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13565 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Nov 2003 at 4:25 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-12 08:42:14 AM  
That's true, but it's a biatch to find a place for my wallet.

Actually, it's not that hard to find a place for my wallet. So don't even suggest it.
2003-11-12 11:34:01 AM  
Fanny packs and sweat socks.
2003-11-12 12:26:27 PM  
There is nothing like shopping in your pajamas...

I got a friend who goes out shopping in his pajamas. And to class. And out to eat. And just about anywhere we go. If it's cold he'll wear a bathrobe. I don't think he even owns real clothes. All pajama pants, pajama tops a handufl of tshirts.
2003-11-12 01:32:45 PM  
TheOmni: Is your friend Hugh Hefner?
2003-11-12 04:32:04 PM  
I don't know. Obviously this is talking about within the comforts of your own home but if people were to go to the mall nude, there would be a good portion of individuals that I am sure you would rather not see naked.
2003-11-12 04:34:02 PM  
For fans of online shopping, the phrase "Shop until you drop" could be exchanged for "click until you're sick."

stroke till you're broke?
stroke till it's broke?

seems a little more relevant in Farkistan.
2003-11-12 04:34:42 PM  
well, it's easier to try on clothes.
2003-11-12 04:36:14 PM  
fap till you crap?

Wait, that's pretty gross. I think I've seen some videos of japanese people doing that.
2003-11-12 04:38:25 PM  
Holiday shopping can be done nude
Of course it can.
2003-11-12 04:39:58 PM  
I agree except for the problem of where do you store your credit cards ?

And at least when you walk into the mall, if you're a guy people can take one look at your peener and know how cold it is outside.

2003-11-12 04:41:04 PM  
fap 'till it snaps?
2003-11-12 04:43:04 PM  
"Wait, wait, wait. Larry, did you write this report naked?"
Larry laughs.
"Oh, he wrote the report naked!"
"Oh god, we can't use it then! We'll have to get someone else to write a whole new report."
"He wrote the report NAKED!"
"Larry, get out of here, you pervert!....Naked!..."
Larry laughs and leaves the room.

-to paraphrase a great old KITH bit.
2003-11-12 04:46:59 PM  
Then I could certainly think of a better place from which to hang ornaments than a tree.

That is, as long as said alternative has enough wood...

|mind in teh gutter
2003-11-12 04:47:59 PM  
I don't care about shopping, but farking in the nude....
-/apologizes now for dumb joke
2003-11-12 04:50:03 PM  
I think I read this same story last November.

and the November before that.

and every November since what - 1992...?
2003-11-12 04:50:09 PM  
So is this "good naked", or "bad naked"?
2003-11-12 04:51:33 PM  
Why is there clothing listed on the Nudist Store's site in kent_eh's post? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
2003-11-12 04:53:38 PM  
I believe its called E-bay. You can buy a house or a ghost in a gar wildst holding your bits. God bless free trade. *sticks tongue out at China*
2003-11-12 04:53:53 PM  
actually i'll amend my previous post.
i'll take Just_Another_Girl gone wild.
2003-11-12 04:58:06 PM  
foreskin = change purse
2003-11-12 04:59:35 PM  
Well, no shiat.

[/Sgt. Hartman]
2003-11-12 05:01:32 PM  
Now when I get my Christmas presents this year I can cringe thinking about who bought them for me and how nude they were! Thanks, Fark!
2003-11-12 05:02:21 PM  
I've actually been told not to do this anymore...

...by a judge.
2003-11-12 05:03:55 PM  
lame. Now, if we were talking about playing football in the nude...or maybe baseball...or basketball...
2003-11-12 05:05:25 PM  
I wanna see some chicks playin "Santa's Helpers" butt ass naked .....
2003-11-12 05:06:16 PM  
But it's really exhilirating when you make it to on online sale nude.

Or as my dad referred to them in front of my mom - "oppurtunities to save more money!"
2003-11-12 05:10:51 PM  
If I'm sitting in front of my computer, naked, you can bet I'm not shopping.

Instead, I'm probably at work.

Like right now.
2003-11-12 05:18:53 PM  
But if you are selling anything shiny on eBay, put on some shorts before you snap the picture.
2003-11-12 05:19:47 PM  
Oh! The article is about shopping online! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
That's hilarious!
What a creative bit of comedy!
And so topical! Nobody's written about this Internet thing before!
I think I just peed my pants.
2003-11-12 05:23:18 PM  
Don't want to picture naked people from Polk County, Florida. Make sure that web cam is turned off, please.
2003-11-12 05:29:55 PM  
"Hey, we're under the mistletoe".
2003-11-12 05:31:16 PM  
Molly Murphy of Lakeland, who is disabled, says she shops on ebay.com, an online auction site, for gifts.

Why was that necessary?

Now I have images of those Polk County residents net surfing in their wheelchairs naked.....shudder
2003-11-12 05:37:35 PM  
I wonder how many people Fark naked.

Or maybe it's better not knowing.
2003-11-12 05:42:08 PM  
you asked... sometimes when it's cold I fark with clothes on... but my girl has to be naked, that's just a requirement
2003-11-12 05:44:53 PM  
I'm not wearing any pants at the moment, Forsythe P. Jones.
2003-11-12 05:55:35 PM  
That's cool. I can't get away with it. Even though my den is down the hall on the end of the house. Someone's always home. ;)
2003-11-12 05:58:14 PM  
Best use of the
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag ever!!

I take my laptop to the mall, and shop naked online all the time. Wi-Fi RULES!!!

Damn security guards and their cold hands!!!
2003-11-12 06:01:41 PM  
cue naked digicam teapot guy....
2003-11-12 06:08:02 PM  
witty username
Why is there clothing listed on the Nudist Store's site in kent_eh's post? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

In case you didn't notice, the store is in Canada.
You might not know this about Canada, but it gets a biatchilly here once in a while.
2003-11-12 06:45:18 PM  
Thanks for the info The Ledger. It's about time some newspaper did a story on this crazy new gadget called the Internet. Oh wait, that name is too technical. People everywhere call it the Information Superhighway. And, as a joke, you can say, "I'm roadkill on the information superhighway." People who were cryogenically frozen in 1995 will laugh hysterically!
2003-11-12 07:09:38 PM  
roadkill on the information superhighway?
That's awesome! Laughing my ass off! Hey - if I just used the first letters of that phrase it would save time and be SO clever! LMAO! See, anyone can do it. I could even add "rolling on the floor", since I'm actually rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off - ROTFLMAO.

Also, when you're ordering stuff on that "information superhighway" (ROTFLMAO) who do you give the bills to? Do you just slip them in your disk drive, or what? Do they take a check?
2003-11-12 07:33:06 PM  
oh oh oh....!!!!

Nude shopping in the shoe department! Two fettishis for the price of one!! I love it!!!
2003-11-12 08:14:50 PM  
The lyrics of Deck the Halls clearly state that don we now our gay apparel

How's anybody supposed to "make the yule-tide gay" if they aren't donning their gay apparel?

** too much time, not enough boobies
2003-11-12 08:28:06 PM  
Hair hides the mystery.

2003-11-13 12:16:50 PM  
So let me get this straight... you can go online & shop for gifts at websites or something, without having to actually go to a physical store? That's impressive, and so worthy of a news article. It's great to living here in 1997! Er, wait... what year is this?
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