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2012-06-10 09:45:44 PM  
Roy Rogers. I know they were bought out by Hardees, but they used to have great Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, and coleslaw and Hardees never replicated it.
2012-06-10 09:46:01 PM  
Hardee's. The way it used to be.
2012-06-10 09:46:02 PM  
So many other restaurants named here digging up memories. Darryl's. Big Boy. Taco Tico. (Not all good, mind you.) Steak and Ale. Pappy's.
2012-06-10 09:46:19 PM  
olddinosaur 2012-06-10 09:25:00 PM

Sambo's, mainly because it was destroyed by a perjured lawsuit.

Really? REALLY?!

I know a lot of you Farkers are racist farks but what's with all you white bastards who want to bring back Sambo's?

Go to hell all of you.
2012-06-10 09:46:39 PM  

WhyteRaven74: I was going to say Rocky Rococo's but they're still in Wisconsin and some other places.

That's more than a Firesign Theatre reference? Sweet.
2012-06-10 09:47:00 PM  

NewportBarGuy: You know, that one with all the wacky sh*t on the wall. What was the name of it?

Freddie's Fecal Fiesta??
2012-06-10 09:47:36 PM  
Doesn't Sambos = Denny's?

And while this list includes "dead" chains there's lots of pretty much dead chains that I'd find interesting to be back in their heydays.

//now that i think about it, it involves many pizza chains from the early 90's as a kid
///TMNT to thank
2012-06-10 09:47:39 PM  
Sub Station II
2012-06-10 09:48:04 PM  
I don't know if you'd call it a "chain", as they only had two locations, but I'd haul back out to the left coast quick for some Leon's BBQ in SF.

/The original location on Sloat, if you please..
2012-06-10 09:48:16 PM  

AtlanticCoast63: ...Wow....Definitely Red Barn, we had a shiatload of them in the Cleveland area, and they were consistently good. Trouble was they were a bit on the expensive side compared to McDs - and in Northern Ohio, until the mid seventies, McDs was only open about 5-6 months out of the year, and there were no tables - you walked up to the window, got your food, and left. Red Barn had full interior seating, with all its attendant overhead. We also had a Sandy's a couple blocks away from our house - really cheap food, and you got what you paid for.

One I thought was defunct but is definitely circling the drain:

[upload.wikimedia.org image 250x331]


It's still going strong near my home town, Lorain. The place is always bustling, and the last time I had the root beer, it was as good as I remembered it being (which is very delicious).
2012-06-10 09:48:22 PM  

zez: This is NOT an A&W

[defoenet.com image 554x313]

THIS is an A&W!

[farm3.staticflickr.com image 640x480]

/A&W is dead

There is one about 15 miles from my house that is still going strong.
2012-06-10 09:48:22 PM  

bmr68: Rustler Steak House was popular when I was a kid for a second

black_knight: Rustler Steak House. Haven't seen one of those since I was a kid.

2012-06-10 09:48:37 PM  
Rio Bravo.
2012-06-10 09:49:16 PM  
Oh, here's a CSB joint:

I'm manning the register at my Radio Shack, and this guy comes in in a faux-Boy-Scout uniform, all sorts of "flair". Guy made Richard Simmons look like your average Republican Senator. He was very proud to be a "Bubble Scout" and was letting everyone in the store know. Hey, good on you, mate. Want a free battery?

A couple months later, took my family out to dinner on the north end of town, and found this was an entire restaurant. Made a lot more sense then.
2012-06-10 09:49:57 PM  
Not a national chain, but there was a local chain called Pumps in OKC/Edmond back in the '70s and '80s. Fried artichoke hearts and the best farking fries in the OKC area.
2012-06-10 09:50:00 PM  
by the way, i thought Mountain Jacks was gone, but i moved to indiana, and lo and behold there is one here and it is open.
2012-06-10 09:50:48 PM  

zez: This is NOT an A&W

THIS is an A&W!

/A&W is dead

Again, at least one of those exists. Either Farmington or Farmington Hills MI.
2012-06-10 09:51:00 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Tubby's Drive-in


//Lawrence. Lawrence of Arabia.
2012-06-10 09:51:21 PM  
Burger Queen in Tampa was cool back in the day.
2012-06-10 09:51:44 PM  
They only had three locations and the second two killed it, but I miss Hymie's Hot Subs just on campus at Ohio State.
2012-06-10 09:51:56 PM  

McManus_brothers: rtyfx: How about places you WISH you had in your town?


