round, buttered boats for sailing upon the seas of syrup.

2012-06-28 10:59:09 AM  
Was it real syrup or the fake stuff? That is very important!!
2012-06-28 11:02:27 AM  
Ahhh, domestic battery, the most delicious kind.
2012-06-28 11:18:57 AM  

I get it.
2012-06-28 11:31:24 AM  
I did a double-take when I did not see a Florida tag.
2012-06-28 11:32:34 AM  
Surprised this wasn't tagged as
img1.fark.netView Full Size
2012-06-28 11:36:13 AM  
Cannibal thread? Alright cannibal thread! What was this one on.
2012-06-28 12:48:06 PM  
First read that as M.U.S.C.L.E. Man.
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Then read it as Munson man.
4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-06-28 01:57:43 PM  

RussianPooper: He should have called 911 and let the police handle it.

What police in Muncie might look like.
2012-06-28 02:04:19 PM  
Wait till he builds a replica of Devil's Tower in the living room...
2012-06-28 02:12:54 PM  

Sybarite: Pancakes are round, buttered boats for sailing upon the seas of syrup.

So they look like this?


//you know, for kids!
2012-06-28 02:34:53 PM  
25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size

Meh, Pawnee waffles are better.
2012-06-28 02:36:45 PM  
Came for the Hudsucker proxy reference, leaving satisfied.
2012-06-28 02:48:33 PM  
Yay, my hometown is on Fark again! Wait... God damn it.
2012-06-28 03:16:24 PM  
Wow, you guys covered all the Images that came to my mind except the 30% of Women demotivational poster.
2012-06-28 05:51:20 PM  
Oh Muncie...I love you so much.

//was there yesterday...on purpose.
2012-06-28 07:36:03 PM  

Subdue their bellies: Nitro?

My first thought was Stevil, but I forgot he commutes.
2012-06-28 10:25:33 PM  
Came for the "bro babby batter" comment.

/leaving unsatisfied
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