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(YouTube)   Life can be tough. But here's a drummer with no arms covering Basket Case. Amazing   ( youtube.com) divider line
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4508 clicks; posted to Video » on 09 Jun 2012 at 6:18 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-09 04:00:43 PM  
2012-06-09 05:07:20 PM  
Rick Allen loses!

That was great, but but then I googled his name and found that his story gets even more impressive.
2012-06-09 05:23:48 PM  

FreakinB: his story gets even more impressive.

Very impressive. Wow.
2012-06-09 06:36:29 PM  
I wanna see him recover after he drops a stick.
2012-06-09 06:51:29 PM  
I'd give him applause but I'd feel guilty.
2012-06-09 06:55:19 PM  

FreakinB: Rick Allen loses!

That was great, but but then I googled his name and found that his story gets even more impressive.

Good Grief!. I wish him every success (and it shows a suitably strong sense of humour to choose to perform that piece).
2012-06-09 06:56:56 PM  
Yea, I'm really glad they greenlit this. Check out some of his other stuff on Youtube as well. I just figured "go with a song everyone knows". I'll still probably piss and moan sometimes, but when I do this guy puts me to shame in every way.
2012-06-09 07:29:03 PM  
I'm generally a lurker, and seldom visit the Video Tab...but I'm glad I did today. Thanks, subby. You made a bad day better.

/underachiever, apparently
2012-06-09 07:32:35 PM  
He's on it and feeling it. Thanks subby.
2012-06-09 07:46:51 PM  
2012-06-09 07:58:12 PM  
Here he is playing bass too?! This guy is too awesome.
2012-06-09 08:05:42 PM  
Your move def leppard.
2012-06-09 08:06:18 PM  

Tophersky: I wanna see him recover after he drops a stick.


That was an awesome performance by that guy. Not really a Green Day fan but that's a hell of a drum part. Very nice.
2012-06-09 08:23:23 PM  

Tophersky: I wanna see him recover after he drops a stick.

Even my cat laughed at that...
2012-06-09 08:37:27 PM  
He could be an inspiration to others!

img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-06-09 09:18:10 PM  
Wow- as a drummer I'm impressed. It always amazes me to see people with varying disabilities do stuff like this. Id like to see his stick holding set up closer. It seems like the right stick is held rigid and straight out while the right stick is looser and at a right angle to the stump. I love the design challenge and the DIY solutions people come up with to achieve their goals. It seems like musical prosthetics/orthotics would be a cool niche market.
2012-06-09 09:48:19 PM  
What has 9 arms and sucks?
2012-06-09 09:56:02 PM  

I Like Bread: He could be an inspiration to others!

[img.photobucket.com image 470x344]

"I'm Fran, and I'm a woman!"
2012-06-09 10:02:47 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-09 10:41:59 PM  
Damn, dude farking brought it. Nice. The bass was a little less impressive sounding, I think bc it looks like he's just hammering the strings with that weird flipper thing, since he probably doesn't have much dexterity with his right arm nub. Still can't complain when he's clearly hundreds of times more hardcore than I'll ever be
2012-06-09 11:10:05 PM  
Life w/ no arms can be tuff and this is crazee but heres my number so call...shiat I can't answer the f*&@#! phone!
2012-06-09 11:11:05 PM  
Disclaimer: this guy worked his ass off to pull all this off, and he's got my professional respect for it. I'm just curious about his musical discipline - he's obviously got enough personal discipline to do anything he wants to a great extent, but will he take the next steps?

His left grip is pretty crazy, seems to be natural while his right's attached by a strap or band - it's also pretty wild. I wonder if he cares enough to work on it/study with someone? He's got lots of good raw talent, which is the place everybody good starts from, but it's also the place most people stop. I could see his charity/philanthropic work & Oxford education getting in the way of that. His musical/YT stuff will be his most substantial source of attention - will he run with it?
2012-06-09 11:27:34 PM  
Let's see him play La Villa Strangiato.

2012-06-09 11:32:23 PM  
I was gonna complain about his time, but then figured that since I can't even get anywhere close to this I should probably just shut my trap.
2012-06-10 12:25:54 AM  
Meanwhile, Travis Barker still gets gigs.
2012-06-10 12:33:45 AM  
Life can be tough. But here's a drummer with no arms covering Basket Case. Amazing

He clearly has about 0.8 arms.
2012-06-10 12:38:48 AM  
2012-06-10 01:04:15 AM  
Your move Def Leppard. Your move.
2012-06-10 01:16:11 AM  
glad to see he doesn't cheat and use his feet like some of those armless people do. cheaters.
2012-06-10 01:40:44 AM  
*standing ovation*

that was outstanding! how he could some of those rolls, and reach those far cymbals was awesome. major props!

He did that 1000000x better than I could, and I've been drumming off and on for a decade and I have both my arms/hands.
2012-06-10 01:47:16 AM  
Looks like he's got arms to me.
2012-06-10 03:27:06 AM  

lewismarktwo: Looks like he's got arms to me.

padresteve.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2012-06-10 04:15:49 AM  
Classic song, covered by a guy with no arms, who absolutely KILLLLLLLED it. Loved it!!!

/song was my anthem when I was 12
2012-06-10 05:18:58 AM  
Wasn't in a Green Day mood, still aren't, but damn, that was well done. Not "well done for someone with a disability", but well done in its own right.
2012-06-10 09:19:19 AM  
Awesome. I was waiting for the headphones to fly off, they must have been super tight! Normal drumming is a workout, that looked brutal.
2012-06-10 10:03:23 AM  

undernova: Disclaimer

There is one of you in every music thread, isn't there?
2012-06-10 10:14:28 AM  
Going for the french 'grip' on the left stub I see. Nice.
2012-06-10 01:27:47 PM  
"Our drummer has no arms."

"How does he smell?"

2012-06-10 04:15:40 PM  
Ed Finnerty

"our drummer...."

now that there is funny on multiple levels.

i literally lol'd

you win the internets today, good sir!
2012-06-10 04:16:09 PM  

Tsar_Bomba1: lewismarktwo: Looks like he's got arms to me.

[padresteve.files.wordpress.com image 425x617]

Damn, I thought I was being positive!
2012-06-11 11:02:11 PM  

Theaetetus: Tony_Pepperoni: [i.imgur.com image 216x267]

[www.unitedspongebob.com image 300x299]

sadly, that was also my first thought but he was awesome.
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