Culver's. Closest one is a 12-hour drive. Maybe I should look into opening a franchise down here...

The Pot Roast sandwiches are great.
2012-06-10 09:52:02 PM  

Hermione_Granger: Really? REALLY?!

I know a lot of you Farkers are racist farks but what's with all you white bastards who want to bring back Sambo's?

Go to hell all of you.

You might want to do a little research before you get on your high-horse.
2012-06-10 09:52:07 PM  

imapirate: This one's the only original left:

But there's apparently a real nice, sit-down type one in DC.

It's a dump, unfortunately.
2012-06-10 09:52:12 PM  

tonguedepressor: Kinda miss these, are they still around?

Look upthread. There are three HoJo's restaurants left.
2012-06-10 09:53:02 PM  

Hermione_Granger: olddinosaur 2012-06-10 09:25:00 PM

Sambo's, mainly because it was destroyed by a perjured lawsuit.

Really? REALLY?!

I know a lot of you Farkers are racist farks but what's with all you white bastards who want to bring back Sambo's?

Go to hell all of you.You go to hell and you die!

FTFY,,, also holy shiat snacks there is actually one left (the original location) and they have an online catalog... with the actual farking Little Black Sambo book for sale

2012-06-10 09:53:25 PM  
Farrell's in Ford City (Chicago) was our go-to spot for our kids' birthdays when they were tiny. We were in there on a Sunday night a few weeks before Easter, and they'd had an appearance by the 'Easter Bunny'. Said bunny happened to be one of the female servers, who'd they'd conned into donning the white bunny costume...which showed off her hot pink bra and panty set wonderfully due to the thin material. Every father in the place (including me) had fractured ribs from their wives'/sigother's elbow. I miss Farrell's.
(end CSB)
2012-06-10 09:53:41 PM  

GirlScoutSniper: Bennigan's is also gone now!

It's not gone, but I stopped going there after they gave me raw chicken three times over three months in three states. Just something systemic there.

I notice that most of these wishes are for places that serve burgers and tex-mex. I've been trying to do new places and tastes, but most restaurants seem to be a) Burger b)Tacos c)Fried meat. I've been trying to expand my variety.

How about we have a thread about local places we'd like to see go full on franchise?
2012-06-10 09:53:43 PM  

Thisbymaster: I have no idea about any of these, I feel young.

I think a lot of them are regional or even local. I don't recognize most of them either.
2012-06-10 09:54:04 PM  
Not a chain but I want The Patio reataurant back in Downtown Wisconsin Dells. Best cinnamon rolls I've ever had.
2012-06-10 09:54:07 PM  
Two Pesos...fresh, cheap, and pretty decent Mexican food. Cheap margaritas, too. RIP.
2012-06-10 09:54:21 PM  
Joplin, MO. From Mickey's Hall of Fame induction speech: "There is a man and a woman here that were really nice to me all through the years, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Youngman. I don't know if all of you have ever heard about any of my business endeavors or not, but some of 'em weren't too good. Probably the worst thing I ever did was movin' away from Mr. Youngman. We went and moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1957, but Mr. Youngman built a Holiday Inn in Joplin, Missouri, and called it Mickey Mantle's Holiday Inn. And we were doin' pretty good there, and Mr. Youngman said, 'You know, you're half of this thing, so why don't you do something for it.' So we had real good chicken there and I made up a slogan. Merlyn doesn't want me to tell this, but I'm going to tell it anyway. I made up the slogan for our chicken and I said, 'To get a better piece of chicken, you'd have to be a rooster, and I don't know if that's what closed up our Holiday Inn or not, but we didn't do too good after that. No, actually, it was really a good deal".
2012-06-10 09:55:05 PM  
The Pie Plate.

/no? anyone go to Westfarms in the 80's?
2012-06-10 09:55:15 PM  

teto85: teto85: 1.) Coon Chicken Inn

2.) Doggie Diner

3.) Victoria Station

4.) Zim's (Best Burger/Shake combo in the world)

Coon Chicken Inn was before my time but I heard stories about it. Great food but "decor" like one would not believe. My aunt said she felt like it was the Twilight Zone.

Its been 10 years, but last count I had there was ONE lone Arthur Treachers somewhere in western PA. I was driving back from DC with an ex GF and saw the name on one of those highway dept info signs that tell you what is at that exit. I about shat myself. Unfortunately it was nowhere near meal time and we had to keep going otherwise I would have stopped. :(

Been meaning to get back there ever since.

