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(Huffington Post)   Five misconceptions about alien life. "The idea that they've come for breeding purposes is more akin to wishful thinking by members of the audience who don't have good social lives"   ( divider line
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2012-06-17 12:13:46 PM  
4 votes:
Aliens will not want for resources. Any species with the know how to get here would also have to know how to harvest energy from solar orbital photovoltaics. They will not want to elements, there about one earth's total volume of H20 in the Oort cloud, there is nothing here that cannot be obtained locally for much less effort. Their drives and desires will be even more alien to us than their appearance.
2012-06-17 11:18:48 AM  
3 votes:

GAT_00: They won't come in peace

Yeah, this is one of those that you have to think through. As I figure, any species powerful to get here, since best as we can tell that is very expensive, difficult and time consuming, is doing it with a specific purpose: they want what is here.

Which assumes they'd be as stupid, shortsighted, and greedy as we are

/if that were the case, they'd never get here
//just like we'll never get off of this planet
2012-06-17 12:44:07 PM  
2 votes:
You can't have a misconception about something not yet proven to exist. Until they are, all theories are equally valid. Logic is a biatch.

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/hope they're green and horny.
2012-06-17 12:05:39 PM  
2 votes:

Ishkur: MaudlinMutantMollusk: Yeah, this is one of those that you have to think through. As I figure, any species powerful to get here, since best as we can tell that is very expensive, difficult and time consuming, is doing it with a specific purpose: they want what is here.

Which assumes they'd be as stupid, shortsighted, and greedy as we are

We just had this thread a short while ago. Let me repeat what I wrote:

Everything we've learned about life and the Universe so far points to the fact that other life-forms are constrained by the same chemicals, forces and basic physical realities as us. It stands to reason that since multi-cellular life's purpose on Earth is to propagate itself by consuming other life, it's likely the mandate for multi-cellular space-faring species also.

Of course, I have no data pooled from worlds other than this one so these are all big assumptions. But they're damn good ones.

There's nothing an alien race could or would want to learn from us that they don't already know or care about. If they come here for any reason at all, it's because our planet has lots of delicious resources. And any extraterrestrial race technologically advanced enough for interstellar travel is so far beyond our level that they would probably regard us the way we would regard a hornet nest in a fallow field we're about to plow: Annoying, insignificant - and in the way.

The problem, as I see it, is that all these assumptions are based on Human behavior because 1) we have absolutely zero data or experience with anything else, and 2) a failure of imagination. Basically, the same general things that limit us as a species, but I digress.
The galaxy is an awfully big place with chemicals and resources scattered far and wide. Why would a species need to travel such incredible distances just to acquire resources?
2012-06-17 11:56:08 AM  
2 votes:
dvdlink.caView Full Size
2012-06-17 11:54:06 AM  
2 votes:

Molavian: More likely they'd want to hire us as cheap foreign labor.

We'll make great pets.
2012-06-18 02:37:52 PM  
1 vote:

GAT_00: They won't come in peace

Yeah, this is one of those that you have to think through. As I figure, any species powerful to get here, since best as we can tell that is very expensive, difficult and time consuming, is doing it with a specific purpose: they want what is here.

Assuming the aliens aren't coming from another dimension, which is likely not very expensive or time consuming. Coming from another dimension would, however, demonstrate a technological advantage that would allow them to rape our collective asses.
2012-06-17 05:42:08 PM  
1 vote:
Aliens probably can hear us but ignoring us like if we're the retarded cousin.
2012-06-17 01:37:44 PM  
1 vote:
Chances are that if an alien race were to drop in and say hi, I'd like to think it'd be because finding an intelligent species is rare in the known universe.

POINT: Don't expect them to think like us.

In recorded history, we've run into that with our own species. Even today there are communication difficulties between countries because we tend to think differently.

I watched a video from China where this guy pulled into a parking area with lots of people walking around. He plowed over a little girl of about three. The wheel of his van went right over her. He stopped and as folks looked on, backed up, running her over again and drove off. No one stopped him. No one checked on the little girl who was bleeding out. No one called the cops or rescue. Several minutes went by with the girl laying there before a lady checked, then got the girl's mom, who scooped her up and took her to the hospital. The last report I had was that the girl was in critical condition but alive.

The mass reaction of a group of possibly 50 people doing their daily business to a crushed kid bleeding out was essentially 'not my problem'. I studied the crowd. Many would look, note the girl and keep on walking.

China, after centuries of suppression and turmoil, does NOT think like us.
Various areas of the Middle East, even the oil rich areas, have no problem with stoning a criminal to death or beheading one. Their version of beheading is not what you think. (A big blade, kneeling prisoner and a chopping block.) No. The prisoner is heavily tranquilized, bound up and the executioner removes his head with a knife, like butchering a pig, taking time to slice the tendons, letting him bleed out, then digging around in the neck, cutting through cartilage and bone until the head comes off.

We'd find this horrifying. They don't.

In some nations, various social classes are treated like animals with no hope of change since they were born into the caste. The population accepts this. Our own global history shows that ALL RACES in the past had no problems with forcing others into slavery and had a history of being slaves themselves.

