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(   If a cult has convinced your son to eat raw meat because he's a werewolf and all you're concerned about is him getting sick, perhaps you're missing the bigger problem   ( divider line
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2003-11-10 8:14:27 AM  
They would dress up in costumes like wolves and take my son on a leash to South Bank

The boy likes walkies, what's wrong with that? And about the blood-drinking ... You're sure he's not a hairy vampire?

It'll be alright, dear. He'll come home when he's hungry enough.
2003-11-10 10:38:54 AM  
...There's a myth that says there must be something wrong with these children...This boy was going through normal adolescent stuff. They go through an identity crisis, where they wonder who they are, and they're vulnerable."

I can buy normal as wondering who you are but what
you are...?
2003-11-10 11:32:08 AM  
Makes me want to go watch Teen Wolf.
2003-11-10 11:33:07 AM  
Perhaps he just needs a nice squeaky toy.
2003-11-10 11:34:34 AM  
Please! Enough with the werewolf bashing! It's a lifestyle choice, not a disease!
2003-11-10 11:34:49 AM  
Nothing ritalin can't solve.
2003-11-10 11:35:21 AM  
again, it's time to blame the parents.
2003-11-10 11:36:43 AM  
2003-11-10 11:37:12 AM  
Hooray for Lycanthropy!
2003-11-10 11:43:22 AM  
"This boy was going through normal adolescent stuff. They go through an identity crisis, where they wonder who they are, and they're vulnerable."

Naturally!! For the longest time I thought I was a lobster... then I tried boiling myself.
2003-11-10 11:44:22 AM  
Screw Teen Wolf, watch this:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-10 11:47:47 AM  
I had 2 room mates (out of 5 of us) at one point who thought they were werewolves. There really is this club online... More than just thinking they're werewolves... they think they're GAY werewolves. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard of. My one room mate treated it as some ultra-serious secret that he finally felt comfortable enough to tell me about... of course I laughed my balls off and told, pretty much, everyone I knew. It was hilarious. Pathetic!

Oh yeah... they also had lots of furry porn with gay werewolves... I never knew there WAS such a thing until these guys were my room mates. Damn strange, if ya ask me.
2003-11-10 11:48:38 AM  
Goth Furries.... oh yay!
2003-11-10 11:50:09 AM  
They need their own school!
2003-11-10 11:50:48 AM  
Ginger Snaps. good flick. I just saw it the other night.
2003-11-10 11:53:54 AM  
whats wrong with eating raw meat? i eat raw steak about every other week. but you have to warm it up to blood temperature.
2003-11-10 11:54:32 AM  

He should join a cult that bathes in the still-warm blood of the perfect Lamb!
2003-11-10 11:58:53 AM  
To kill Umpires use a can of beer that has the word silver mentioned on any part of it, or stake a baseball bat through the heart.
_PUblik Cervix Ammouncement.
2003-11-10 12:21:36 PM  
Gehenna is approaching!
2003-11-10 12:36:44 PM  
Just a phase he's going through.
2003-11-10 1:29:39 PM  
Headline writer obviously missed diversity training this year. I'm forwarding this to Human Resources.
2003-11-10 2:05:25 PM  
kuta... not yet, we're missing a sign. a farker has yet to be prince!
2003-11-10 2:12:21 PM  
maybe the parents are just lycanphobes

just need some sensitivity training.
2003-11-10 2:15:18 PM  
Yay! Finally a Fark headline from my home town.
2003-11-10 2:26:16 PM  
Yeah, this doesn't sound like a cult, as much as the furry fandom. Guys dressing up like wolves, leading other guys around by leashes? That just screams fur! My brother is a part of this (he's a husky, whatever) so I know way more than I wish I did.
2003-11-10 2:30:09 PM  
Oh yeah, and he barks at people, and wears a dog collar. I'm pretty much normal, how could my brother be such a freak??
2003-11-10 3:45:42 PM  

Not all furs are like that, take it from someone on the inside.

Raw meat? I enjoy a good steak as much as the next guy, but pass mine over a grill first..
2003-11-10 3:51:57 PM  
Werewolves are cool and all.... But isn't there rules on what you have to do to become one? You know, like being bitten, or drinking water from a wolves paw print.

There are other folkloar/movie ways to become one, but I can't think of them right now.
2003-11-10 3:55:26 PM  
my vote for title of the year
2003-11-10 4:08:10 PM  
"There's a myth that says there must be something wrong with these children"
"This boy was going through normal adolescent stuff."

"They would dress up in costumes like wolves and take my son on a leash to South Bank."
"They drink blood and eat raw meat"

Something does not compute...
2003-11-10 4:24:14 PM  
The dingleberries must be the especially difficult part of being a werewolf.
2003-11-10 5:28:24 PM  
I was just would take a really long time to bite someone to death (as a human). Especially if the person was trying to fight you off while you did it. It could take hours or days.
2003-11-10 6:07:35 PM  
I don't get the furry stuff at all, its farking wierd if you ask me. Ahh well to each his own.
2003-11-10 6:13:58 PM  

No offense intended, but considering your profile links to your own personal yaoi page, I'd say you both missed the Normal Express.
2003-11-10 6:55:07 PM  
But, his hair was perfect.
2003-11-10 8:02:03 PM  
Well, now I know about weird cults and Yaoi after reading this thread. Who says Fark isn't productive?
2003-11-10 8:40:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-11 12:19:06 AM  
Eat raw meat. Its good for you.
2003-11-11 12:51:50 AM  
Yaoi. WTF?
2003-11-11 6:41:43 AM  
Yaoi - m/m anime relationships/pairings, a term associated primarily with OTP and related fanfic. It, unlike Shounen Ai, will usually involve sexual relationships beyond cuddling.

Meanwhile, the first thing I thought when I read this article in The Sunday Mail was, "Hmm, he's finding a really elaborate way to get out of coming out of the closet to his Mum."

And Southbank? Ew. I hope he doesn't drink the water at the kiddies' pool - even werewolves have standards! You can smell the pee water a good mile away from the beach (Kodak? Breaka? Whatever it's called now).
2003-11-11 9:25:38 AM  
2003-11-11 11:13:43 AM  
My Frankenstein cult is a lot cooler.
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