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(SFGate)   Merriam-Webster's publisher tells McDonald's to McStuffit   ( divider line
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21630 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Nov 2003 at 10:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-11 05:39:19 PM  
Suck my dictionary!
2003-11-11 05:54:49 PM  
What a headline!

If McDonalds is upset by it, too freakin' bad. They deserve it.
2003-11-11 06:56:52 PM  
Are they McAmused or McHappy?
2003-11-11 07:17:13 PM  
boo farkin hoo. good for the dictionary folks.
2003-11-11 09:27:27 PM  
2003-11-11 11:01:28 PM  
Who wants to make a bet that the "McStuffit" is a real menu item inside of five years
2003-11-11 11:02:20 PM  
Works much better than KFJob.
2003-11-11 11:02:21 PM  
Here, they advertize: Our jobs pay above minium wage!

Yeah. About a nickel.
2003-11-11 11:04:26 PM  
Here, they advertize: Our jobs pay above minium wage!

Yeah. About a nickel.

Actually, where I used to live they used to have very
competitive hourly wages. While I was making $7 after 6 months working at Blockbuster, my friend started at $9 flipping burgers.
2003-11-11 11:04:53 PM  
I don't see what's so bad about this job, I mean just look at these lovely people. They look like they're having a great time.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-11 11:04:59 PM  
Hit the nail right on the head.
2003-11-11 11:05:45 PM  
This is nothing new. Everyone knows that McDonalds is a shiatty place to work. All Merriam-Webster's Dictionary has done is assigned a word to that shiatty job.
2003-11-11 11:05:48 PM  
oops, sorry 'bout the double post, Time for more coffee, I'm getting the shakes.
2003-11-11 11:05:57 PM  
Actually, Merriam-Webster caved and took it OFF their online pages. See:

Don't any of you read BoingBoing?

2003-11-11 11:06:07 PM  
waiting anxiously for the definition of "walmartians"
2003-11-11 11:06:17 PM  
McLitigation Ensues
2003-11-11 11:07:23 PM  
Outstanding headline!!

2003-11-11 11:07:49 PM  
Oh, suck McCock.
2003-11-11 11:07:54 PM  
Its odd to see actor Nathan Lane working at Mc's but what ever floats his boat I guess.
2003-11-11 11:10:36 PM  
Its odd to see actor Nathan Lane working at Mc's but what ever floats his boat I guess.
2003-11-11 11:11:21 PM  
HAHAHA McStuffit. That's great. Very nice title.
2003-11-11 11:14:26 PM  
McDonalds should not complain since a whopper is a big lie.
2003-11-11 11:16:01 PM  
let play "count the chins" on the fry hottie pictured above.

i say 4.
2003-11-11 11:16:50 PM  
icepal "walmartians"

Awesome. That's been added to my dictionary.
2003-11-11 11:19:01 PM  
JPN...I say about as many as the Hong Kong phone directory.

Fry hottie....LMAO
2003-11-11 11:19:45 PM  
You'd think McDonald's would be clued in by now that their workforce consists solely of teenage short-timers and adult short-bus riders.
2003-11-11 11:19:50 PM  
first off, does anyone really use the word McJob? am i that out of the loop?
2003-11-11 11:20:47 PM  
Shouldn't this be a

Or am I in the bizarro dimension?

Bizarro Murphy: "Did you try f***ing him in the a**?"
Doctor Quinn: "Three times."
2003-11-11 11:20:59 PM  
Ha ha! McSuckers.
2003-11-11 11:22:01 PM  
2003-11-11 11:22:46 PM  
krieg, I've never heard the word "McJob" said by anyone I've ever met in my life. Guess I'm out of the loop too.
2003-11-11 11:23:27 PM  
I McSubmitted this 24 McFarking hours ago with a similar McFunny headline

2003-11-11 11:24:02 PM  

McDonalds might can complain because it might be a job at Wendy's, but it's still a McJob.
2003-11-11 11:24:06 PM  
Huskadoodle....McHats off. That was great.
2003-11-11 11:24:19 PM  
Here's the take of McDonalds...

They have a trademarked name, "McDonalds". A trademark, such as "McDonalds" is a very valuable thing - the name practically *is* the company! They've spent decades of time and untold billions of dollars to market the name "McDonalds" making it one of the most valuable trademarks in existence.

However, a trademark can be invalidated if the trademarked term, or a reasonably close-sounding version of it, becomes "generic term". As per this web page:

A trademark becomes a generic term when it identifies a type of product instead of a brand of product. This often occurs when the public treats a trademark as the name of a product, instead of a name of a particular brand of product. The words "trampoline," "kerosene," "escalator," and "cellophane" are examples of trademarked product names that have become generic terms.

So, the lawyers at McDonalds have a deeply vested interest in ensuring that anything even remotely similar to "McDonalds" never comes to mean anything but a genuine McDonalds Restaurant...

You may think it sucks, and maybe it does, but that's what's really going on.
2003-11-11 11:24:36 PM  
"For more that 17 years `McJob' has been used as we are defining it in a broad range of publications,"

English language is dead.

Billionaire aquitted of murder.

Justice is dead.

Jennifer Connelly does ass-to-ass scene in "Requiem For A Dream".

Kittens everywhere are dead.
2003-11-11 11:24:49 PM  
"Daddy, Daddy, I want a $hit McMeal!!!"
2003-11-11 11:26:03 PM  
and wasn't Douglas Coupland the first to coin that term? awhile before '86?
2003-11-11 11:26:52 PM  

seriously, they should just add "Mc-" as an official prefix while they are at it.
2003-11-11 11:27:15 PM  
why don't we play flame the guy who sarcastically called that person a hottie
2003-11-11 11:28:42 PM  
My McGod, you people are going McOverboard with this McMcStuff. Somebody please McKill me.
2003-11-11 11:29:17 PM  
Gee we called the kids working at McDonalds in highschool a McSlave...

I still think McSlaves has a better ring to it.
2003-11-11 11:29:37 PM  
Am I still allowed to sing that song about the guy with the farm and animals?
2003-11-11 11:31:09 PM  
mcdonalds sucks. the end.
2003-11-11 11:31:41 PM  

Thanks for the McKudos
2003-11-11 11:31:45 PM  
2003-11-11 11:34:04 PM  
If McDick's hadn't created, or helped to create, the situation where people would be referring to their jobs at McDick's as "McJobs", it wouldn't be an issue. It's their own fault that people feel compelled, en masse (as it's obviously been more than a few disgruntled types), to use that term to describe their employment there. "McJobs" could have meant a positive thing, but the atmosphere of McDick's and other fast foodies perpetuate the impossibility of such a notion.
2003-11-11 11:34:35 PM  
McDonalds hamburgers are made from kittens killed by masturbating FARKers.
2003-11-11 11:35:24 PM  

first off, does anyone really use the word McJob? am i that out of the loop?

I have actually used that word before. Not often, but I have.
2003-11-11 11:35:41 PM  
I'm Lovin' It

runs away to avoid beating
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