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(SFGate)   LA police officer sets Ferris wheel ride record. 'I'm used to sitting on my ass all day'   ( divider line
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2845 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jun 2012 at 1:56 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-02 01:48:54 PM  
Tag is for subby's cynicism.
2012-06-02 01:56:49 PM  
Save Ferris!
2012-06-02 01:58:20 PM  
Does it count if he takes breaks every hour?
2012-06-02 01:59:06 PM  
Raising money for the Special Olympics is asinine?
2012-06-02 01:59:40 PM  
That's some pig!
2012-06-02 02:00:08 PM  

rebelyell2006: Does it count if he takes breaks every hour?

I agree. This is the pussification of guiness world record.

A world record should not include any breaks...if you need to pee during your record, then pee during your record.
2012-06-02 02:02:01 PM  
It kind of reminds me of those old flagpole sitting records. Did those guys get a chance to climb down and pee every so often?
2012-06-02 02:04:07 PM  
"...says that shattered the old record of 24 hours and 30 minutes"

He broke the record...of sitting on a Ferris half an hour...AND FARKING SHATTERED IT! YEAH!!!!!
2012-06-02 02:04:33 PM  
I don't see anywhere in the article where it has that quote, did submitter make that up in some sort of farktistic license?
2012-06-02 02:08:32 PM  

Martinez, cheered on by family and friends, set out to break the record to raise money for Special Olympics Southern California.

The 18-year police veteran says he doesn't like heights and was never a fan of Ferris wheels. But he couldn't pass up the chance to support a good cause.

I can't make fun of him too much.
2012-06-02 02:09:27 PM  
25 hours? I bet I could do better than that. Can I bring my Kindle?
2012-06-02 02:10:46 PM  
As long as he's not harrasing the citizens, I don't care
2012-06-02 02:10:55 PM  
Lots o azz flyin around with the last four articles....
2012-06-02 02:15:19 PM  
I've been on Ferris Wheels with certain ladies that make it feel like 25 hours. I deserve a medal too.
2012-06-02 02:16:19 PM  
Failing to see the asinine here.
2012-06-02 02:17:52 PM  

skinink: That's some pig!

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-06-02 02:22:05 PM  

YouPeopleAreCrazy: Failing to see the asinine here.

A play on words, as he sits on his ass all day.
2012-06-02 02:33:47 PM  

rebelyell2006: A play on words, as he sits on his ass all day.

Yeah, I got that (even if that was never said in the article). But I guess the asinine is for Subby, not for the cops deed.
2012-06-02 02:42:32 PM  
Remember that thread about Non Sequiturs last week?
2012-06-02 02:50:53 PM  

KidneyStone: How horrible of him to raise money for the Special Olympics. What an asshole.

Yeah, many of them sit on their asses a lot longer than 25 hours.
2012-06-02 02:51:11 PM  

rebelyell2006: Does it count if he takes breaks every hour?

Yeah, if you add up all the time I've spent on Ferris wheels, ignoring the times when I WASN'T on Ferris wheels, I've set a record as well.
2012-06-02 02:59:25 PM  

Trance750: As long as he's not harrasing the citizens, I don't care


This is 25 hours where he wasn't hurting anyone-no dead dogs, no framed suspects, no kicked in doors, etc.

If push came to shove and the only choice was keep all cops, and then either have them on the street or have half of them on ferris wheels all day, I'd choose the latter.
2012-06-02 03:03:41 PM  
Fark him anyway. 25 hours of good doesn't make up or a lifetime of being a thug
2012-06-02 03:08:33 PM  

Smeggy Smurf: Fark him anyway. 25 hours of good doesn't make up or a lifetime of being a thug

A thug with a badge... and gun.
2012-06-02 03:28:05 PM  
I c wut u did, subby
2012-06-02 03:32:03 PM  
Are there always fake quotes in Fark headlines?

And "Asinine" charity was actually in service of the fake quote?

Police usually get called "flat foot." Where did the "sitting on the ass all day" come from? Is that a new stereotype? What's the stereotype of office workers?

This post has provided so many questions, while only answering the one question of whether I would want to talk to subby, ever.
2012-06-02 04:17:45 PM  
i get the asinine tag, but i think hero would have been a better fit. if more people did something like that then the world would be a better place. anyways i gotta go punch some orphans in the face. see ya.
2012-06-02 04:57:36 PM  
You should always look for links to other interesting stories when you get to the page you click the link for. Here's one about a woman in Floriduh who is arrested for masturbating in full view of traffic while sitting on a guard rail beside a busy highway.
2012-06-02 05:36:32 PM  
he was probably profiling everyone while sitting his fat ass on that ferris wheel too, just another day for him. I wonder how he didn't get hungry, must've had a box of doughnuts up there too
2012-06-02 05:42:23 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

Frowns upon these shenanigans.
2012-06-02 06:00:58 PM  
I don't defend asshole cops, but I will defend one who has yet proven himself to be an asshole. Subby you're a dick.
2012-06-03 03:24:24 AM  
Just think of all the minorities that didn't get a beating because he was too busy raising money for special needs children. The horror.
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