OOOH! looky looky! there may be many more! (unless all 45 remaining stores have closed since 2008) Link
2012-06-10 09:55:36 PM  
Naugle's, Farrell's, and York Steakhouse.
2012-06-10 09:56:44 PM  

CruJones: Pizza Inn. At least I haven't seen one in a long time.

There's a Pizza Inn in Paducah, KY. It's a buffet; don't remember if the originals were, but the mascot is pretty much the same as the old PI. Not great, not terrible.
2012-06-10 09:56:56 PM  
Thinks to self, "Hrm, I liked Molly Murphy's as a kid. Is it still out there?" Googles. Nope, doesn't look like it.
2012-06-10 09:57:18 PM  
There used to be two in Nashua, NH that I remember as a kid. Kemp's and Howdy's. Both had about the same menu, burgers and skinny fries. I don't know if they were as great as I remember because of the food or because it was a treat to go to a place to sit in the car and eat greasy fries out of a paper envelope.

It was longer ago than I care to admit.
2012-06-10 09:57:28 PM  
Victoria Station was moved to Tokyo. Box cars and all.

I miss the Billy Goat. On lower Michigan between the Trib and sun times building.
What is there now, with the same name, is nothing like it.
2012-06-10 09:57:45 PM  
Hot Dog on a Stick. I was sitting on the bench with two high school softball players. I think I was invisible to one of them. One says to the other 'I heard you quit your job." The other one says "Yeah, Hot Dog on a Stick wasn't satisfying me anymore." Out of the corner of my eye I saw the first girl nearly die of embarrassment.

Burger Chef. Two days ago I was trying to remember what place was on the corner of 19th and Minnesota. Thanks, fark.

I remember when Hardee's was Sandy's. One of my favorite places was Bucky's in Lawrence, KS. I just learned from wiki that Bucky's was a Sandy's that didn't want to change it's name to Hardee's. Last time I went to Lawrence it was gone.
2012-06-10 09:57:47 PM  
irreleventmusic.comView Full Size

I remember the one in Northside ATL, was always a treat when I got to go with parents. Cool decor and rockin' croutons.
2012-06-10 09:58:18 PM  
Sambo's just to piss people off.
2012-06-10 09:58:51 PM  
No one wants a Bess Eaton's?? They're the best!
2012-06-10 09:59:13 PM  

WhyteRaven74: I was going to say Rocky Rococo's but they're still in Wisconsin and some other places.

I occasionally make the 15 minute drive to Whitewater for the Motherload. I love that shiat.
2012-06-10 09:59:17 PM  

chuckufarlie: zez: This is NOT an A&W

[defoenet.com image 554x313]

THIS is an A&W!

[farm3.staticflickr.com image 640x480]

/A&W is dead

There is one about 15 miles from my house that is still going strong.

There are two locations not far from me. One in Flint Township and one in Birch Run and both do very well. The Birch Run location still serve A&W rootbeer in frosted mugs. Everytime they ask what I would like to drink, I give them a funny look because their food don't taste right without rootbeer.

Some chains need to expand. I miss Bojangles' chicken and their biscuits. They are the only restaurant that can really compete with Popeye's.
2012-06-10 09:59:31 PM  
And if you grew up in the DFW area during the '70s and '80s, this was the place to go for pizza and subs. And video games. There should be a law that states that if you sell pizza, you have to have classic video games in the restaurant.

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-10 09:59:43 PM  
farm2.static.flickr.comView Full Size

Any of these places still open? They were actually pretty decent back in the 80's.

2012-06-10 09:59:44 PM  
static.ddmcdn.comView Full Size

Hobo Joe's. My dad loved the Frisco Burger.
2012-06-10 09:59:48 PM  
I don't know about restaurant chains, but I'd kill to have back O'Grady's potato chips, particularly the au gratin variety.
2012-06-10 10:00:03 PM  

Buzzerguy: Majick Thise: Taco-Tico ... it was taco bell before there was taco bell

OMG, their mild sauce tacos were sooooo good. I think there are still some of them in Kansas, but nothing like the 1970s.

Yesh. The Stoner Special: a bag stuffed with their hard-shell tacos.

/They were terrible
//Too stoned to care
2012-06-10 10:00:09 PM  

TomD9938: Rax and Red Barn.

Rax is dead, right?

Apparently not http://www.raxroastbeef.com/
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