Recently, our own government changed the laws concerning eminent dominion, meaning confiscating land for the good of the nation. Now, land can be confiscated for the good of the developer -- and very few seem to have a problem with this.

We have a legacy of being lied to by businesses. Even today in advertising. We accept that. In some places, this would not be accepted. If you brag about how your product is the number one in the land, you'd better have actual proof of this.

We tend to consider aliens as being like ourselves, which is probably a good reason for them to stay away. Our morals and values shift along national boundaries. Our 'civilized condition' changes depending on amounts of available needed resources. Our 'rights' fluxuate depending on our national economies.

It's hard to grasp the concept of an alien intelligence not thinking like us. After all, we've had super smart people who had no problem with abandoning ethics to further their research or to enrich themselves at the cost of many lives.

I'd like to figure that aliens are friendly and helpful, like in so many science fiction books I've read, but the hard fact is, their version of friendly might not be ours.

Like when Columbus landed on a small island, found it populated and the people very friendly, gentle and kind. He admired their technology, their society and their beauty. At the same time, he was making notes about how valuable they would be as SLAVES and how much money could be made off them.

He had no problem with this.

Trying to grasp the thinking of a species nothing like our own is nearly impossible -- and, somewhat scary.

We mainly rely on our own historical experiences. Even with our advanced civilization today, you must be cautious when dealing with members of your own kind. New technologies also tend to bring along a whole new set of abuses and criminal activities.

It's hard to imagine a civilization that wouldn't do that.
2012-06-17 01:32:27 PM  
1 vote:
So let's start

The most common elements in the universe are as follows, Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, Neon, Iron, & Nitrogen. Helium & Neon being chemically inert, don't get to play with the cool kids. There's about 71 times more Hydrogen in the universe than Oxygen, but that being said most of it is located in stars. So, knowing that these are the abundance of chemical ingredients with which to work, that selective pressures, dominant strategy, and various other mechanism give rise to certain molecules being more gregarious than others, we can definitely be assured that other non-terrestrial life will be carbon based as well.

While the structure of the data encoding molecule might be datable, there are some pretty good reasons why it would involve the nucleic acids with which we're familiar.

Whenever I hear this squabble, I think to myself, truly the world is full of persons needing more education.
2012-06-17 01:23:41 PM  
1 vote:
Reminds me of a Private Eye cartoon: two aliens meet on the street with their mates, one of whom is a walrus and the other is a dumpy woman.

Caption: "That's the way it is here. Either they're good-looking or they can cook."

I think the cartoonists have a much better grip on reality than scientists or escapist literature writers.

Support your cartoonists! They are the way forward for mankind.
2012-06-17 01:13:06 PM  
1 vote:
dudelol.comView Full Size
2012-06-17 12:54:25 PM  
1 vote:
If aliens ever do show up here at earth in the near future, they'll probably be completely surprised to find us here. The ability for another species to detect the presence of human civilization from space has only existed for roughly two centuries, and that's assuming that alien observers were able to deduce our existence by spotting changes in our atmosphere caused by the industrial revolution. If instead it's radio waves that clued them in to our presence here, then we've only been broadcasting that fact for less than a century. So basically, unless an alien race lives within 50 to 100 light years of us, they haven't had time to become aware of our existence and then launch a mission to come here. Our galaxy, though, the Milky Way, is over 100,000 light years across. The chance of an alien race being practically right on our doorstep, and being at a point in its technological and evolutionary history to even recognize us as something of interest is extremely remote.
2012-06-17 12:17:35 PM  
1 vote:
It's hard enough for humans to successfully achieve coitus with the larger members of Class Mammalia here on Earth, any alien species is gonna be even more incompatible in their courtship rituals, sexual arousal, genitalia and method of copulation. You might as well fantasize about sexing horseshoe crabs, groupers or giant squids.
2012-06-17 12:07:16 PM  
1 vote:
In all seriousness, if we were invaded by an alien species that 1.- Cares only about fighting 2.- Reproduces when it dies 3.- Has instinctive knowledge of how technology works and 3.- Creates a chain reaction that causes millions of its species to go on a killing frenzy... We'd be screwed.
2012-06-17 12:01:06 PM  
1 vote:
One might even say them speaking in such absolutes when they supposedly have no evidence of anything is sloppy science.
2012-06-17 11:58:52 AM  
1 vote:

LoneWolf343: Okay, reading that list showed me that it is retarded. All of those ideas have been explored in science fiction. If the author had gotten his head out of his pompous ass, he would have known that.

It came from the Huffington Post, of course it's pompous and retarded. Here's a picture because it's my picture week.

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2012-06-17 11:55:22 AM  
1 vote:
Fark you, Subby. It's the only way I'm gonna get some. Let me dream!

2012-06-17 11:53:13 AM  
1 vote:
That we are smart enough to detect and immediately recognize alien communication.
2012-06-17 11:51:16 AM  
1 vote:
Oh Come On, do I really have to post this? No but I'm gonna anyway!

i.qkme.meView Full Size

Oh and they forgot the 1 biggest misconception, They aren't REAL!!!
2012-06-17 11:50:12 AM  
1 vote:
5 things they desperately don't want you to believe about alien life.
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